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I feel a need to share with you some more details for fighting in order to press home the very crucial and potentially lifesaving fact that you cannot stop fighting in a street fight until the other person cannot fight any longer, even if they are mortally wounded. I am not writing this just to be gory, even though this must be gory to properly teach the science of fighting and killing.

I will use science to share some information with you and you will get a tiny glimpse of the simple scientific fact, denied by the God haters, that evolution simply can't be true and is nothing more than a pagan fairy tale.

The design of the human body is brilliant and there is no way all of this extreme complexity and efficiency just accidentally happened. You never see accidents create such complexity and efficiency. Accidents always create chaos and destroy order.

If you study kinesiology, you will find that the human body is designed and built using opposing muscle groups and this is very important to understand for fighting. Most people only understand that muscles provide you with locomotion, they cause you to move. Muscles also protect your joints from injury by using a localized nervous system called the muscle spindle. The muscle spindle is contained and functions within the muscles so that any sudden stress applied to a muscle across a joint will activate the muscle spindle causing the muscle to contract to protect that joint. This is what a doctor is testing when they hit your knee with the tiny hammer and it is called reflex reaction.

A great example is the elbow joint, which is protected in the front from hyper extension by the bicep muscle in the front of the arm and from hypo extension by the triceps muscle in the back of the arm.

If you suddenly get a large resistance like a weight dropped on your forearm or hand, the sudden downward movement of the forearm against your bicep will stimulate the muscle spindle in the bicep causing the bicep to contract hard to protect the elbow joint from hyper extension and injury.

Every joint in your body is protected by two or more muscles or groups of muscles. You have to understand that your backbone is really nothing more than a series of bones separated by a series of joins with nerves running through it. Every vertebra is a bone and the spaces between them are joints. There is a complex of muscles supporting and controlling your backbone but all you need to know for this essay is about the front and back opposing muscle groups.

The muscles in your back pull your torso and head back while the muscles in the front pull your torso and head forwards. It is the coordinated use of these muscles that permits you to be upright and control your movements but they also provide protection to prevent injury to your backbone joints caused by excessive movement.

Looking just at the neck, the muscles in the back prevent your neck from being bent too far forward causing your neck to break, severing the spinal cord killing you and the muscles in the front prevent your neck from bending too far backwards causing your neck to break, severing the spinal cord killing you.

Now, sufficient force, such as striking someone in the face with a hand, foot, or club, can overcome the muscles protecting the neck from bending too far back, break the neck, sever the spinal cord, and kill you. This is commonly used in martial arts and combat to kill people.

If you remove the protection provided by the throat muscles by slitting the person's throat, you can much more easily force their head back far enough to break their neck and kill them with a fraction of the force required to kill them with those muscles intact.

Knowing all of this, you also need to know that, when you slit someone's throat, they don't die instantly unless you cut deep enough to sever the spinal cord, which can be done with a sword but is difficult to do with just a knife in one cut. They are dead, they just have not finished kicking yet. In the approximately one minute it will take that person to bleed out and finish dying, they can kill you and several other people, especially if they are a hardened street fighter or combat veteran.

Therefore, you can't stop fighting the person just because you mortally wounded the person by slitting their throat but, if you follow the throat slitting with a hard punch to the face, it will break their neck killing them instantly AND since their throat has been slit and their neck is no longer protected by the throat muscles, it will require less force to break their neck so just a hard hit will quickly finish the fight saving your life.

You need to know that causing such an injury will almost decapitate them so that their head will only remain connected to the body by the muscles at the back of their neck. You also need to know that, when you slit the throat, you will be hit in the face by a sudden spray of hot blood and, when you break their neck causing their head to fold over backwards, you will open a veritable fountain of blood briefly spraying everywhere AND you cannot permit this sudden contact of hot blood to cause you to blink or hesitate or you could be killed by someone else before you can get your head back in the fight.

Now, if this blood also hits other bad guys the person you just killed is with, it can cause those bad guys to hesitate providing you with valuable seconds of free fighting to also kill them. If you see in their face or movements that they have blinked, attack hard and fast to kill them before they can get their head back in the fight.

You see that there is a huge amount of psychology and knowledge involved in street fighting and surviving.

Now, if you gut someone by horizontally slicing deep across their abs, they can take up to 4 hours to die and kill quite a few people before they stop kicking. If, after gutting them, you strike them hard in the chest, it will break their back in the area of the knife wound but all that will do is cripple their legs and cause them to fall down and they will still have use of their arms and hands. If they have a weapon that can reach you like a gun or grenade, they can still kill you even though mortally wounded and crippled. Therefore, you must continue fighting them until they no longer pose a threat to you by shooting them or following them to the ground to finish them off with the knife or your hands and feet. You have to "finish the fight". Street fighting is NOTHING like you see in the movies or on TV; it is extremely violent, brutal, and ruthless and cops have to deal with it every day. Be nice to cops; they fight the bad guys so you don't have to.

You need to know that, when you gut that person, blood and intestines will jump out at you and when you break their back, causing their upper torso to bend over backwards, everything inside them will jump out at you but you still have to keep fighting to survive.

I have told you before that killing with cold steel is a very messy business. You have to create a human mess and then wallow in it to continue fighting for your life or you die. You need to know this before you ever pull that knife out to fight. It is going to get very messy to stay alive and you cannot let that cause you to hesitate or you can die along with those you will probably be protecting.

There is nothing pleasant about street fighting or killing people, it is just sometimes necessary and, with this war against terror now in our countries, more of you will get first hand experience. You can thank a liberal for that.

The crucial point here is that you CANNOT stop fighting just because you have mortally wounded someone. You have to continue to fight until they have stopped kicking. You have to finish the fight or die. This is especially true with hardened street fighters or combat veterans who know they are mortally wounded, they have nothing left to lose, become angry, and decide to drag your butt to the grave with them. Those are the most dangerous people in a fight and you must finish them off before they can kill you.

You can also use the knowledge about the muscle spindle in other ways because the muscle spindle, if activated wrong, can cause damage and even break bones by causing the muscles to contract too hard.

For example, I have seen people so tough and mean, you can kick them in the groin all day long and they won't even hesitate at pounding on you. If you strike the inside of their upper thigh of a leg they have weight on in an outward direction with your foot hard enough, it will cause the head or ball of the femur to move outside of the pelvis socket just enough to be able to be dislocated. This sudden movement out of joint will cause the muscle spindles for the muscles connected between the pelvis and femur to contract those muscles hard enough to pull the ball of the femur up and out of that socket into the supporting muscles causing significant damage. No one is going to stand on that dislocated leg and pound on you.

Another thing which can help you in a fight is to know that the knees have a particular weakness you can use to cripple someone. Knee injuries are one of the most common injuries in American football because knees are weak laterally. Front to back, they are very strong but side-to-side they are very weak. Knees are regularly destroyed in football by someone hitting a knee on the side while the person has their weight on that leg.

If you are in a fight and see a person has their weight on a knee and you strike that knee with your foot or even hand, you will blow out their knee crippling them because they won't be able to stand on that leg. If this is just a one-on-one fight on the street, you may have to continue fighting them, if they pose a threat to you, but you may also be able to just walk away.

In a fight, people are going to attack you with their hands, arms, legs, and feet. If you learn to destroy those things, you can quickly end the fight but there are limitations. For example, if you bust both of their arms, they can still stand, run, and kill you with their feet so you must either get away or keep fighting. If you cripple both legs, they can't stand and chase you but you can't outrun a bullet either and they can still shoot you.

Understanding the structure, function, and weaknesses of the human body can be a very valuable weapon in a street fight and save your life. Always remember that you must cripple or kill them before they can cripple or kill you, no matter how many of them there are.

Understanding the human mind helps a lot too because fighting attitude is the single most important tool in fighting. Bad guys gain mental strength in numbers so that, if there are more of them than you, they suddenly feel brave enough to fight you, unless you quickly take down their one or two best fighters, then they suddenly remember they have an important and urgent commitment elsewhere.

You have to understand that most, not all, bad guys run in groups because they are cowards who are afraid to fight one-on-one. Without their friends, most will gladly permit you to talk them out of fighting you, if they perceive you are a good fighter.

You need to know that, when a Muslim terrorist comes there to die murdering you, believing they will get eternal paradise, you are going to have to fight. You cannot talk them out of it because you cannot offer them anything better than eternal paradise. It does not matter whether or not they are going to actually get paradise, all that matters is that they BELIEVE they are going to get it.

Also, most, not all, guys who act, dress, talk, and other wise present themselves as tough, are very insecure and scared people who are bluffing to scare off other people so they don't have to fight them. They will shave their heads, wear tattoos, and other things to scare other people off. Most of them, not all of them, if you call their bluff, they run, especially the liberal mama's boys who put on a tough guy show to impress other candy butt liberals.

The quiet people are the ones you need to be most concerned about because they don't feel a need to scare anyone off for very good reasons.

There are two basic reactions to confronting two or more bad guys when you are alone or significantly out numbered. Most people become mentally overwhelmed because they take the attitude that "wow, there are four of them", they hesitate, begin fighting defensively, and will lose the fight, sometimes being kill. A few people take the attitude that there are "only four of them, after all, it could be worse, there could be 40 or 400 but there aren't, there are only 4 of them" , don't hesitate, fight offensively, and do what they have to in order to win the fight. People are often amazed by such fighters but it is mostly attitude that wins the fight plus using such things as tactics for fighting groups of people, some of which I shared in my last essay.

A basic rule for street fighting is that, if you are going to die, die fighting and not cowering. Drag as many of them to the grave with you as you can and let no one get away with murdering you. Hold them accountable for their actions, right here and right now. Break everything you touch and touch everything you can. Staying alive, staying alive, ooo, ooo, ooo, staying alive.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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