The first thing I want to discuss is further proof that the upper class trash doesn't want to share "their" planet with the vast majority of liberals just like I have been telling you for years. I want you to realize that the evidence is conclusive. This is not guessing and speculating because the upper class trash has been inadvertently telling you what their actions are, you listening just are not listening. You liberals are only hearing the message you want to hear and not the truth.

The upper class trash has started a fad which they are promoting via their various forms of media, especially with talk shows. That fad is that they are persuading liberal couples to not want to have children for a variety of noble sounding reasons including global warming, ecology, and such. It has reached a point in the liberal community that following this fad is a liberal badge of honor. This means that, when you die, you don't leave anyone behind the upper class trash will have to share their planet with.

In spite of the fact that global warming has been proved to be a farce, tens of millions of liberals are falling for this con by the upper class trash. You can bet their upper class trash families will continue to have children to rule the world. Why are the upper class trash not making the same noble sacrifices for global warming? Are they not more noble than you?

When you add this to all the other things they are doing to kill off you inferior middle and lower class liberals, such as abortions, them encouraging you to have unhealthy but fun habits which will destroy your health and shorten your life such as using recreational drugs, getting deadly sexually transmitted diseases via their "free" sex, teaching you to hate exercise so you will more quickly develop health problems and die, using their media to encourage you to try different "healthy" diets they know are not healthy for you so you will die younger, and other life habits which will shorten your lives, they are telling you that they don't want to share "their" planet with you liberals either and want to get rid of you as quickly as possible, preferably by getting you to inadvertently kill yourselves off as quickly as possible.

This should be even more obvious when you see them staying thin and healthy because they don't do the things you are told to do and them doing the things they teach you not to do such as exercise and enjoy sports. Their actions contradict their words and you are listening to their lies but not observing their actions. You are looking at them but not seeing what they are doing.

While they are using you to help them seize control of the planet so they can murder off everyone they don't want to share their planet with, they are trying to get you to kill yourselves off so they will have fewer people to murder off for their final solution to them not having to share their planet with you. You better know that, if you have not killed yourselves off by the time they get ready for their big slaughter, you will get a ride to the same FEMA death camps with everyone else. You are not special to them and they don't want to have to share their planet with you. If you liberals die today, the upper class trash won't miss you. Get a clue.


Next, I want to discuss the fact that I have been telling you for more than a decade and has finally become blatantly obvious, liberalism is a radical polytheistic pagan religion. I also want to look at their religion's structure so you can better understand its organization and function. What we will be looking at here is the principle religion in which they identify themselves as being Luciferian.

We know that their principle god is Satan the Devil whom they prefer to worship by one of his many names, Lucifer. They also worship Lucifer's forces called demons or fallen angels, they practice black magic and witchcraft, they all believe they are all gods, they believe that, after they have seized control of the planet and wiped out everyone who is not a Luciferian or slave, their pagan god, Lucifer, will help them all spiritually "evolve" into gods in spite of the fact that they already believe they are gods (?), they also have a hierarchy and, if any lower god in that hierarchy questions, challenges, or rebels against any higher god, then it is considered blasphemy, and they believe it is alright for them to do whatever they want to any god who is beneath them on their hierarchy.

Now what does that sound like?

Ancient Greek mythology. If you think about it, you will realize that they study, worship, and teach ancient Greek teachings which taught pretty much the same thing. They regularly quote Aristotle and Plato, who believed and worshiped Greek mythology, the liberals religiously teach Greek mythology in your public schools, and preach their Greek god democracy while barely practicing it themselves.

What they have done is taken Greek culture and mythology, married it to the Luciferian cult, and produced their own version of Euro-American mythology with them being the pagan gods of their Olympus who are superior to all other people on earth. Remember that their corrupt leaders are all white supremacist white people, AKA Nazis. As I told you years ago, they have an almost identical hierarchy to ancient Greek mythology. Basically, liberalism is a pagan polytheistic cult which is similar to Greek Mythology and, since they are forcing it on us as the new government, liberalism is also a theocracy.

This means that all of the liberal ideals, morals, ethics and laws they are forcing on us are their own religious ideals, morals, ethics, and laws. This means that, in accordance with the legal standards the liberals have set in the US courts, the liberals are forcing a theocracy on us which violates their own concept of separation of church and state which they abused the legal system to also force on us in order to divorce our government from Christianity, which they hate. Therefore, by the standards they abused the courts to force on us, every liberal law they have forced on us is Unconstitutional AND they want to get rid of the US Constitution BEFORE any of you realize this to be true.

This means that everything they have forced on us which is based on their liberal theocracy such as abortion, political correctness, and such is unconstitutional. They know this which is why they hate the US Constitution.

As I have been telling you for years, liberalism is a radical pagan cult and, since we are now being forced under the oppressive, radical, Luciferian cult of liberalism, which is determined to kill us all off, we must....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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