Smoke & Mirrors 3

The government is telling us that their fake unemployment has dropped to 8.8% but this is just more smoke and mirrors because the Gallup Polls are showing that it actually rose from 9.7% at the end of January to 10.3% by the end of February and is almost exactly where it was one year ago, just like I told you it would be. I guess I am going to have to start calling the fake unemployment rate the super manipulated fake unemployment rate or SMFU rate. It is like I told you before, if you stop counting enough people, the fake unemployment rate will go to zero but it won't help the economy one bit because those unemployed people still won't be making money, won't be spending money, and won't be paying taxes.

It should be blatantly obvious that Obama is just manipulating the SMFU to increase his polls and bargaining power with the new GOP controlled House. The SMFU is nothing more than a political tool being used by Obama for power and control and is just more smoke and mirrors. It has gotten so very bad that you can't believe anything the left says any more. As a matter of fact, if you really want to know the truth, just believe the opposite of what the left is telling you, they are a lie.

Gallup said that, what they are calling the "underemployed rate", which includes those who have part time jobs and want full time jobs, is almost 20% and that, if they use the same system which was used by the Reagan administration, the unemployment rate is over 22% which should tell you that, if they would use the same system used during the Great Depression, it would be over 25% just like I told you it would be.

They also keep telling us about the recovering economy (AKA pounding smoke up our butts.) Let's get this straight, a recession or depression is about people losing their jobs faster than people are finding new jobs causing the economy to recede because of a decrease in spending ability by the decreasing work force, hence it is called a recession. If enough people lose their jobs and can't find work, their decreased spending power causes the economy to become depressed, hence the term depression. Therefore, a receding economy cannot bottom out until it reaches a point where there are as many people finding jobs as there are people losing jobs which has not happened even once since this financial chaos started.

Therefore, the economy can't be recovering until there are more people finding jobs than there are people losing jobs. Forget about all of the other economic indicators they are using for smoke and mirrors. There has not been even one month within which there have been half as many people finding jobs than are losing jobs yet we have been falsely told since June of 2009 that the economy is recovering. In other words, the economy has actually been getting worse while the "experts" (AKA professional liars) have been telling us it has been recovering.

Then there is a new element which has been added to the ball game and no one seems to realize its significance regardless of their college degrees and pedigrees. Your living quarters or "home" are your base of operation for working and finding work. You need a base of operations to eat, sleep, and clean up to be able to work or find decent work. This is the first time in modern history in which more than 60% of the working people had owned their own homes or bases of operations and they are losing those bases of operations by the millions every year causing them to have increased difficulty finding and keeping work along with losing everything they had invested in their homes.

This means that until the current housing crisis bottoms out and starts to get better, the unemployment problem will continue to get worse because people are losing their homes, few people are buying new homes, and many people in home construction are losing their jobs.

For the first time in history, we have developed a huge part of our economy around homes and cars and, when either of those two industries goes into a significant decline or recession, they will take the rest of the economy with them. This means that, until the housing market recovers significantly for the long term, our economy can't recover which means that more people have to be buying homes than are losing homes for the economy to recover. This means that as long as home prices continue to fall because of a greater supply than demand, then the housing market is depressed and the economy will be depressed.

Remember that it was the commie's which caused this housing bubble to form and then burst with their stupid socialist laws so "everyone could have a home" and are now causing a lot of people who other wise would have had homes to also lose their homes. This caused the banking system to fail which caused the automobile industry to fail which sent us into a spiralling depression. The wonderful Commiecrat laws are what caused all of this mess, pain, and suffering. I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about it and I can't think of one program or brilliant sounding liberal commie idea for over 50 years which has worked and not caused things to get worse yet those fools think they have all the answers to our problems when they don't even know what the questions are. That is pure ignorant arrogance.

Rest assured that the commie's will continue to increase the amount of smoke and mirrors you will get while doing their best to deny you the truth. If you have to lie about something to convince other people it is good or working, it can't possibly be right.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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