Survival 3

With the continuing terrorist attacks, I want to share more about self defense against such animals. This starts out with someone making a comment about not wearing ponytails because bad people can grab them and my response as follows.

The other person: "Don't wear a ponytail because they can grab it and use it to control you."

Me: If anyone grabs you by your ponytail, take your arm that is closest to them, wrap it up over and around their arm locking it behind their elbow and quickly turn away from them. It will force their hand against the back of your head so they can't pull on your ponytail while either blowing out their elbow or slamming their head into the ground. If their face is stuck in the ground and they won't let go of the ponytail, just keep applying pressure to the back of their elbow while listening for the snap, crackle, and pop. They'll let go.

Let me give you a few other short pointers for street fighting where martial arts fall short because they teach you to fight by the Queens Berry Rules and be a nice guy which absolutely will get you killed in fighting real street and terrorists.

For example, on the hip throw taught in Judo and Jujitsu, they teach you to be a nice guy, pull the bad guy through so that you slam their back against the ground to knock the wind out of them and follow that with a knee to the stomach to make sure you knocked the wind out of them without causing any significant permanent damage, though there are some follow up moves.

That is really great unless you are fighting street (what we called street fighters) and terrorists. As soon as they get their wind back, they are back in the fight and that is particularly bad when fighting two or more bad guys because the recovered bad guy will probably attack you from behind while you are fighting someone else.

You want to permanently put everyone out of the fight as fast as you can, so, when fighting street or terrorists and doing a hip throw, you do not pull them through. You pile drive their heads into the ground as hard as you can to break their necks and cave in their skulls to put them out of the fight for keeps so they can't attack you from behind later.

There are several moves in Aikido which are really great for countering moves against you but you are taught to do those moves so the people can safely roll. Not on street. For example, if someone grabs my beard or throat with their right hand, I reach my right hand over the top of their hand grabbing their hand on the bottom while placing my left hand against their elbow then rotate their wrist and push up on their elbow to throw them to the ground in such a way they can safely roll.

No, as you force them down, take their arm closer to the ground so they can't roll and you will drive their head or face into the ground and then you break their arm putting them permanently out of the fight with one move.

Basically, you break everything you touch the first time you touch it and touch everything you can as fast as you can. When fighting street or terrorists (real bad guys), you are mean, you are ruthless, you destroy or you will be destroyed.

When studying martial arts and self defense classes, you look for ways to modify the nice guy moves you are taught to destroy as much as you can with one move in order to permanently put the bad guy out of the fight with each move. Nice guys die on the street. I saw too many carried out of those neighborhoods under sheets.

Rule 1: When the fight starts, make sure you are the meanest one there.

There is no such thing as cheating in street fighting, there is only staying alive. I will bite your nose, cheeks, lips off your face, I will bite a man's testicals off, I will do what is necessary to survive. I fight street and the only clean fight is the one in which I walk away clean of any injuries.

When fighting street or terrorists, your motto should be: If you mess with me, I mess back, I mess better, I mess last, don't mess with me.

MMA is about as close as you can get to true street fighting but is not as bad as true street fighting because they have rules limiting what you can do. You are not permitted to try to cripple or kill in MMA.

In street fighting, your opponents are TRYING to cripple or kill you and you better be trying to cripple or kill them, therefore, the only rule in street fighting is survival.

Staying alive, staying alive, ooo, ooo, ooo, staying alive...

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. They found out that Muslim women in Israel stalk Jews looking for targets for the Muslim men. You can bet they will do the same thing here. If you notice anyone following you, including Muslim women, make a few changes in direction to make sure whether they are following you while looking for an ambush and, if they are following you, get out of there and call the cops.

If you do get caught in an ambush, the standard military response is to turn and fight your way through one side to get all of the enemy on the same side of you and then turn back and destroy the enemy. You should do the same thing but, when you get out of the ambush and have everyone on the same side of you, use the tactics I explained in earlier essays for fighting two or more bad guys or, if you can, run.

If you get cornered in a situation where they form a line across the only out, the standard military response is to attack a flank, turn and "roll up the line" or fight down their line crippling or killing everyone or,if you can, run. You should do this to help keep from having to fight more than one or two bad guys at one time. If you attack directly into the middle of the line, you will have to fight them all at one time.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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