Syria 3

This thing in Syria is getting out of hand quickly. This very big mistake is being justified because we have an arrogant, narcissistic leader who has a big mouth and not enough brains to control that mouth. The idiot in chief said some things he should not have said, arrogantly thinking that because he, the President of the US, said those things, others would run and cower in fear. The idiot is finding out that people are not as afraid of him now largely because he and his fellow liberals have all but destroyed the US military he is stupidly trying to use as a bully club.

Of course, the lesson here is that you can't destroy your bully club AND still use it as a bully club. As I told you before, the idiot upper class trash didn't think that, after they destroyed their bully club (the US and European militaries), most of the world leaders would decide they no longer want to do what the Euro-American upper class trash have been bullying those leaders to do. Not quite as smart as they think they are, are they?

So here we have a seriously degraded US military getting ready to defend the arrogant, narcissistic childish ego of our spoiled two year old child president. Some of the top US military officers have openly said our military simply cannot survive this action because they are broke (almost one trillion dollars have been cut from the US military budget by the power mad lefties to prevent the military from stopping the lefty political coup of the US) but the military is being forced to do this action anyway. Insanity reigns supreme at the highest levels.

What we have here is a bunch of power mad, raving lunatic upper class trash traitors who are moving to use our devastated military as a bully club one more time to make an example of Assad in order to intimidate the other wayward world leaders back in line not thinking about what will continue to keep those other leaders in line when our military implodes because of the damage done by those same upper class trash traitors, that the rest of the world now realizes the US military is barely surviving right now, and that those same leaders will soon be cut loose to do as they wish when we fail in Syria. The great Euro-American bully club is dead and the upper class trash no longer have it to bully the rest of the world into going along with the upper class trash's global plans. You can bet Russia knows about it, especially since they have Snowden.

Add to this that those same upper class trash idiots want to provide more training to the terrorist who are currently also waging war against the West. That level of stupidity hurts my brain. We provided Al Quaeda and other terrorist organizations training and weapons to help them defeat Russia in Afghanistan, those terrorist groups then turned around and thanked us by attacking us, and we are giving them more weapons and training? :-O If the upper class trash really are the smartest of us, then we are a doomed species. There is no hope for us.

Then we have the military game which is being played in the Mediterranean Sea. The US is building a large US Naval force which is clearly designed to invade and conquer Syria with several amphibious landing ships for landing troops and an opposing Russian Naval force is being built between the US Naval force and Syria with even more (about twice as many) amphibious landing ships for landing even more troops. This is not looking good folks.

Imagine this; with a Russian Naval force between the US Naval force and Syria, the US Naval force starts firing missiles at Syria which must go past the Russian ships to reach Syria. The Russian ships MUST assume that at least some of those missiles are meant for the Russian ships, after all, they are heading towards the Russian ships, which would be an act of war, and must act accordingly. The Russian ships must quickly act (they won't have weeks to debate it) to shoot down those missiles before the missiles can reach the Russian ships and will probably also simultaneously decide to share a few of their missiles with the US ships, with the fuses lit, of course.

Even if the Russians don't fire any missiles at the US ships, the missiles they fire at the US missiles will be heading towards the US ships because the US missiles will be coming from the US ships. (Get the picture?) The US ships will have very little time to decider whether to return fire against the Russian ships. (Blink, blink, blink; light bulbs turning on.) And these are not small fleets and are getting larger by the day.

Then we have a Russian mystery ship in route to Syria with a "special cargo". That doesn't sound too good either. Putin is not bluffing or is extremely good at bluffing. When you connect all of the dots like Putin having Snowden, China and Russia saying they can defeat the US in an all out war after getting classified intel from Snowden, Russia standing up for an ally the way the West would stand up for one of their allies, and such, it doesn't look too much like a bluff. It looks like Putin is calling Obama's bluff and Obama is stupid enough to force the bluff to save his own arrogant childish pride at our expense.

It is also critical to remember that it was stated by the US Pentagon a few years ago that the US military had been degraded to a one front force, meaning they could only fight one war or front at a time, and our military has been considerably degraded since so that we could not possibly have even a one front force against Russia, must less Russia and China. Don't be surprised that, if shooting starts between the US and Russia, China jumps in very quickly on the side of Russia. Remember that China and Russia signed a common defense treaty a few years ago which would require China to come to the aid of Russia in the event Russia is attacked. Oops!

I think I told you this is not looking good. And all of this to help Al Quaeda and other terrorist organizations overthrow Assad at the expense of US troops? Could it be that the upper class trash have been inbreeding too long? Fortunately, we still have God. Man plans, God laughs.

I do realize that the upper class trash traitors may be starting WWIII to finish off the seriously degraded US military so they can more easily and safely seize control of our country. That is another thought.

Since it is clear the idiots are running this country, you might kind of want to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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