Ukraine 5

Here I sit in my small, US Southwestern town quietly reading the news about all the crap the bad guys are causing around the world while wishing I had my own planet to live on.

The situation in Ukraine is quickly escalating, you know, just like I told you it would. Ukraine announced it was going to stage an "anti-terrorism" campaign (read we are going to start shooting) to get rid of the "protestors" (read Russian infiltrated troops) and told the people not to leave their apartments or go near the windows.

Translation: We don't want you to witness or video record what we are about to do to these people.

Then Ukraine moved in troops and the shooting has started with both sides saying they have only one dead and a dozen or more wounded (read dozens dead on both sides and who knows how many wounded or else both sides are really lousy shots.) The fight is on, you know, just like I told you would happen. Ukraine is trying to get rid of the infiltrated Russian troops so the Russian troops won't tie down more Ukraine troops, you know, just like I said Putin was using those "protestors" to tie down Ukraine troops, and Ukraine is playing right into Putin's hands but doesn't really have a choice.

Mean while, Putin is saying that Ukraine is "demonstrating its inability to take responsibility for the fate of the country."

Translation: If they can't keep the peace, we can.

And Russia warned that any use of force against Russian speakers "would undermine the potential for cooperation."

Translation: If you shoot at our infiltrated Russian troops, we are coming in to get your butt.

Well, Ukraine sent in troops to oust the Russian infiltrated troops and the shooting has started. As I said, the fight is on.

At last word, the Russians are still holding the government buildings in the various cities tying down who knows how many Ukraine troops, who have laid siege to those buildings, you know, just like I told you Putin would do. I figure that, when the killing gets "bad enough", based on Putin's definition of bad enough, Putin will make his next move and both Transnitria and Ukraine will magically become Russian states.

Mean while, in La La Land, you know, the Western upper class trash mansions and government buildings, what are our intellectually superior upper class trash doing, you know, like Pharaoh Obama?

The brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid Western leaders (read Obama because no one else in Europe or else where is helping) are threatening Putin with more of those extremely terrifying sanctions which chased Putin out of Crimea, if Putin goes into Ukraine and Transnitria. Ahha, that will learn Putin!!

Hold it, Putin didn't leave Crimea, did he? I guess, maybe those terrifying sanctions didn't scare Putin? And all the upper class trash are doing is threatening Putin with more of those terrifying sanctions? It must be because the upper class trash devastated their countries militaries so those militaries couldn't stop those upper class trash from taking over their countries with commie dictatorships.

Hmmm, well, those sanctions must be terrifying to some one because our upper class trash geniuses, who got the right degrees at the right universities, keep using those sanctions to terrify other bad guys (other than themselves). Those sanctions scare you, don't they?

What? You say those terrifying sanctions don't even scare you? But, then, why do these intellectually superior twits keep using those sanctions to terrify other bad guys? You think that, maybe those over educated fools are having nightmares about their own dreaded sanctions being used against them and they are too stupid to know how to deal with those terrifying sanctions? It is probably those hundreds of years of inbreeding, isn't it? Yep, that is certainly it because those terrifying sanctions have not worked against one bad guy.

Basically, all the West is doing is increasing global warming with a lot of talking. The Western Bantam roosters (especially the US Chicken in Chief) are still crowing at the big bad bear and the big bad bear just keeps doing whatever he wants to do because all that chicken crowing is just not scaring Putin.

So, how long do you think it will take for Transnitria and Ukraine to become Russian states?

I just have to find me another planet to live on or at least visit occasionally to wind down.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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