Smoke & Mirrors 4

Is the upper class trash really good at smoke and mirrors or what? Now that Mubarak has been booted out of power by our liberal media and upper class trash and is being replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood, the upper class trash is talking about giving just Egypt tens of billions of dollars in money to help their economy recover.

Recover from what? There wasn't a devastating civil war which destroyed any of the infrastructure. They just kicked Mabarak's butt out of office with a minimum of damage to even businesses. There is definitely not enough damage to Egypt to warrant even 1 billion dollars. But, hey, let's count all of this mullah the Muslim Brotherhood is going to get over the next few years.

Obama is going to give the Muslim Brotherhood 2 billion dollars. One billion will be a loan but do you want to bet the Muslim Brotherhood never has to pay it back?

The World Bank has pledged 4.5 billion dollars.

Saudi Arabia has pledge 4 billion dollars.

Qatar is "considering projects" worth more than 10 billion.

Egypt is trying to get another 4 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The EU is considering a "few hundred million" in Euro's (they are cheap skates besides, we would have to give those clowns the money before they could give it to the Muslim Brotherhood.)

Plus the G8 is considering "billions of dollars in aid and debt swaps" for what do they need so much aid when everyone else is already giving tens of billions?

Plus Tunisia is getting 1.5 billion from the World Bank but it isn't as populated or as close to Israel and I think it might even be just a smoke screen to cover up for all the money being given to Egypt.

Let's see, my little calculator says that just Egypt will be getting a minimum of 24.5 billion dollars in "aid" (not including the hundreds of millions and billions she will be getting from the EU and G8) for a country which really didn't suffer any infrastructure damage worth talking about.

Wanna to bet the Muslim Brotherhood will be buying tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons in the next few years and all this "aid" is just smoke and mirrors? Think about who is giving the Muslim Brotherhood money and that will tell you who the closet Muslim terrorists are. Think about it.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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