Terrorists Winning?

I pose the question, "Are the terrorists winning this war?" It is beginning to look really bad for the west and freedom. When the west forced Israel to pull out of parts of Lebanon which was being used as a buffer for Jews in northern Israel from terrorists attacks a few years ago, the terrorists celebrated claiming a victory over Israel saying that their terrorism had worked and was forcing Israel to retreat. This quickly emboldened the terrorists to continue their horrible activities and increased the number of Muslims willing to fight and die against Israel.

Today we are watching Israel retreat from Gaza because the west has pressured them to leave with the Jews loosing their homes and land so the west can have oil at lower prices from the Muslims. Again, we are seeing the terrorists celebrate their "victory" over the Jews claiming and believing their terrorists activities are winning the war. Based on past performance, it is only logical to see this actually cause an increase in terrorist activities because they believe their terrorism is winning.

Osama Ben Ladden stated before and after he attacked the US that he believed that the majority of western world people are such cowards that we will not fight or fight long enough to defeat them. Now we are watching the liberal media and politicians turning the people against the war in Iraq with increasing cries for us to cut and run from the terrorists our troops are fighting in Iraq.

This is after Spain has already run from the terrorists thinking they could hide in their country from the terrorists only to find out that their fear and flight has emboldened the terrorists to follow them to their country and continue their war of terror in Spain. Now Spain finds itself fighting more and more terrorists in Spain because the terrorists believe that Spain ran because most of them are cowards who will give in to more terrorism. Their problem only got worse because of their flight instead of better.

This is in spite of the fact that our military has stated that one of the reasons we have not had any more attacks in the US is because the terrorists have had to pull forces from the west to fight for and protect the countries providing their support, training, and safe harbor from the west. If we flee from the terrorists in Iraq, it will only embolden those and other terrorists to follow our troops to the US and continue their war. It will also free up all of those terrorists to attack the US and its other internationally located properties and citizens.

Another thing running from the terrorists will do is to make it impossible for our government to send troops into the remaining countries supporting the terrorists. This will provide the terrorists with countries which can harbor, train, finance, and equip terrorists with impunity because they will know that we are too cowardly to send troops into those countries and clean out the terrorist rats nests. With this, they will be able to hide, train, plan, and attack countries in the west with impunity forever forcing us to live in terror forever. Yet, I keep seeing signs that more and more people are blindly permitting the lies and propaganda of the liberal media and politicians to turn them against the war and to demanding we cut and run from fighting the terrorists.

So, was Osama right that most westerners or too cowardly to fight or such fools that they are too stupid to know when to fight? I hope not but I am beginning to wonder as I watch our media and the rest of the liberals help the terrorists win the war.

My prediction on this? If we cut and run from the terrorists in Iraq, there will be huge celebrations in every Muslim country with millions of Muslims being emboldened to wage war against the US, especially from within the US. We will see a blood bath in the US that will make 9/11 look like nothing until either we fight back or give in to the terrorists permitting them to dictate doctrine to the US and the rest of the west. The blood bath taking place in the Muslim countries will move to the US and intensify by many fold with at least hundreds of thousands dying and millions being injured.

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