The Swamp

Let's talk about the real swamp and why it is such a monumental uphill battle for Trump and his people, if they really intend to drain the swamp. The swamp is huge beyond imagination and full of vile critters and monsters you can't even begin to imagine. I am going to share things with you I have learned over more than half a century but could do nothing about except spread the word by teaching to make others aware of the problem and this essay will just be the nutshell version. I could probably write at least one book on this.

I am hearing rumors and waiting for confirmation on those rumors that Trump has turned law enforcement, especially the FBI, loose to investigate and go after members of the upper class trash, including members of Congress, for their crimes, especially pedophilia. If this is true, it is monumentally huge and, if all you learn is a little of the truth, it will be mind boggling. You are about to learn the ugly truth about paganism and why the Christians fought so hard and long to suppress it. When you finally learn the ugly truth, you will too.

From what I have heard and am waiting confirmation on, the FBI has stated that for just the crime of pedophilia, 1 in 3 members of Congress or about 200 members of Congress are involved and you can bet that is a conservative estimate. That does not also include for other crimes like drug trafficking, human trafficking, taking bribes, murder, treason, sabotage, and other crimes. It is probably also at least as bad among our top level bureaucrats.

A huge part of the problem Trump is facing in this is that almost all of the liberal judges and DAs are also involved so it will be a monumental task to get these criminals to trial and convicted. The liberals have thoroughly infiltrated every part of our government including the legal system.

To achieve this, the FBI MUST also investigate all liberal judges and DAs to get them out of the way for fair and honest trials. Get it straight that pedophile judges and DAs WILL NOT prosecute other members of the upper class trash for the same crimes they are also committing, especially if those judges and DAs committed those crimes with the people being tried.

God has taken me a lot of places and shown me a lot of things over the last 60+ years which have caused me to realize just how corrupt our government really is. When JFK was murdered, it became very obvious that our government was involved and it was just a lie about the Ruskies had an American commie traitor murder him. JFK and his brother, Bobby, were working together to clean up the corruption in the US government when JFK and, later, Bobby were both murdered. Gee, what a coincidence.

JFK was murdered by a US commie and Bobby was later murdered by a Muslim telling me that the upper class trash were already in bed with the Muslims back in the 1960s.

As I studied these things, God showed me other things to give me the big picture. Over the decades, I have seen interviews with law enforcement and had friends in law enforcement who all said the same things. They all said they could easily clean up such things as drugs, pedophilia, human trafficking, prostitution, government corruption, and other such crimes within just a few years but that every time they started investigating these criminal activities, members of the upper class trash pulled strings in the government and their puppets, the mayors, governors, police chiefs, presidents, DOJ, and others, shut down the investigations. The good members of law enforcement are not permitted to thoroughly investigate the crimes being committed in this nation. They are only permitted to investigate the criminal activity at the lower levels and take down the lower level criminals and even then they are limited in what they can do. Rarely do they get to investigate the upper class trash and that is usually because someone got tossed under a bus to get rid of them.

This is because the upper class trash, the corrupt members of the upper class, are involved in these things in more than one way, almost always making money from these things and even also participating in them.

I remember Ted Kennedy on a crusade to legalize pot until his 9 year old son got caught with a brick of pot, for which no one went to jail.

Gee, you don't think the upper class trash are above the law because the legal system is corrupt, do you?

Suddenly, he shut up but continued his crusade behind the scenes or behind closed doors. Teddy boy also supported staying in and "winning" the Vietnam War and then I found out he was making huge amounts of money off of the Vietnam War and didn't really want it to end by winning it. LBJ escalated the Vietnam War to where we had more than 500,000 troops in Vietnam and increased his personal fortune by more than 10 times by selling the military the trucks and jeeps that were used in the Vietnam War and on and on and on.

That was just in the 1960s and it is much worse today.

One thing I have learned is that the only people who go on crusades to get things like drugs and pedophilia legalized are the people who are either making money from those things and/or involved in doing those things. That is normal human behavior because it is not normal for humans to go on time, money, and energy consuming crusades that are not very personal to them.

Oh gee, did that turn on a light bulb or two?

Therefore, know that, when you see people crusading to legalize a crime, know that they are committing that crime. They want to legalize it so that, if they get caught, they don't have to worry about going to jail.

Also know that, when you see people protesting the death penalty, they are doing something which should require the death penalty. They are trying to do away with the death penalty, not because it is "inhumane", but because they don't want to have to worry about being put to death in the event they are caught committing their crimes.

Also know that most of those protestors are paid by rich people committing those crimes to protest to protect those upper class trash committing those crimes by legalizing the crimes or doing away with the death penalty. This is all because people only crusade or pay others to crusade for things in which those people have a personal invested interest. That is normal human behavior.

That should tell you just how extensive the corruption is. Easily, 20% of our government (the FBI says 1 in 3 or 33%), the upper class trash, the media, Hollywood, our primary and secondary educators, and many others, mostly liberals or Libertarians, should go to prison or be hung or shot for their crimes.

Please note that it is almost always the liberals and Libertarians who are trying to get crimes legalized. Also note that the crimes the media are making you aware of are just a tiny part of the tip of the iceberg because most crimes being committed by them and their puppet masters are being covered up by them. They don't even come close to telling you the ugly truth about everything they are doing.

What, do you expect these criminals to publically confess to all of their crimes?

If just 20% of the US population are liberals, that is 60 million people, and, if just 50% of them are committing one or more of these crimes, that is still 30 million criminals who can vote and guess who they are going to vote for.

Other criminals like them?

Of course. That is normal human behavior. They are not going to vote for law abiding citizens who will throw them in jail or execute them for their crimes.

And remember that according to the FBI, that is a very conservative estimate.

How is that democracy thingy doing? Ready for a true Biblical Christian theocracy yet? Gee, I wonder why the liberals have taught you to worship the false pagan god, democracy?

No I don't, I know why. It is only with democracy that the criminals can vote other criminals into office who will legalize their crimes by using common law instead of using Biblical Law, which will execute them.

Get the picture yet? Gee, you think that is why liberals hate and teach the hate of God, the Bible, Christians, and Jews?

Note that they don't teach you to hate liberal or Satanic Christians and Jews, just the conservative ones, who live by the Bible.

You need to know that, if the FBI really does go after and begin to prosecute the liberal criminals, you will only see a tiny part of the horrific crimes they are committing. Even with that, good people will be horrified by the extent of their criminal activity.

How big is the swamp?

As of 2015, there were about 22 million federal, state, and local government employees. If just 20% of them are liberals, that is more than 4 million liberal government employees. If just 50% of those liberals are corrupt, that is more than 2 million criminals infiltrated into and running every aspect of our government. That does not include the upper class trash, which includes a huge number because they all have large families, or the non government civilians who are the paid protestors and other liberal minions. I believe it is very safe and conservative to say there are anywhere from 30 million to more than 50 million liberal criminals in this country who can vote, which is why the liberal upper class trash are doing so well and have so much power. It should just be common sense that the upper class trash criminals could not have possibly done so well and caused so much harm with less than that many liberal criminals in this nation.

So you see, the real swamp is MASSIVE and not just a handful of government officials, which is why you have to bring back the death penalty and get rid of at least the worst of them because you can't put and keep that many people in prison and, if you don't get rid of them some way, they have already proved they will just regroup, reorganize, and start their evil all over again. You can't just let tens of millions of evil criminals run free within your nation without them doing massive amounts of damage and causing massive amounts of harm to good people and a big part of the problem is that too many good people will not permit the execution of tens of millions of criminals regardless of the crimes they have committed UNLESS those crimes become personal to those people.

So God permits the criminals to get away with their crimes until enough of those crimes become personal enough to enough of the good people for the good people to support executing tens of millions of criminals. God lets the criminals get away with their crimes because you let the criminals get away with their crimes.

So, if Trump can drain even just a significant portion of the swamp, it will be a good thing but the swamp will still exist, be very massive, and be inhabited by millions of monsters. Only God or people being used by God can really drain the swamp so keep praying.

If Trump really is trying to drain the swamp, it will take years and millions, if not tens of millions, of people will have to go to prison or be executed to effectively begin to drain the swamp. This is not something that will happen over night or in just a year or two. This is going to require a massive number of trials with the law exposing massive amounts of information about massive numbers of horrific crimes and you can bet the weaker people will want to stop it before the job gets done. There will have to be huge numbers of corrupt judges and DAs being prosecuted for horrific crimes, there will be protests and riots in the streets paid for and organized by the upper class trash UNLESS the law enforcement quickly seize the wealth of those people as soon as they are arrested.

This will get much worse before it can get better so keep praying because we really need it just to survive. The liberal pagan beast grew really big while we slept. It is time to wake up and fight the beast.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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