States of Matter

I want to teach you about the event recorded in the Bible we call Noah's Flood but first I need to teach you enough about nuclear physics and a few other things with the next few essays so you can better understand what I tell you.

I want to start with a junior to senior level college lecture in nuclear physics about the states of matter and the transitions between those states but don't worry, I used to teach this lecture to 10th and 11th grade high school students and they ALL got it, even the special education students who had below average intelligence. I know they got it because I tested them on it afterwards to see if they got it.

God has given me a very special gift that I love because it allows me to share more knowledge with people than they normally would be able to understand. When I first got out of college, I went into the US Air Force and in basic training, the students found out I had studied the sports sciences so they started asking me about things concerning sports and exercise. The problem was that they couldn't understand the exercise physiology I tried to share with them because, to most people, it is a foreign language.

You have to understand that better than 80% of what you learn in college for any field, especially the soft sciences, but even in the hard sciences, is a new language specific to that field of study.

In business they openly recognize this and call their language B Speak, which is short for business language. Naturally, people who have not been taught that language cannot understand what you are telling them, just like with any foreign language, and I learned the hard way, that if people can't understand what you are saying, their normal human behavioral response is to think you are the stupid one. I have seen this happen to a number of college graduates.

Therefore, one of the first things God taught me after college was to translate the hard sciences into common English so others could understand what I am talking about. This has been a really great tool because, when I was teaching in high school, I could teach college level molecular biology and nuclear physics and my students got it. Because of this, I was teaching my kids more than any other teacher in the school and my students still had the highest average GPA in the school. I know this because the principal, assistant principal and four different special education (sped) teachers all told me so independently of each other.

The reason I want to teach you this is so you can have a better understanding of how atoms work in relation to the three basic states of matter, solid, liquid, and gas and their transitions. This will help you to better understand a number of things in science including molecular biology.

First, an atom is composed of electrons and protons and, for this essay, we will keep it simple and use the hydrogen atom, which only has one electron and one proton, as our example. The proton has significantly more mass than the electron but sits still while the much smaller electron is orbiting around it and the speed of the electron changes as its energy level increases or decreases. The more energy the electron has (heating), the faster the electron moves, and the less energy the electron has (cooling), the slower the electron moves.

You have to understand that, in nuclear physics, all energy is heat and all heat is energy. Therefore, when you are increasing the heat in a atom, you are increasing the energy in the electron and, therefore, increasing the speed of the electron.

The electron is held in orbit around the much larger proton by their relative forces but the only force you need to know about for this essay is their magnetic charges pulling on each other. The negatively charged electron pulls on the positively charged proton and vice versa.

It is very similar to opposite poles for two different magnets pulling on each other.

You have to understand that, with enough force or "voltage", you can force an electron to leave the atom by overcoming the pull between the electron and proton and we call that electricity.

As the electron orbits the proton, its pull and the force of its motion cause the proton and entire atom to move or jiggle (yes, that is the official term, all atoms jiggle all of the time.) The faster the electron moves, the more the atom jiggles causing that atom and/or its molecule to move further away from other atoms and/or molecules.

At the lowest energy or temperature level, the electron is moving its slowest, which allows the atom to move the least and the relative forces between that atom and other atoms will pull the atoms close enough together that the atoms can't move in relation to each other. We call that a solid or the solid state.

When you increase the heat or energy to that atom, its electron continues to accelerate, increasing the motion of the atom, causing the atom to move further and further away from surrounding atoms until the atoms can move in relation to each other and we call that the melting point for that solid and the solid becomes a liquid. The atoms are still holding onto each other but they are far enough apart they can move around each other, which allows them to "flow".

The amount of heat or energy required to melt a solid depends on the atoms and molecules making up that solid so that the melting point varies for different solids.

If you continue to increase the heat of the atom, the electron will continue to accelerate its movement and increase the movement of the atom until the atom breaks away from surrounding atoms and/or molecules in the liquid and goes sailing off into the atmosphere or space and we call that the vaporization point. At that point the atom changes from being part of a liquid to being a gas and molecules in Earth's atmosphere at a temperature of 75 degrees F can travel at more than 1,000 miles per hour, which is what causes atmospheric pressure.

As a gas, the atoms and molecules will literally push against each other and anything else they come in contact with pushing each other away.

This is why, if there is not enough gravity on a planet, the gas molecules can have enough force or energy to overcome the gravitational pull of the planet and "bleed off" into space, which is why I have been telling you that Mars can't have more of an atmosphere than it currently has because its gravity is not sufficient to contain enough gas molecules to have more atmosphere than it currently has and any additional molecules will just bleed off into space very quickly.

Nuclear physics says that is a fact and anything else you get from Hollywood or any other medium is wrong. That is a scientific fact. Mars does not have enough gravity to contain more of an atmosphere than it currently contains. End of discussion, so Terra farming more of an atmosphere on Mars is pure bull crap. It ain't going to happen, baby.

BTW, this is also why the microwave energy being transmitted by a cell phone or any other such device near your body will excite atoms and molecules enough to cause them to tear apart molecules and molecular structures within a cell causing cell damage, especially with DNA and it can cause cancer, if the right DNA is damaged. End of discussion.

I don't use a cell phone unless I absolutely have to because I know the science behind it.

Now we need to take matter in the opposite direction called cooling it off.

As the electron of the gas atom loses heat or energy, it slows down pulling the atom less causing the atom to move less making it possible for the atom to join with other molecules to form a liquid and we call this condensation or the dew point.

This is what happens when water molecules cool down to what is called the dew point, the water molecules begin to combine with other water molecules forming liquid water, which is the cause of precipitation or rain. When water molecules reach a point to where their size is large enough that the atmosphere cannot support them anymore, they fall from the sky as rain.

This is why we cannot have a nuclear winter caused by dust and other particles blocking out the sun light causing the planet to cool and go into a prolonged winter.

You see, when a nuclear detonation takes place, it throws significant amounts of dust and other particles into the air, UNLESS the nuke is detonated below ground or high enough in the air to not kick up dust, then there will be few, if any particles thrown up into the air, which would be for most nukes because most nukes MUST be detonated below ground to destroy hardened targets, you know, like Cheyenne Mountain. That alone will prevent a nuclear winter but we must also consider another factor that will also prevent a nuclear winter.

Much of what will be caused to rise up into the air is water vapor caused by the very high temperatures of the nukes vaporizing all water within the range of the heat caused by its fire ball.

When that water vapor reaches the upper atmosphere with the other particles, they will block the sun causing the planet to cool but only to just below dew point and not to freezing unless it is already winter where they are.

When the water vapor molecules cool enough to slow their movement enough for them to start combining with surrounding water molecules, you know, dew point, they will also attach to the other particles thrown up in the air by the nukes called adhesion and drag those particles down to earth in the resulting precipitation clearing the sky for the sun light to begin warming the earth, preventing a nuclear winter. Scientific fact and anything else is pure lefty bull crap. Nuclear winter ain't happening, baby.

Of course, scientifically ignorant Hollywood, the media, and many others got that wrong too, as with most things they believe.

Now that we have our atom back in the liquid state, as the electron continues to lose heat/energy, it continues to slow down causing the atom to move less, causing the atoms to move closer together until the atoms can no longer move in relation to each other and we call that freezing and it becomes a solid.

BTW, when liquid water freezes, it automatically forms a perfect six sided ice crystal with an empty space in the middle, which is why water expands when it freezes.

There you have the scientific explanation and definitions for the three states of matter and their transitions. Notice that I used this science to explain a number of things to you, proving some of what the media and Hollywood are teaching you to be wrong, which is why I know their bull crap is wrong. I know the science behind what they are saying and they are really clueless.

But, it gets better because they are clueless about almost everything they believe...OK, everything...because they are scientifically ignorant.

Importantly, you have learned enough to understand why clouds of space dust CANNOT pull together to form rocks, planets, and stars. It ain't happening, baby, and I will explain that in my next science essay. Just remember the stuff about atmospheric pressure. If necessary, reread this essay because it explains a lot that is wrong with what the lefties believe.

There, you just got a college junior to senior level lecture on nuclear physics and it didn't kill you. It will definitely help you see through some of the lefty bull crap because, now, you know better.

See, you are getting a free college education on all kinds of stuff. If you read through this site just once, you will know more about more things than almost any lefty college professor and definitely more than most.


Because most people with a Ph.D. spent 8 years studying one thing and very little, if anything else. If they have a Ph.D. in English, they probably spent 8 years studying just English and that is true with almost all of your Ph.D.s with most of the soft science professors not being able to pass freshman and sophomore hard science courses. If your college professor is a lefty, especially in the soft sciences, they probably have an average IQ because that is all that is required to get a Ph.D. in the soft sciences. They are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

You're welcome.

Now you understand why I put the little professors in the upper corners of the home page. You're getting a free college level education.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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