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In Street 4 I taught you about using boxing to help you win most of your street fights and begin to learn the basics for street fighting but forgot to tell you that you could also learn most of the same fundamentals in martial arts like Karate because they are both hitting martial arts, where you remain on your feet striking the person. My main point was that you don't have to study the Asian or other fancy martial arts and definitely not the tojo ballet to learn the fundamentals for street fighting; you could just study boxing and be a good street fighter.

I also told you that a boxer needs to make some additions or modifications to his fighting to be more than just a good street fighter and that is mostly what this essay is about. (If you didn't read that essay, you need to read it before you continue.)

You have to understand that street fighting has some laws to teach you how to survive street fights and, unlike the Queensbury rules middle and upper class use, these laws don't limit your fighting, they help improve your fighting. I have already told you about some of those laws without calling them laws but they are street laws you don't want to violate.

There is a very important street law that shows why a boxer needs to modify his fighting to be a better street fighter. The law says, "If someone is a better boxer than you, you wrestle him; if he is a better wrestler than you, you box him; and, if he is better at both than you, pick up a club."

Now, if you are about to fight a street fighter who is lousy or good but experienced, knows that law, and you strike a good boxing form telling him you are a trained boxer, what do you think he will do?

He is going to try to take you to the ground and wrestle you. Street fighters learn really fast to not take you on at your strength but to fight your weaknesses. He knows that, if you are a trained boxer, you are probably also not a trained wrestler so wrestling will be your weakness.

Therefore, for a boxer to be a better street fighter, he needs to study some form of wrestling. You also need to know that there are street fighting techniques for a boxer to use to prevent someone from forcing him to wrestle but they don't always work so he should still study some form of wrestling. For example, Kung Fu would teach you to side kick the charging person in the stomach to prevent being forced to wrestle him.

The wrestling martial arts you can study for what you need to learn about wrestling include free style wrestling, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and other forms of wrestling. What you want to learn from these is 1) how to grapple while standing, 2)how to throw the other guy to the ground, 3)how to keep from being thrown to the ground, and 4)how to grapple well enough on the ground to perform what free style wrestling calls escapes so you can get away from someone on the ground and get back up off of the ground as quickly as possible.

I keep emphasizing that you don't want to crawl around on the ground fighting street because their friends will stomp your brains out while you are tied up with their friend. I don't care if you and the combatant are completely alone on the street, you would be amazed at how fast street friends can show up out of nowhere and "come to the fight late", which is never good. They will suddenly appear from around corners, from a building, or a passing car just about the time you start crawling around on the ground with their friend.

When I start teaching techniques specifically for fighting two or more people, you will better understand why you should remain on your feet and mobile.

One of the first things you want to learn from wrestling is ways to prevent them from charging into you in such a way that they can overpower your torso and force you to the ground, you know, tackle you. The basics for this are to move your torso out of the way, even just slightly, and redirect their energy away from you and/or to the ground.

For example, if someone charges you, you grab them by the shoulders and pivot back and away from them on one foot, moving your torso out of his direct path, while slinging him to the ground, where you can jump on him and knock him out.

There are several ways to do this and most are taught by sports like wrestling, Judo and Jiu Jitsu. I already mentioned the hip throw and, in both Judo and Jiu Jitsu, they teach the tomanagi, where you grab them by their shoulders while sticking a foot in their stomach, roll backwards on the other leg, kicking him up and over you while still holding onto his shoulders so he lands on his back pretty hard, then kick up over into a backwards roll to land sitting on his chest and your knees so you can quickly knock him out and then quickly stand up to continue fighting others.

One of the most important things you should learn from any wrestling martial art is, if you find yourself on the ground, how to quickly get your feet under you, stand up, and get back into the fight.

One of the worst things I see people do in a street fight is fall to the ground, tuck into a fetal position while protecting their heads, and just take the kicks and punches. That is absolutely one of the worst things you can do in a street fight because those people ALWAYS end up in the hospital or dead. It has never worked and never will work but ignorant people keep doing it. All you are doing is lying there waiting to die. Fight back, always fight back.

If you have studied physiology, you know that the human body can only take so many kicks and hits like that before organs will fail and you will die.

If you hit the ground, ALWAYS try to bounce back up as fast as you can and wrestling will teach you that.

Let's say you end up on the ground like those people.

What do you do?

If you are on your back protecting your head with your arms and body with your feet, you will still be able to see and, if you are surrounded, you will notice that there are people on both your left and right sides. You quickly pick a side and roll to that side attacking the legs of the person on that side to knock them down and open a hole to escape through.

The way it works is like this. You roll towards their legs, facing down, and, just before your torso hits their legs below their knees, you wrap the arm on that side of your body around behind one leg while bending the leg on that side of your body up behind the other leg so they can't step back and then roll your torso into their legs. If you do it right, they will fall backwards 100% of the time. They will simply not be able to remain standing.

As they fall, you quickly climb their falling body just like wrestling will teach you, punching their groin and head on the way up and possibly breaking their neck, just before you escape being surrounded and regaining your feet.

You will learn to do things like this from wrestling martial arts, therefore, all good boxers should learn to wrestle so they can be better street fighters.

The US military teaches their infantry something similar for when they are surrounded and about to be overrun by an enemy. What they teach is that you pick a point in your perimeter, focus 90% of your forces to attack that point to punch a hole through the enemy lines to escape with the other 10% fighting a rear guard as they exit to prevent the rest of the troops fighting forward from being attacked from behind. You do this to get all of the enemy on the same side of you and, pending the situation, they either extract to escape or turn back and destroy the enemy.

You do the same thing for the same reasons. If they have you surrounded, you punch a hole through their line to escape and get them all on the same side of you then you either escape or turn back and destroy the enemy.

You never try to fight your enemy with them surrounding you or even on just both sides. You always maneuver to get them all on the same side between your 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock with 12 o'clock directly in front of you. That is not only street law but infantry law too.

The military also teaches its infantry that, if they are caught in an ambush between two sides, to always turn to one side, fight their way through that side to get all of the enemy on the same side, then either escape or turn back and destroy them.

If it works for the military, it can be modified to work for you on the street.

Now I have taught you to study two basic forms of martial arts for street fighting, hitting or boxing and wrestling and how to use them and why. You will learn what you can and modify some things to work better for street fighting to break stuff so you can incapacitate them by crippling or killing them before they can kill you.

Let me give you another little example of how you would modify a move so it will work for street fighting.

In Aikido and some other martial arts, they teach a move for stopping an attack by someone who has grabbed you by the collar with one hand and is about to punch you in the face with their other hand.

Let's say the guy grabs you by the collar with his right hand. You reach over the top of his right hand with your right hand and grab his right hand at the bottom next to his pinkie finger. You pull and roll his hand to your right while placing your left hand on his elbow, pushing against the back of the elbow to your right. This will cause him to roll head first to his back, where you apply pressure to his elbow to make him say uncle, all nice and pretty.

That will work really fine on a Queensbury fighter in a Queensbury neighborhood but just imagine yourself standing there putting pressure on his elbow trying to get him to say uncle while his liberal or Muslim thug pals are beating on you. You know that, if he does pretend to surrender, he will just jump you as soon as you release him.

So how do you modify that to work for street so he won't be able to continue or resume his attack against you?

Before you move his arm to force him to roll, you lower his arm close enough to the ground so he can't roll. When you start him to roll, he will smash his face and head against the ground and end up with his chest, shoulders, and the head of his humorous or upper arm bone firmly against the ground so they can't move. Then you apply as much pressure with your strength and weight as you can against the back of the elbow, blowing the elbow out.

At this point, you have to understand that blowing a man's knees or hips out means he can't stand to fight or chase you and, unless he has a gun, you can just walk away. If you blow his elbow or shoulder out, he can still stand and chase you down and has one other arm and two legs to kill you with so you need to finish the fight so he can't do that.

You also have to understand that most Queensbury fighters would give up as soon as the elbow blew or probably before but some thugs won't so you have to finish the fight so he can't resume his attack against you by knocking him out.

Now let's use some common sense. These Buddhist monasteries began developing these martial arts thousands of years ago. Martial means military, therefore, these are really military arts and no one develops military arts to apply a little pressure and get someone to say uncle. The monks were financed by the warlords to develop these military arts and teach them to the warlord's troops to win battles and wars by killing people in a time when everyone was a barbarian.

Does that sound like they were originally designed to be fought by the Queensbury rules to you?

No, when these military arts came to the US, they were changed to fit in with the Queensbury rules to get Christians to accept them and become paying customers to learn these military arts.

What I am doing is trying to get you to realize this and help me change these military arts back to their original design so they can be used by you against barbaric thugs to protect you and your families.

When you study these martial arts, always look for a way in how they can be used to cripple and kill the liberal and Muslim thugs you are right now being attacked by because you have to cripple or kill ALL of them before one of them can kill you or your family.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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