I really like sharing with others the things God shares with me. I love learning and I love teaching or sharing. God has shown me or shared with me some really incredible things which I really love sharing.

For example, in the essays about God showing me that we will soon begin to colonize other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy and Galaxy M31, I showed that Jesus may have to create 42,000 or more habitable planets for us humans to colonize because our population could very easily grow large enough to fill that many or even more planets during the Mellinial Reign of Jesus on earth. At first, that sounds like an inconceivable number of habitable planets for Jesus to create during 1,000 years but, after considering what the Bible teaches us, it really isn't that many planets for God to create.

The scriptures tell us some very interesting things and science helps understand those things. First, there are more than 100 billion stars in just the Milky Way Galaxy and Jesus creating from 50,000 to more than 100,000 new habitable planets in just the Milky Way Galaxy doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of that many star systems. Also I pointed out that God made it known to me that we will colonize new planets in Galaxy M31 which is 50% larger than our galaxy so that we are talking about two galaxies with more than 250 billion star systems but there are more than a billion galaxies which were all created by God within a few 24 hour earth days.

Second, in the scriptures, God tells us that He created the entire cosmos, including mankind, in just six 24 hour earth days and He created earth within three 24 hour earth days. For Him to create 50,000 new habitable planets within 1,000 years will only require God creating 50 habitable planets per year at three 24 hour earth days per planet will only require God working 150 days per year and leaving Him 265 days per year to spend entirely with us. In other words, God creating that many new habitable planets for us to colonize within 1,000 years will be at best a part time job for God. For God, a piece of cake. Don't every under estimate God for, with God, nothing is impossible.

Then there is the matter that scientists have told us that there is more which is not known by humans than that which is known by humans, contrary to what the media tell us. They tell us that part of that which we do not know is because we don't have the technology to learn those things but that they also believe the human mind is not intelligent enough to understand or learn many things we still do not know and, therefore, those things are what they classify as "unknowable" by man.

Interestingly, in the scriptures, God tells us that, after the Last Judgment, God will make EVERYTHING known to those who make it into Paradise with God. What should that tell you?

It should be obvious that, before God can make everything known to man, God must first increase the intelligence of man so that man can understand everything. The scriptures also tell us that, in Paradise, God will give us all new perfect bodies which will never age or die, we will become immortal beings just like God but we will still not be gods. Therefore, science and the scriptures tell us that God will make those new immortal bodies many times more intelligence than the most intelligent human in history to date.

In other words, the stupidest and most ignorant person in Paradise will be many times more intelligent and knowledgeable than the most brilliant and knowledgeable human in history on earth. In Paradise we will all look back on ourselves here on earth and think, "Boy, was I really stupid and ignorant or what? :-) The answer will be yes.

I don't care who you are, you don't know anything compared to what you will know in Paradise. Mankind has not even begun to learn but there are those among us who ignorantly and arrogantly like to think we know it all, even more than God, who knows everything. Truly, the wisdom of the world is foolishness to God.

With such wonderful things waiting for us in the future and us needing help to get through the terrible mess we "intellectually superior beings" have created for ourselves, it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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