Third Party Scam

As I have told you numerous times, the liberals can't win an election without deception. The last election proved it when the Democratic Party, now blatantly, ran liberals posing as conservatives to beat Republican RINO's and even some conservatives. I have just figured out what the next liberal dirty trick is going to be for the 2008 presidential election. (Probably in conjunction with the poser conservative scam for Congress.) It is a very good scam and it will almost certainly work because there are enough stupid people in America who will fall for it.

What they intend to do is run a couple of egotistical poser conservatives for President and Vice President in a third party to draw enough votes away from the Republican conservative candidate causing Hillary to win the Presidency. The liberals are using the very vain, egotistical, multi-billionaire, Republican Mayor, Bloomberg, of New York City, who is also a former Democrat turned Republican to run for mayor, for president with the egotistical Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska for vice president in a third party. Bloomberg is a liberal on social issues who is worse than a regular RINO. If you think I am wrong about this being a scam to get Hillary elected, just look at some of the people who are behind this farce.

Let's start with Bailey, a co-founder of the Bloomberg for president group along with Hamilton Jordan and Gerald Rafshoon, advisers to former President Jimmy Carter. Gee, I wonder why the commie boys are working to get a Republican elected, well, except that he is a commie boy in capitalist clothing. Watch the media give this ticket a lot of exposure posing Bloomberg and Hagel as conservatives to help draw more votes away from the conservative Republican ticket.

If enough conservatives and moderates fall for this scam along with the conservative poser scam for Congress, we will end up with Hillary for President with the Commie-crats in control of Congress. It will be the worst disaster in the history of America. This could be the other shoe hitting the floor that will set off the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 because almost all of the Commie-crats don't want Israel to survive and are on the side of the terrorists.

You better pray your butts off that the conservatives in this country will pull their heads out of their butts before this next election because the Commie-crats are good enough at scamming the American people they can win by deceit when they can't win by raw numbers.

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