Special Warning

This is a 12:30 am essay where God tapped me on the shoulder and told me, "Hey, stupid, what about this" and stupid listened. I knew I had to get up and give you this warning and this is especially for law enforcement, the military, intelligence, and everyone else in the US and the state governments but is also important for all of you. This is critical and you must all pay attention to this right now because your lives and the lives of your families are now at stake.

This warning is based on a combination of what is going on, what has happened in the past, an understanding of human nature, especially in relation to history, and common sense. We need to connect some dots here.

What are the lefties telling you with their words and their actions?

1) They are right now working to pass legislation to where they can purge everyone in the government out of the government, especially in law enforcement and the military, who voted for Trump or is a Christian or is a conservative.

2) They are also saying that they plan to send everyone who voted for Trump or is a conservative or is a Christian to the commie reeducation death camps.

What should this tell you?

This should tell you that, if you will not swear an oath to them, their commie dictatorship, and to obey any and all orders they give you to murder any and all men, women, and children they order you to murder, they will purge you and send you to their death camps.

Think not? Do you remember when Obama tried to get the officers in the Pentagon to swear that oath to him but failed in about 2012?

Today, the top officers in the Pentagon have shown that they are liberal, they have no loyalty to the Constitution, they have already committed treason, are supporting this commie coup, are supporting this commie dictatorship, and will do whatever is necessary to make this commie dictatorship succeed. That includes enforcing the orders to either make you all swear a traitorous oath of loyalty to the commie dictatorship or purge you from the government and send you to the commie death camps.

You can bet the commies already have that commitment and oath from the top officers in the Pentagon because those officers have already shown that loyalty with their recent treason.

People, they already know that at least 80% of the military voted for Trump and you are all planned for termination and you better bet they already know who all of you are. They are not going to give the Trump voters a second chance and are telling you that, when they are saying that all Trump voters should be gotten rid of.

You need to remember that the commies know about you what I have been telling you about them for years. They know that the only way to stop Trump voters, Christians, conservatives, and others loyal to the Republic of the US is to kill them and they have made it very clear that they intend to stop you forever. Death is the only thing that stops either good or bad determined people and they know it.

It isn't if, but when will they start their purge of you to send you off to their death camps to get you out of their way, depopulate their planet and set up their global commie dictatorship and they are right now working on passing the legislation to do just that. You have very little time to take actions that will protect you, your families, and the rest of the people in this nation and on this planet from these evil commie traitors.

You must all organize and start making the right moves right now.

Look, you should know what to do because this is just like the Cold War because the commies have seized control of your government and the Pentagon and are about to start killing all of you. You need to make those right moves IMMEDIATELY!

You have the resources to handle this crisis and you must use those resources IMMEDIATELY!

You all need to regroup, reorganize, and start preparing to fight this war IMMEDIATELY!

You all need to quickly seize every military facility, weapon system, especially nukes, and resource you can IMMEDIATELY!

You need to secure bases of operation and red zones that will also protect your families and friends IMMEDIATELY!

You don't have time to think about this very long and I know that you have been trained to recognize the threat, react to deal with the threat, and start operations IMMEDIATELY!

The enemy is inside the gate!

Most of you have been training to deal with this crisis for years, as I did, and it is time to put your training to work to stop this commie dictatorship from just butchering billions of people, including you and your families, and you better know that these commies have outside allies like China, Canada, Mexico, and Europe who will come to their aid as soon as you start making your moves so you must move quickly and do what is right. Your families and the people of this nation are depending on you to save their butts so you need to get busy saving butts.

The time for action is now and not tomorrow or next week. My prayers are with you.


Remember that I have been telling you that you Christians need to stop listening to these pacifist preachers and stand up and not just for Christianity but also against this Satanic dictatorship?

Just in case you have forgotten, you are not supposed to submit to Satan.

This video tells you that also. Note that his first concern is that the God hating Satanism that is being taught to your children to indoctrinate your children in Satanism.

You need to take care of and protect your families.

He also tells you that the preachers and Christians who try to go along with and accommodate this Satanism will fall away, just like I have been telling you that the poser Christians will convert from Christianity to paganism. That will be God cleaning His house of fake Christians, which is one of a number of reasons God is permitting Satan's spawn to seize control of our nation right now.

Just like I told you, he said you cannot be afraid of man, you know, the commies. You must stand up to them and not be afraid of them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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