The Coup

I saw a video about a new liberal site where they are extolling the virtues of our glorious government and how their beloved mother government has been saving us with their liberal lies and propaganda. It is really well done and very professional. There is a new bigger push of putting out liberal propaganda.

Glen Beck

Remember that I have been telling you all of the upper class trash are corrupt and in the same bed?

Because people no longer believe his sensationalist lies, his business is failing and he has changed sides to supporting Hillary, you know, like he wasn't really a misinformation site set up by the dark side. In other words, he will tell whatever lies he gets paid to tell. Most of such people are the same and they will soon jump ship leaving only the true good people on our ship.

Poser Christians

I think we are about to find out who the poser Christians are on YouTube because they are going to help promote the contact with space aliens thingy. I just saw a "Christian prophesy" site which I had been talking about being a Christian profit who was always crying wolf, putting out false information and sensationalizing everything to confuse people, starting to talk about how NASA has known about space aliens for some time. This guy was probably also set up by the dark side and is just starting to show his true colors.

Don't be surprised to see more of these "Christian" false prophets talking about space aliens for the dark side.

You just know the liberal story will be either 1) Lucifer and his demons are superior space aliens we should just submit to and permit them to run our lives for our own stupid good or 2) the upper class trash are all superior space aliens and we should just submit to them running our lives for our own stupid good. Neither of them will be good but many will follow.

BTW, I just read that Hillary's campaign chairman, John Podesta, is really big into space aliens and recently said in an interview that he just can't believe there are not space aliens, you know, his god, Lucifer, and his demons. Gee, what a coincidence. Soon, very soon.

By the strangest coincidence, I am seeing, at the very same time Obama has given control of the Internet to the UN to do away with the truth tellers on a global basis, the left is releasing a tsunami of lies, misinformation, and propaganda to finish brainwashing the masses. They couldn't finish the job with their corrupted government educational system and the media so they will finish it using the only bastion of truth left, the Internet.

I am seeing the left taking their final steps to set up their vile, corrupt one world government dictatorship for power and control of the entire planet. This is happening RIGHT NOW, not next week or next month, but RIGHT NOW!

They are simultaneously finishing off our military with their diversity program to drive out the good people and replace them with their liberal and Muslim thugs.

They are finishing off our law enforcement with their racist war against cops and discrediting the FBI. I read that some police forces are losing up to one officer a day and it will get worse before it gets better. You know the left is replacing these good cops with their thugs and they will all eventually be replaced by their glorious CNSF.

They are finalizing their censorship of the truth while accelerating their lies, misinformation, and propaganda. They are seizing control of your minds and telling you what to think and believe. You will be their obedient little bio-bots, their brainwashed minions or they will send you to their "re-education centers" for intensive brainwashing and, if that doesn't work, you will become an organ donor.

They are taking control of your very land by declaring bees to be endangered so they can invade your property to kill off all food plants you are growing to "protect the bees" and force you to eat their corporate food so they can control you food supply. You will be their good little slaves or starve to death. They will now have complete control of your land, food, water, and brain.

They are working on disarming the American people via the UN and every other way they can.

They have already started their liberal and Muslim armies killing you in the streets and few are fighting back. Their violent coup is being staged RIGHT NOW!

They feel they have good enough control that the upper class trash are already starting their internal power struggle to determine who gets to rule over everyone else and who will be purged. This is a very clear sign the upper class trash have almost finished their coup. We are within the last months to, at most, the last few years of their coup.

But there are a few things slowing this down.

1) The internet still making it possible for you to find the truth

2) Russia and China resisting this power mad, greedy, insane push for a global dictatorship and growing a team of allies with Syria, Iran, North Korea, and others, though themselves not very good people, to say the least. It is really bad when some of the worst bad guys become the best good guys.

3) Armed US citizens and their growing anger

4) The US military resisting as much as possible

5) Law enforcement fighting back

You better pray that what God told me about the Muslims stabbing the liberal commie traitor upper class trash in the back and God using the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to wipe out most of the liberals and Muslims causing this mess is true and it really is from God.

If it is not, then you are all dead people walking. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often that God quickly delivers you from this evil we have brought on ourselves because of our sins. The evil upper class trash has almost won this thing. God is our only hope.

Why do I not bother to watch the presidential debates?

Because it is all show and smoke and mirrors. It doesn't matter who "wins" those debates or who gets the most votes and the left is openly bragging about it. I don't care if Trump gets 100% of the votes, the upper class trash will appoint Hillary or her double and Billy Boy will regain the US reigns to finish off our nation and set up their global dictatorship.

The debates and this election are just the upper class trash mocking us and showing us that your votes don't matter because they have complete control and they will rule over you regardless of which puppet they put in office.

Why bother watching a diversion when you should be watching what is really going on?

The coup is almost finished and God is our only hope. Our nations are all dead, they just have not finished kicking yet, they have very few kicks left, and God is our only hope. The wages of sin are death and God is our only hope.

This is all going on RIGHT NOW, not next week, not next month, not next year but RIGHT NOW!

I pray that God save as many of His people as possible for His name's sake. I do realize that many of them will have to die in order to cause most of the rest to pull their heads out of their butts. Remember that, when the Apostles asked Jesus if they should buy a sword, Jesus said, "No, buy two".

It is well past time to buy some swords, learn to use them, and organize into armies but it is better late than never. The war against us has already started and people are dying.


When Right

Want to know how to tell when you are right in a debate with a liberal?

They stop arguing and start character assassination to 1) silence you and 2) discourage others from listening to you. It is psychological terrorism. When the left does this, you know you won the debate and they are just trying to silence you and discourage others from listening to you.


The feudal war I warned you about and is now taking place in Europe just got even worse in France when several police cars in a Muslim no-go zone were attacked by Muslims using Molotov cocktails. At least two officers were hospitalized and others were also burned.


I have noticed a pattern in Syria and Russia destroying the terrorists.

1) They cut off all supply routes proving food, troops, weapons, and munitions to the enemy

2) They encircle the terrorist positions so they can't safely retreat to fight again

3) They systematically annihilate the terrorists, eliminating any future threat from the terrorists

They are currently doing this in Aleppo, north of Hama, and in Damascus. This prevents the terrorists from getting replacements, which means the Syrians only have to kill so many terrorists before they can be easily over run.

Second, preventing the terrorists from getting more weapons and munitions means the terrorists will reach a point to where they must ration their weapons and munitions before eventually running out and can be easily over run.

BTW, since February 2016, more than 35,000 terrorists have been killed.

All of this combined will discourage more terrorists from joining the fight and is causing many to flee Syria and Iraq. This will combine to shorten the war and will bring peace more quickly. It will also work to stop the terrorist atrocities sooner.

BTW, Russia is moving its only aircraft carrier to get involved in Syria this month further escalating Russia's military actions and speeding up the demise of the terrorists. Putin has had enough of Obama's crap and is bringing it to an end as quickly as possible, you know, just like I told you.

Remember that Obama toppled the Egyptian government forcing the military to stage a coup to remove the Muslim Brotherhood leader that Obama put in place?

Russia has also signed an agreement with Egypt to build a military base in Egypt near the Mediterranean Sea. It is supposed to be operational by 2019.

This is really big.

Putin has turned Erdogan. Putin and Erdogan just signed a trade agreement, which will help both economies. Putin gets a gas line into Turkey to sell oil and gas to the EU and will start accepting certain produce and products he had banned from Turkey.

Keep an eye on this.

You can easily tell which Western upper class trash criminals are supporting the terrorist in Syria, because they are the ones screaming the loudest about Putin killing civilians when he is bombing the Western terrorists but they don't seem to care one bit about the civilians their terrorists are butchering and torturing. If they should try anyone for war crimes, it should be the Western liberal upper class trash.

These Western monsters are just using the killing of civilians as a front to try to stop Putin from bombing their beloved terrorists. It is all smoke and mirrors.

ISIS has started using "exploding drones" or drone bombs. You know that it is only a matter of time before they start using them against civilians in terrorist attacks because you can easily fly right over any ground based security.

Keep an eye on this.


I didn't watch the first or second debates. I have watched portions of both debates and everyone is saying Trump clearly won the second debate but it doesn't matter.

What I was really looking for was to see whether they are using Hillary's double, who is almost identical to Hillary, for the debates. She may have had plastic surgery and is clearly professionally trained so it is very difficult to tell the two apart.

Her professional security double is NOT the woman the liberals brought out as her acting double to "disprove" the comments about her having a double. That is just a woman who impersonates Hillary for money and only looks a little like Hillary so that you can easily tell them apart. She is an impersonator, not a double. That woman doesn't look enough like Hillary to fool anyone and wouldn't make a good security double for the Secret Service.

The true double has probably been Hillary's double since at least when Hillary was First Lady and was selected and trained by the Secret Service to protect Hillary. She is almost identical to Hillary in appearance and has been trained to speak and behave exactly like Hillary. All top political figures have such doubles.

It is very likely that the Clintons have been using this double during this campaign, which explains why Hillary has coughing fits on some occasions but not most occasions. The real Hillary has coughing fits, the double doesn't because the double isn't sick.

Also, I had noticed that Hillary was fat and carried most of her weight in her legs, butt, and hips. But, upon seeing the double following Hillary's collapse, I realized the double is about 30 to 40 pounds lighter with much slimmer hips, butt, and legs and even has less weight in her face, neck, and hands with fewer wrinkles on her neck.

I told you that, if Hillary was sick enough to collapse, she couldn't endure 90 minutes of debate under those bright lights. Therefore, I have been looking to see whether the debating Hillary is the real Hillary or the double.

I also realize they could be doping Hillary up to help her get through the debates but, why risk Hillary croaking on the stage when they have an identical double?

For the first debate, it was very probably that the debating Hillary was the double because she clearly was about 30 pounds lighter, especially in the butt, hips, and legs. In the second debate, it was more difficult to tell because Hillary wore a dark pantsuit with a dark floor and background but, I was able to watch enough of her walking around to see that it was the thinner Hillary so I am certain both debating Hillary's were the double.

BTW, I just saw several pictures of Hillary from a few weeks before her collapse and you don't lose that much weight that fast. You can really see the extra weight in her butt, hips, and legs. Hillary wore those tent tops with a slit up the sides to cover up her large butt and hips. I am now even more convinced that the debating Hillary is a double. There is no doubt about it.

Do they have the real Hillary hidden away for the rest of the campaign, is she bed ridden, or is she dead with them running the double so that Billy Boy can get his hands on the government reigns again?

Also, after the beating Hillary took in this debate, the liberals are crying and whining about how this election has "sunk to new lows" and "turned ugly", you know, like telling the ugly truth about their ugly candidate is a bad thing and makes you the ugly person. You know things are really bad when telling the ugly truth about a candidate is sinking to a low.

Personally, I think they should tell the ugly truth about all of our ugly upper class trash and their ugly puppets. People need to know the truth and Jesus said, "The truth shall set you free."

What, you don't like freedom?

Suddenly, they are attacking Chelsea Clinton saying she is a spoiled brat.

Are the Clintons finally going to withdraw Hillary and run Chelsea? Have Hillary's crimes become so obvious they have to prosecute and she is about to go to jail? Is Obama about to throw her under the bus?

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, it is possible that the NSA is feeding Assange the "hacked documents" Assange keeps releasing about Hillary. More and more, this is looking like an inside job. Keep an eye on this.


BTW, increasing numbers of the good guys leaving the military are getting government jobs working for intelligence and law enforcement. Some are even being recruited by different government agencies. They are just transferring from one government job to another.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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