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Our human scientists have been speculating for decades that things we cannot do today may be possible, such as folding space, levitation, and teleportation. If they would just stop hating God, stop loving their pagan fairy tale, evolution, and just read the Bible from a scientifically objective perspective, they would learn there is a being, Yahweh, who showed us those things are possible thousands of years ago.

Over the years, I have pointed out that very significant science is hidden in the Bible in plain site. In my e-book, "Yahweh", I illustrated some of that science. For example, I show in my e-book that the Bible told the story of a three day march Yahweh took the Hebrew people on which only took one day because Yahweh clearly folded space. There is another example in the Bible of a man suddenly teleporting, witnessing to another man, and then teleporting back to where he started. There are five examples of God levitating huge amounts of water, during the creation, when Moses crossed the Red Sea, when Joshua led the Hebrews across the River Jordan, when Elijah crossed the River Jordan, and when Elisha crossed the River Jordan.

If you want the best science, you read the Bible. 3,600 years ago God did what our best scientists today only believe MIGHT be possible. Guess what, it isn't just possible, it was already done by Yahweh thousands of years ago and is old news. You just need to read about it in the Bible but you won't find it anywhere else. Just imagine historic documentation going back 3,600 years proving the best scientific theories of today.

In my last essay I told you that God is going to work through us to create a new Christian nation, a Christian theocracy, and that God will do far greater works with this Christian theocracy than He did with the US when it was still a Christian republic and why. This will all be to the glory of God so that everyone will know that God is real, He lives, He exists, and the pagans are liars.

I told you that God will create new planets in at least two different galaxies for our Christian nation to colonize and provide us with the technology to quickly travel from one star system to another star system and even to another galaxy millions of light years away.

Remember that I told you that God not telling us about these things in the past did not mean these things will not happen. God didn't tell those people about cars, planes, trains, steam ships, and space travel but they have all happened. God not telling those people about such things just means God didn't tell them about those things and nothing else. A few reasons why God would not have told the ancient people about such things are that 1) the people would have become confused and probably burnt the prophets at the stake for witchcraft and 2) the people didn't need to know about such things. You do need to know about these things because you are the generation which will do these things in the near future so you need to start preparing for these things now, physically and mentally. That is why God is telling you now.

How do you think God will teach us to travel such great distances so quickly, by folding space or by teleportation?

God showed me in a dream that He will give us the ability to teleport. You will be in this star system one instant and, in the next instant, you will be in another star system or galaxy. It will happen that quickly.

Forget the pagan Hollywood crap about "jumping to light speed", which would take you four years to reach the nearest star to earth, or traveling at warp speed, which would take you years to travel from one quadrant in our galaxy to another quadrant. BOR-ING!!!! Compared to what God is going to do for us, the pagan Hollywood crap would be like racing a horse and buggy against an SR-71. Hollywood losers!! Who would want to do it Hollywood's way when you can do it God's way, if you blink, you miss the trip. Why spend years trudging through space seeing nothing just to get some where? I told you that you will laugh at the best pagan science fiction movies of today and you will. Compared to what God has planned for you, their brightest ideas are jokes.

If you are piloting a star freighter, you will spend more time unloading and loading the ship than you will spend traveling between planets and even galaxies. You will get plenty of time to do shopping and a little tourism on planets to get things you won't be able to get on any other planet. You will get to trade stories with local merchants and see incredible things.

Will the ships be able to teleport on their own or will there be some form of star gate system?

I don't know, God hasn't told me that part, yet, so we will just have to wait around to find out. I would think that, most likely, there will be some sort of star gate system and it won't work anything like what you have seen from Hollywood. That is just my guess, but it seems probable because it would provide better control and decrease the potential of one ship suddenly appearing inside another ship or, worse, an asteroid. A dual gate system would provide the ability for traffic control coming and going from any star system to prevent accidents.

The thing is that, after the coming war, we will have a huge task before us. As quickly as possible, we will have to move our government, military, military industry, law enforcement, and economy from earth to the other planets to 1) decrease the ability of any enemies here on earth making a significant strike against our nation which would cripple us and make it possible to conquer us and 2) before the Tribulation begins. We need to make the off world (from earth) part of our nation as self sufficient and independent from earth as possible before the Tribulation.

You have to understand that God will use the Rapture just prior to the Tribulation to remove all Christians still on earth so that the earth part of our new nation will suddenly be very vulnerable to attack and, the more we still have here on earth, the more vulnerable we will be as a nation. God wants the Muslims to conquer the world during the Tribulation so everyone can find out how barbaric, ruthless, and cruel Islam really is (the Muslims will show their true colors) and He will be forcing us to stage a strategic retreat from earth so the Muslims can conquer earth. It will also take our nation a while to recover from the losses caused by the rapture and the more people, industry, and government we have on earth at the time of the Rapture, the longer it will take for us to recover.

Therefore, knowing this in advance (get it?), we will relocate everything to other planets and establish new economies and industries on those planets as quickly as possible. Only the Christians and our industries left on earth will be raptured to clear the way for the Muslims to conquer earth. We need to spread everything out among the different planets so an attack against one planet won't cripple or destroy our new nation and we need to develop a defense for our planets.

Why, will the Muslims also develop space ships?

Prior to the Rapture and Tribulation, no. God showed me in several dreams that, at the beginning of the Tribulation, we will retreat to the Moon as our front military strategic position, meaning the Muslims won't initially be a threat to our military base on the moon. At mid Tribulation, the Muslims will stage an attack against our military base on the moon and we will win the initial battle but suffer significant loses so we will then retreat, letting the Muslims have the moon.

What should that tell you?

In the first 3.5 years (by the Jewish 360 day calendar) of the Tribulation, the Muslims will develop a space fleet capable of reasonable battle but not too effective battle. We will still have the superior military.

God has shown me that we will contain the Muslims within earth's planetary system (earth and its moon) but we will undoubtedly have a number of space battles with them. We will spend the first 6.5 years of the Tribulation rebuilding our military following the rapture to invade earth less than 180 days before the Battle of Armageddon to help the Jews take back Jerusalem, mentioned in the book of Revelation, which I call the Battle for Jerusalem. This will require both a space and terrestrial battle. We will then have to hold Jerusalem and the area up to the southern edge of the Valley of Meggido until Jesus arrives with reinforcements for the Battle of Armageddon.

All of this means that our new nation will have to structure for an intergalactic civilization and warfare. Our military will have to structure, learn, and practice for troop movements between star systems, to invade planets, and while strategically deploying terrestrial troops for both defensive and offensive purposes. Our military and defense industry will be able to develop and practice using new weapons systems without our enemies being able to spy on them with space satellites. Our law enforcement will have to structure for law enforcement for entire planets in several galaxies and enforcing the law in space to prevent such things as space piracy. Our coast guard will have to take on services for such things as rescuing people from stranded star ships within their planet system. There will be a lot of new, exciting, and challenging jobs in our new intergalactic Christian theocracy. This is going to be the greatest adventure in history and you are going to live it, if you survive the coming war.

Now, would you rather do it the pagan way of setting up a global dictatorship run by the upper class trash and them murdering off more than seven billion men, women, and children or the Christian theocracy way of letting people have the freedom to colonize planets in at least two different galaxies? The pagan way, you will almost certainly end up being slaughtered. The Christian theocracy way, you will end up as not only space or star travelers but intergalactic travelers, pioneers, and explores of new worlds. You chose.

BTW, how is that pagan democracy thing working out? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

Now, I bet that quite a few of you want to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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