I have taught you before that God does things for more than one reason, usually quite a few reasons. His reasons vary whether you are looking at the macro or big picture for a group of people effected and micro or small picture for each individual effected. I also taught you that God tells us that life is a test and, at the same time, a series of lessons to help us grow and become better people with God teaching different groups and individuals different things. I have also taught you that God uses things to punish us when we turn from God and His Law and do things which are wrong, holding us accountable for our actions and driving us back to the protection of His Law.

This crisis we are currently in and which is getting much worse quickly to the point things have gotten almost completely out of control, is our punishment with us being held accountable for our actions, is a test, and a learning opportunity we don't want but we deserve and need. These punishments, tests, and lessons will be both at the group level and at the individual level and they are getting more intense with time.

Some of us have already passed the most important test, which is to turn back to God and His Laws, and are now being tested repeatedly and intensely by the scary things which are being thrown at us. The test is "will you worry about and try to solve things which none of us can solve, but most think they can, and we will all at least try to solve those problems or will we do our best and leave the rest to God?"

That is a very difficult test, especially when you get bombarded by one threat after another. These times are very uncertain and very scary for everyone who is paying attention. Some people, especially liberals, fail this test because it is test overload and they don't want to be bothered with another scary thing so they just try to ignore it hoping it will go away, pretending it isn't real. This is absolutely the wrong thing to do because these tests never go away without you at least trying your best and leaving the rest to God in prayer. A lot of liberal Christians fail this test by not trying to do their best and just leaving it all to God in prayer. They always pay the same price as the people who just try to ignore it, they get run over by a huge truck.

God adds to your efforts enough miracles to help your efforts succeed. If you decide you want to just sit on your butt ignoring the crisis, God will either use bad things happening in your life to drive you up off your butt and to fighting or just let you die.

The sooner enough of us pass these tests, the sooner our punishment and the tests will stop and we can start the hard work of building a new nation. You better believe we will have to build a new nation because when Obama declares martial law, most of the states in the US will secede from the US to keep from becoming a Muslim dictator's slaves and to form a new nation leaving only a few of the states in the old and now communist but soon to become Muslim nation.

One of the things you need to understand is that our government problem isn't just an all or nothing issue. The people in our government are not all bad people and they are not all good. There are plenty of bad people in every part of our government, including the military and law enforcement, but there are also plenty of good people. The evidence has to be looked for but is increasingly there. I already told you that one of the proofs that most of the people in our military are good people is that Obama and the lefties are tearing down our military because they are afraid of it stopping their criminal actions. If those criminals were not afraid of our military, they would be building it up, not tearing it down. Another proof is the increasing numbers of whistle blowers in our government, especially in spite of the fact that the lefties keep breaking the law by punishing whistle blowers.

When the evil criminals in our government get to where their actions are bad enough, don't be surprised to see entire groups of good people in all government agencies standing up against the bad guys. When things reach their worst, don't be surprised to see gun fights break out between the good guys and bad guys in our government, especially in all armed agencies including the military and law enforcement. The good guys will only go along with the bad guys, following bad orders, so far before they revolt and we are rapidly approaching that threshold because we are seeing increasing numbers of whistle blowers. The whistle blowers are trying to prevent the shooting by stopping the criminals actions before those actions force gun fights. When the whistle blowers fail and there are no other options, the gun fights will start.

Everyone keeps worrying about the government arming government agencies and people who really don't need to be armed with huge stores of weapons. What they and most of you don't realize is that the criminals are not just arming the bad people in those government agencies, they are also arming the good people in those government agencies.

Oops, another brilliant plan by the lefties gone wrong. Man plans, God laughs.

A great example of this was the US Civil War in the mid 1800s. Our entire government, especially the military, split between north and south with many of our best going both ways and fighting each other, former comrads in arms.

In this civil war, the fight won't be between north and south or east and west, it will be between good and bad so that every city, county, state, and the federal government will split into good and evil forces with the fighting quickly breaking out every where. There will quickly develop fighting between the good and evil forces in all government agencies including the military, police, county sheriff, FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, and all other government agencies.

Our government employees are now increasingly being subjected to the test of whether they will rebel against the bad people in our government and choose good or will chose to go along with the other evil people in our government. Many will pass the test and many will fail so there will be fighting within all government agencies between those two groups. It is even increasingly possible that the first shots fired will be government agents rebelling before the civilians do but, at the very least, right after the civilians rebel.

Everyone wrongly believes that all government people are bad guys who will blindly obey orders to murder good people. Our government employees are people and there are good people and bad people. Just like in the US Civil War, the people in our government will chose sides between good and evil. Don't be surprised that there are more quiet good people than noisy bad people. You just notice the bad people more because they insist on causing trouble for others. You can bet that most of the good people know who each other are because birds of the feather flock together and they know the plans of the bad people. At this time, it is less likely the bad people know who all of the good people are because, right now, most of the good people are not standing up and protesting the government abuses. But you can bet all of the good people know who all of the bad people are because the bad people are noisy bullies and making it obvious who they are.

Therefore, when the fighting starts, it will rip our country apart at the seems including every aspect of our government. There won't be an effective nation left standing, especially with the rampant secessions. We will be left with two nations trying to rebuild and start over. One very small conquered communist/Muslim, pagan USA and a much larger and new Christian theocracy getting back to the basics on which the US was originally founded, Christianity. We tried it both the Christian way and the pagan. The Christian way created the greatest nation in the history of the world but the pagan way has not worked very well, it destroyed the greatest nation in the history of the world. It is time to go back to the Christian way in a really big way to have an even better nation.

Here is praying we pass this test quickly and get it over with so we can move on to building a new and better nation.

Here is a little lesson in life I will share with you. God permits us to make mistakes in life to teach us and test us as to whether we will turn to Him for guidance and to help us solve those problems we cause in our lives.

With all of these acts of treason by the liberals currently tearing our nation apart, it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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