The Sucker Punch

For a long time, I have thought that the only reasons the upper class trash puppet masters put Obama in power and have kept him in power was because he is black, very charismatic, and a good little puppet, he does what he is told. He makes a really great pied piper to the really stupid, dummed down, and brainwashed masses in this country. But there were a couple of dots I had not yet connected.

The first of the dots is what I have shown you before, which is that Obama doesn't want to BE president, he only wants to PLAY president. Obama has the maturity of a very spoiled, irresponsible two year old. All he wants to do is 1) be the center of attention, 2) not work and just play all of the time, 3) arrogantly and irresponsibly spend lots of your money while you do without during hard times, 4) he is a lazy liberal commie doper brat. Like I said before, when does Obama work? All he does is take a lot of very expensive vacations on your dime, play golf, and go to lots of very expensive parties with a lot of really stupid lefties while Valerie Jerrette, technically, is president of the United States because she makes all of the tough decisions, attends the meetings, and does all the work behind closed doors. Add to it that her bad decisions are making Obama look even worse, especially with all of these bad decisions suddenly being exposed, all at the same time, building into a really nice crisis. Gee, what a coincidence. Plus Obama is so incredibly cocky, arrogant, and tyrannical, all of which will make enemies.

Now, why would the puppet masters want such a spoiled rotten, lazy, worthless, irresponsible president who can't and doesn't do a thing? I have been wondering about that.

Let's look at the other dot, which I have been researching. The upper class trash Luciferian puppet masters are all white supremacists who thought Hitler was a good man with good ideas but just didn't go far enough in eradicating "inferior races". They are all rich upper class white boys who think all other races are inferior and they are working towards destroying the US financially, economically, and militarily so they can set up their global Luciferian dictatorship and wipe out all but a maximum of 500 million people so they don't have to share their planet with the rest of us. But they are going to need a great sounding reason or excuse to justify murdering all those people.

When you connect those dots together, there is a more ominous reason for keeping that spoiled, lazy, irresponsible, worthless, corrupt, BLACK brat in office who blatantly spends his time and your money playing around when the nation is in crisis. When the Luciferian plans finally work out and the nation goes under, to keep you from turning on those Luciferian leaders and taking them out, they are going to blame the irresponsible, inferior black boy. It is a racist sucker punch so you will drag Obama's butt out in the street and tar and feather him instead of the real culprits, the corrupt rich white boys.

This will start a race war between the blacks and all of the other races which the upper class trash puppet masters will use as an excuse to declare martial law and set up their dictatorship to "save your butts". You see, by blaming the stupid, irresponsible black boy, the corrupt white upper class trash, which caused all of these problems, will be able to make it look like they are saving your butts from the stupid, irresponsible black boy. The real criminals will get to pretend to be your saviors and most people are ignorant and dumb enough to fall for it.

And Obama is so stupid he is falling for it by being so openly irresponsible and wasteful while you are being forced to do without during the crisis "he is obviously causing". Obama's behavior is almost exactly the same as the French upper class trash just before Bastille, the French revolution, in which the middle and lower classes revolted and executed all of the arrogant, corrupt, irresponsible, lavish living, upper class trash. It was that same arrogant, irresponsible behavior by the upper class while the French people were starving which finally infuriated the French people into staging their revolution and killing off the upper class.

The white boy club found a twit who is so irresponsible he is causing you to become just as angry at him as the French people became at their upper class trash for the same reasons. Only Obama is black so the Luciferians can make it look like blacks are inferior and justify the Luciferians killing off all blacks the way Hitler blamed the Jews for the economic problems of Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s to justify killing off millions of Jews. Blink, blink, blink, turning on light bulbs.

Obama is the last person the blacks should want as president because he is making blacks look lazy, irresponsible, stupid, and "the problem" and all of these special programs for blacks to provide them with "equal opportunity" and so many blacks still being on Welfare are designed to provide further proof that blacks are inferior and are the problem. You see, the Luciferian message will be that we gave blacks special opportunities for things like education and still had to spend all of that money on Welfare and other entitlement programs because the inferior blacks still couldn't make it, bankrupting the US. If you think about it, almost all of these educational and extremely expensive entitlement programs were primarily set up "for blacks". The white supremacist Luciferians have been setting up the blacks to justify the Luciferians' plans to eradicate all blacks for decades and the stupid black leaders, like Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrahkan, and Al Sharpton have been falling for it.

Basically, when our nation fails, the puppet masters will blame the blacks the way Hitler blamed the Jews and Obama, Jackson, Farrahkan, and Sharpton, along with all the blacks on Welfare, are making it easy for them. The first people the puppet masters plan to send to their FEMA "reeducation camps" or death camps will actually be the blacks. That will be especially easy to justify when the puppet masters make it look like the laziness and stupidity of the blacks (with Obama as a great example) caused our economic failure as a nation and then the blacks were "so inappreciative" that the blacks started a race war against everyone else. The puppet masters will be able to make the blacks look like they are traitors and should be executed in the death camps for their crimes against the rest of us. These puppet masters are even more devious than Hitler was. They're good, which is why most people will believe their propaganda.

Basically, this is a very elaborate slight of hand to distract the attention of the infuriated masses from the rich white boys, who are causing all this trouble. When the US implodes, you're going to kill Obama, Jackson, Farrahkan, and Sharpton starting a race war.

Don't believe me, stick around and we will all find out.

Since we are all being sucker punched by the Luciferians, we all need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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