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One of my big concerns in writing these street essays has to do with the smaller weaker people who get jumped by thugs and the thugs are more likely to want to jump those people than big, strong men. It is much easier to be a street fighter when you are a big, strong person than a smaller, weaker person because the thugs are much less likely to jump you.

It is like I have told you, the vast majority of bullies are cowards who don't pick fights they MIGHT lose, they only pick fights that look like a certain win, which means jump smaller, weaker people and gang up on them. On really bad streets, there is no such thing as a fair fight; they all start out unfair and weighted against you or there wouldn't be a fight.

I think that the reason God had me grow up in those bad streets as a runt is so I could better understand the dilemma of the smaller, weaker crowd, you know, women, runts, children, and sick, weak old men like me today. I was always the underdog in every fight I fought. The things I teach are much more important for these weaker people than for most average size men or larger but don't any of you dismiss what I teach, it can save your life.

When I tell you I was a runt until 9th grade, I was the tiny kid who was smaller than almost all of the boys in my age group AND the year behind me. I was tiny and that is bully bait and will get you in more fights than just about anything else because bullies love tiny.

They told me that I learned to walk when I was less than a year old and by the time I was a year old, I was running around getting into everything so they decided it was time to teach the kid to fight. My father, uncles, and grandfather were all street fighters. I saw family pictures of me wearing boxing gloves at a year old learning to fight. They taught me to live by some of the street laws I share with you like, "You don't go looking for trouble but, when someone comes to you looking for trouble, be more trouble than they are looking for" and it was all meant to teach me to survive and I teach it to you to help you survive these troubled times.

I was forbidden to be the bully and go around starting fights but, even as a runt, I was required to finish them or I got another whipping when I got home to make me more determined to win the fights. I was more afraid of my "old man" than any four street thugs. My dad understood attitude and its value in a fight. I NEVER "punked on" or ran from a fight, I don't care how many or how big. It was absolutely forbidden.

I grew up watching my father fight in the streets against other men, I never heard of him losing a fight, and the same was expected of me BECAUSE, as my dad explained it to me, "How can you protect your family, if you lose the fight?" I was TAUGHT, "I don't go to a fight to lose; if I am there, I am there to win and, if I don't win, nobody wins." The attitude I was taught was that you won't survive the fight to bully my family and, "if I die, I am going to drag all of your butts to the grave with me", so you can't bully my family after I am dead. I was being trained by my father to be able to protect my family at all costs.

I grew up a gypsy, but I grew up a Spartan gypsy and now, in a time of national crisis, I am trying to teach you how to be that Spartan. There are only 300 of us? But, hey, there are only 10,000 of you; after all, it could be worse, there could be 20,000 or 30,000 of you but there aren't, there are only 10,000 of you. Shut up and fight.

I don't remember all of my fights but I remember my first street fight at 7 in second grade somewhere in Southern Colorado. It was at a bus stop in front of our trailer park when a much larger third grader took my cap and refused to give it back to me because he was a bully picking on the little kid. When I stepped in to fight him, he knew enough to place his hand on my forehead to hold me off. I took two swings with a right cross and then a left cross, the way I had been taught, but couldn't even reach his side because his reach was so much greater than mine. The top of my head was just under his shoulders but it didn't matter, I didn't hesitate to fight him.

It was at that point that I blacked out so I don't remember the fight. That has happened to me three times and every time I came to beating on the person who attacked me. I have a concern about blacking out like that in a fight and waking up over a dead body not knowing why or how I killed him. It would be kind of tough to explain to the cops what happened. Sometimes, my subconscious mind over rides my conscious mind and says, "I got this."

The next thing I knew, the lights were still out but I was brought back to a conscious awareness by my sister yelling, "Here comes the bus." I still couldn't see but I KNEW I was bent over, he was on my back and heading for the ground with one of his arms in my hands. I was doing a body throw. The next thing I remember, I grabbed my stuff and ran for the bus and didn't even look at the guy after the fight until much later. To me it was just another trailer park fight, no bragging, nothing. I just put it out of my mind as just another daily trailer park thing. The fight was completely subconscious, reflexive, and fought based on training with me having successfully defended myself and suffering no injury of any kind.

In class, I went to the back of the class to sharpen my pencils before the class started when my teacher told me to follow her out into the hall. When I got in the hall, I saw the principle, a woman, squatting down with the bully standing on her right and my teacher squatted down to our level on his right and my left, between us. The two women insisted that I apologize to him for defending myself against a much larger kid without asking me anything about what happened because they believed his obvious lies and all I could do was stand staring at his face, thinking, "I did that to him?", because his face was a mess. He had at least three cuts of at least an inch long with numerous smaller ones I had caused with my little fists. I really chewed his face up and can still see it today and feel the surprise of seeing it. I knew more about fighting at seven than most grown men in the US know today because most grown men can't chew up a face that bad. I apologized to him but he never messed with me again. It took a little while for that face to heal.

To better explain things, I will discuss women, or more specifically, the average woman, and fighting thugs. All of you guys need to have your wives and girl friends read everything I write in this series because, the next time they go shopping, they could get jumped by these liberal and Muslim animals who only pretend to be human. I thank God for bullies because they taught me to fight but I also hate bullies with a passion.

First, on average, women are weaker and slower than men, which is why we have special classes for women in sports so they don't have to compete against men. We even have different classes for smaller men because they can't compete evenly against larger men. The average woman cannot slug it out with the average man, she will get beat to death really fast and they often find women who have been beat to death by these animals. They can't just fake a hit and run away the way most men can because at least half the men in any group can run them down and kill them and this creates a problem for you guys if you are out with your woman and get jumped by thugs I will address later in another essay.

Will the woman you are out with be a liability that will get you killed or be an asset that will help you survive? (Think about that one until I get that essay written.)

For a woman to survive an attack by thugs, she has to be better trained, have better street smarts, and be meaner than the men attacking her. She has to be that grizz mama protecting her bear cubs mean, she has to be a face full of jaws and claws mean. She has to be the little mean cornered bobcat.

A woman is shorter and has a shorter reach, which means she can't fight from the "outside" the way most boxers do and must get inside the man's reach so she can reach him to land punches AND she can't fight high going for the head but must fight low going for his chest, stomach, groin, and legs with attempts to break his arms. She is weaker so she must avoid wrestling with the man, he will quickly over power her. It is much more important that she cripple or kill the attackers as quickly as possible to end the fight as quickly as possible before she is simply overwhelmed by superior strength, therefore, she needs to break everything she touches and touch everything she can as quickly as she can. She needs a lot of fighting knowledge and willingness to use it. Things like the sucker punch and psychological warfare or street smarts are more important weapons for her. She has to learn to focus her fight on her strengths and not let the fight turn on her weaknesses. She has to create the chaos, control the chaos, and be the chaos.

It is like I said, she can't outrun most men so it is much more critical that she learn to fight using techniques like fighting rear guard to fight two or more men.

Years ago, when I realized I was significantly weaker because of my illness, I sat down and used my experience and science to modify my fighting system for being weaker so I can still defend myself because cops are just too heavy to carry around. I don't have the strength to break an arm with just arm and shoulder strength any more so I developed techniques for using my body weight, their body weight, their kinetic energy, human anatomy, and physics to break that arm. Instead of just using arm and shoulder strength to snap that elbow, I now pivot on a foot to throw my entire body weight into that elbow to make up for my lost strength and still blow that elbow out.

You use everything you learn to adapt and improvise to make what the average men use work for you. You have to use your brain more because you have less brawn.

The woman carries a valuable asset called a purse and she needs to keep a small handful of weapons in a side pocket she can quickly and easily access without having to dig around in the purse. She needs to carry the weapons and ONLY the weapons in that pocket. She should carry a gun, 40 or 45 caliber, forget the "lady's gun unless you plan on being attacked by a lady, and a 4' to 6' dagger that will cut both ways. She needs to know how to use them and be willing to kill to survive. She needs to know how to fight with and against other weapons also.

It is important to note that hands and feet can be very deadly weapons, if you know how to use them, and they have killed thousands of people. If you learn to use your hands and feet as deadly weapons, you will never be unarmed.

You can forget all of the silly crap you have seen x-spurts on TV tell you about, like using your keys to defend yourself, which just cause women to have a false sense of security and not learn and get real security. Forget those silly keys, I am street, I will take those keys away from you and stuff them up your butt.

I know what the business end of a switch blade looks like and you think I am afraid of keys?

Suddenly, those x-spurts don't sound so smart.

Think about it, I.AM.STREET! and you better learn what that means. It is like I keep telling you, if you believe just 10% of the crap you see on TV, you are grossly miss informed.

If some thug is afraid of your keys, a rat tail comb, or your hair spray, HE.AIN'T.STREET.BABY!

Street fights with knives, baseball bats, pipe, chains, and guns and you think street is going to be afraid of some crap in your purse?

A Queensbury warrior might be afraid of the crap in your purse but not street. You better go out with real weapons and not purse crap. If you pull purse crap on me, I will laugh at you just before I kill you.

The reason the liberal media teach you that crap is to give you a false sense of security so you won't get a gun and a knife and learn to use them and you won't learn to fight. They don't care if you get killed; just don't get a gun or knife or learn to defend yourself. The liberals want you completely at the mercy of their thugs, who are RIGHT NOW waging war against you.

Do you really think they want you to be able to defend yourself against their liberal commie traitor thugs? Why do you think they keep trying to take guns away from you?

LEARN TO FIGHT AND LEARN TO FIGHT MEAN. You are the runt, learn street smarts, learn to use and carry weapons, and learn to be a weapon just in case you can't get one out in time AND be willing to kill to stay alive. Be a better street than street.

Ladies, if they kill you, who is going to protect your children from them?

Use common sense or street smarts and stay alive for your family.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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