Science of Healing

To the glory of God, I want to show you the real science of healing from God's many perspectives. As usual, I will keep this as simple and easy to understand as possible so that a 7th or 8th grade student can understand it. If you get lost, go back to where you last understood everything and continue reading until you understand everything I am teaching.

You have to understand that, if you study molecular biology and nuclear physics, you should understand that God can simultaneously see everything from all of these different perspectives, the perspective that you see things as a human, the perspective of the microscopic world, the perspective of the living cell at the molecular level, the perspective of the atom, and the perspective of the electron and proton.

First, the perspective as you see it, God sees your many components that make up your bodies such as bones, muscles, nerves, internal organs and such and he knows everything about how those things work individually and in relation to each other that we call human physiology.

Second, God also sees everything at what we would call the microscopic level such as single cell organisms called protists, individual cells, their functions in relation to each other, and how they make up the many parts of your bodies.

Third, God also sees everything functioning at the molecular level such as cell functions, chemistry, and the function of our physical world such as water molecules. God knows the exact molecular structure of every cell all of the time and what that structure should be.

Fourth, God also sees everything at the atomic level so that He knows the exact atomic structure of everything all of the time, how the nuclear forces hold all atoms together in molecules and determine the actions between atoms.

Fifth, God also sees everything at the sub atomic level as to the relative positions, motions, and effects on each other of electrons and protons causing different atoms or elements to have different properties in spite of the fact that they are all made up of the same electrons and protons.

You also need to know that God has absolutely complete control of all of the nuclear forces for all atoms, electrons, and protons all of the time. He can basically do anything He wants with anything He wants any time He wants, which is why He is God/Yahweh/Jesus. He can also do anything He wants with absolutely everything all of the time. God has no limitations we humans have and love to project onto God to make ourselves feel better or more god-like because of our arrogance.

An illness is when a protist like a bacterium or virus or a parasite invades our bodies and begins causing damage to our bodies at the cellular and molecular levels. Our cells and molecules are their food and, to them, you are a buffet.

An injury is when damage has been caused to the body by making hard contact with another object. Scientifically, injuries are the damage and loss of molecules.

God can see all injuries and illnesses all of the time and exactly what damage has been done for any instant in time at the anatomical, cellurlar, molecular, atomic, and sub atomic levels all at the same time.

To heal someone, God needs to destroy and remove all parasites and harmful protists and replace all damaged and lost molecules to the right spots in the right positions and set them in the right motions.

Healing can be done at the molecular level to where God rebuilds and replaces all damaged and lost molecules, putting them all in the right places, right positions and right motions or it can take place at the atomic level to where God can put all of the right atoms in the right places to create the right molecules and set them in motion or it can be done at the sub atomic level by simply reshuffling all of the electrons and protons to create the right atoms in the right places to create the right molecules in the right places and set them in motion.

You have to understand that ALL atoms are just electrons and protons (neutrons are formed when an electron combines with a proton) and are better than 98% empty space, therefore, by controlling all of the nuclear forces, God can easily move electrons and protons through other atoms to where He needs them to form the atoms He needs where He needs them.

You have to understand that everything in the human body is made of molecules, all molecules are just made of atoms, and all atoms are made of electrons and protons so that every object in this cosmos or universe is just a cloud of electrons and protons. Your body is just a cloud of complexly structured electrons and protons that make up the atoms that make the molecules that make up your cells that make up your body. God can see your body as just a cloud of electrons and protons and He knows where and when every one of the electrons and protons has to be and we are talking tens of trillions times tens of trillions of them for each human.

And you thought your expensive computer could do some fancy stuff?

God can do more with His mind that all of the computers man has created combined can begin to do.

All God has to do is "reshuffle" all of those electrons and protons to the right positions and you are healed of anything and everything including prolonged death, you know, the dust-to-dust thingy. That is what God did to create Adam from the dust of the Earth. God just took some dust, reshuffled the electrons and protons to make the atoms He needed where He needed them to make the molecules He needed where He needed them to make the cells He needed where He needed them to make the parts of the body He needed where He needed them to make Adam's body. That "dust of the Earth" was made up of all of the electrons and protons God needed to make Adam's body. When God said that He made Adam from the "dust of the Earth", that was a huge nuclear physics hint hidden in the Bible in plain open sight waiting for today's nuclear physicists to find it, with God knowing they would understand it.

When you understand that EVERTHING in our cosmos is a cloud of electrons and protons, then you should realize that God can make anything out of anything because all He has to do is reshuffle the electrons and protons contained in one thing to the right places to make any other things. The way God designed our cosmos is absolutely brilliant, extremely simple at the basic level but extremely complex at the upper levels.

God can also use the molecules, atoms, and electrons and protons from protists and parasites in a human body to rebuild or replace those that have been damaged or lost.

When Jesus healed those people while He was here on Earth, all He did was reshuffle enough electrons and protons to undo the damage that had been done at the molecular level and He simply did it by speaking and/or thinking, what we now call psychokinesis or the ability to control matter with His mind.

I love how we humans arrogantly love to believe we might be able to control matter with our feeble minds but a superior being couldn't possibly do the same thing.

His most "challenging" and greatest achievement in healing was when he raised Lazarus from the dead. Jesus waiting until Lazarus' body had been in the tomb for days so that significant decomposition or destruction of the molecules making up Lazarus' cells and body had taken place to require an almost complete makeover or rebuild of Lazarus' body at the molecular level was intentionals. Then Jesus came towards the tomb from a distance so no one could claim Jesus had made any physical contact with Lazarus' body in any way, spoke very loudly, and Lazarus' body was instantly healed to the point of Lazarus becoming alive again.

Basically, Jesus reshuffled most of Lazarus' electrons and protons to the right positions for life functions INSTANTLY.

That is just a tiny glimpse of the power of God, who created the entire cosmos and everything in it, including all life on Earth, within just 6 Earth days by speaking and/or thinking just like the Bible says and God did this by reshuffling the electrons and protons into the right positions in unimaginable numbers. He is truly a mighty being and God.

To anyone who thinks they are a god, hey, reshuffle enough electrons and protons in the right place to create a habitable planet with all of the plants and animals required to sustain life. If you can't do that, you ain't no god, baby, and you thinking you are is just arrogant ignorance.

In a nutshell, that is the science of healing, which dwarfs anything we stupid humans can do.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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