Terrorist DA's

I have been noticing that American DA's are increasingly going after our troops in Iraq to prosecute them for murder and manslaughter. Again and again they get no convictions but the charges keep piling on against our troops. Our troops serve their country fighting the terrorists at risk of their lives to protect YOU only to come home to false charges for manslaughter and murder by US DA's. What the DA's are doing is to terrorize our troops into not fighting or not fighting as hard so the troops can't win against the terrorists.

In my opinion, this is nothing more than the DA's abusing their power in repeated acts of terrorism against our troops. These people are monsters and political hacks abusing their power against our troops to help their party win elections because the liberals can't win elections without committing acts of treason against our troops. These monsters need to be stopped and the only people who can stop them are YOU, the American people.

You need to identify these people and stage a massive PR campaign against them to get them voted out of office everywhere. You need to be so relentless in your efforts that you literally destroy their careers. That is the only way you can stop these beasts or parasites eating at our troops hearts.

Our troops are taking a stand for you and dying in combat. Now you must take a stand for them and fight off the monsters at home who are committing acts of terror against our troops. How can our troops continue to fight for you when they are being terrorized by our DA's here in the states? You must start voting these jerks out of office and ruining their political careers.

Think about it; why did you vote these people into office? So they could abuse their powers to go after innocent people? Or did you vote them into office to go after real criminals? These monsters are not doing their jobs and are abusing their power and using your tax dollars to terrorize our troops. YOU MUST STOP THEM, NOW!!!!

In my opinion, every one of these jerks should be investigated and tried for treason. They are doing their best to help our enemy in a time of war fighting against our troops by terrorizing our troops. That is aiding and abetting the enemy which is treason.

What are you going to do about it? Just sit on your butt and watch them terrorize our troops?
Our troops are standing up and fighting for YOU; YOU must stand up and fight for them!!!

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