Smoke & Mirrors 2

I had just finished writing the last essay about smoke and mirrors when I logged onto the news and saw even more smoke and mirrors being put out by the GOP. They are patting themselves on the back about stopping "big government spending" by cutting the budget by 65 billion dollars. Gee, wow, I am so impressed. (/sarc)

This is just more proof that the Commiepublican Party has been infiltrated by corrupt big government spenders the same as the Commiecrat Party.

Let's get this straight, this country is currently going into debt by more than 1.4 trillion dollars per year and the stupid politicians are touting themselves as being our economic saviors or knights in shining armor because they are saving us 65 billion per year? That means we will only go into debt this year by 1.335 trillion dollars.

You have to be really stupid to fall for this trick. We are talking about way beyond brain dead.

Decreasing an 1.4 trillion dollar increasing debt by only 65 billion dollars is only slowing that increasing debt by 4.6% and means we will still be going into debt by 95.4% of that much. Wow, aren't you so impressed by these corrupt con men?

These corrupt jerks have to decrease our budget by 1.4 trillion dollars in order to stop the debt from increasing at all and have to decrease our budget by much more than that to begin paying of the admitted debt, forget about the hidden debt. A decrease in the US budget of less than one trillion dollars isn't even worth talking about.

The only thing which was changed by this last election was which group of corrupt politicians are stealing your money and destroying your country. That is all our elections determine any more because, once again, democracy has failed just like it did in ancient Greece and Rome.

But then Obama is using his share of smoke and mirrors. I just read that Obama is promoting jobs via education. (ROLF in tears with both sides hurting.) All of you unemployed people out there, Obama says you are not unemployed because there are not enough jobs but because you are ignorant. If you would just get a better education, you would get a job even though there are not enough jobs out there for everyone who wants a job. Is that the most simple minded and foolish nonsense you have ever heard? It is just more smoke and mirrors detracting you from the fact that the liberal commie's have destroyed the jobs you want and need.

Again, I say that God has taught me that it isn't the type of government you have but the people who are doing the governing which matters. We have been falsely taught that democracy causes or brings about freedom and dictatorships and monarchies deny freedom. We have been brainwashed into believing that democracy is the holy grail of freedom and it is blasphemy to tell the ugly truth about democracy. But, first, what is freedom?

To most of us, freedom is the ability to behave in a free but socially responsible manner so you can at least have the opportunity to achieve your dreams and goals or prosper financially. It means you can move about freely within your country, freely discuss a variety of things including the behavior of your government and courts, and express your opinions without fear as long as your opinions don't jeopardize the national security of your country and freedoms of other people in your country. Basically, it means you are not being oppressed or prevented from doing any lawful and socially responsible behavior you desire which will not cause harm to others, especially the opportunity to achieve financial satisfaction with reasonable wealth gained legally.

Understanding this, then it should be obvious that it isn't the type of government which brings about freedom but those who are doing the governing. For example, we live in a republic but fight for our freedoms every day against oppressive politicians, bureaucrats, and their brainwashed evil minions. Most democracies on this planet have denied their people considerable freedoms such as the right to bear arms, defend themselves, gain reasonable wealth, or openly express opinions about the government. For example, Israel, Holland, and other countries are democracies but it is a serious crime to express any opinions in those countries which criticize their government's actions including the courts. In those countries, this blog criticizing our government would be a criminal act. I would not call that freedom.

In history, there have been monarchies and even a few dictatorships which provided their people with more freedom than many of today's democracies. Therefore, it is not the type of government which brings about freedom but those who do the governing. A good monarch or even dictator will provide their people with more freedom than corrupt leaders in a democracy and recent history and current events prove this.

Good examples of this come from some dictators who are seen as being oppressive in relation to the democracies which have or are replacing them. For example, under the very oppressive and brutal dictator, Saddam Hussein, the people of Iraq had religious freedom but, under the democracy which has replaced him, Muslims are oppressing and even butchering people who practice any other religions. The same is increasingly true in Egypt now that Mubarrack has been deposed. Many people are losing their freedoms and their society is becoming even more oppressive under democracy. As a matter of fact, the people under Mubarrack had more freedoms and rights than the people in many European and other democracies.

Does this mean that Saddam Hussein was not a tyrant? No, it just means that the democracy which has replaced him is even worse or more tyrannical. In some respects, many people have even fewer freedoms, rights, and protections from bad guys under that democracy than they did under Saddam Hussein.

I have noticed that, whenever a head of state for any type of government oppresses those liberal commie's and Muslims who are trying to overthrow their government and help set up their desired commie/Muslim global dictatorship, the liberal commie media always brand those leaders as oppressive tyrants but they brand oppressive commie leaders in democracies as being great champions of freedom. Basically, if you oppress the bad guys to protect the good guys, the bad guys call you a tyrant. If you permit the bad guys to bully, terrorize, and victimize the good guys, then you're a champion of freedom...their freedom to bully, terrorize, and victimize the good guys.

For example, with the demise of Mubarrack, the Egyptians will be going from a corrupt dictator who mostly oppressed bad guys to a corrupt democracy which will mostly oppress good guys. You decide which is the lesser of the two evils.

Speaking of evil oppressors, let us return to the US republic. Obama and his liberal Commiecrat pals want to silence blogs like mine which are criticising his terrible commie government and Muslim behavior by taking over the Internet and shutting us down. These same "champions of freedom" want to seize your guns and ammunition, take away the money you earn with their taxes, and even dictate exactly how you can live in many respects. Does that sound like a democracy provides freedom?

If you have evil rulers, you will have an evil government and, if you have good rulers, you will have a good government regardless of the type of government you have.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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