Sentry 1

I have decided to start a series of essays called "Sentry" to alert you to things you need to keep an eye on, sort of like a sentry or lookout giving a warning of something coming your way that you need to watch.

I have been watching something very interesting for a while. More and more I am seeing Obama Bin Laden appointing Muslims to high positions in our government. The frequency is what is alarming because it appears he is appointing more Muslims than commie's. Some of these are tied to Muslim terrorists groups. The commie's better watch their backs because it looks like he is setting the government up for a Muslim take over. It looks like he is appointing as many Muslims as possible before he nukes Chicago so it won't be so obvious that he will have replaced the commie government with a Muslim government after he nukes Chicago. All he will have to do will be to tell his Muslim buddies to show up late for the party to miss the big bang. Then all he will have to do will be to replace the missing commie's who got nuked.

More and more it is starting to look like Obama and his Muslim buddies have pre planned this Muslim take over from the commie's and nuking Chicago all along. Keep an eye on this.

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