The Man Who Tried To Be President

I had originally thought that Obama would need a crisis such as Israel nuking Iran to provide Obama with the excuse to cause him to nuke Chicago, blame Israel, and declare martial law setting himself up as a dictator but am now realizing he IS the crisis he needs because of his own incompetence. He has become an international joke and the joke gets worse with each day. Everything he tries to do is a complete failure and everyone is calling him incompetent, including all of the media, global leaders, and even, increasingly, his own followers. His Commiecrat pals don't even want to be associated with him for this coming election and his popularity is plunging.

The truth is that Obama may have to nuke Chicago to keep from being impeached because of his own stupidity and incompetence and not because of anything any one else does. He is absolutely the worst joke that has ever happened to the US and the joke is about to get much worse. All of his policies have failed and are about to cause things to get much worse.

I have pointed out the crisis concerning unemployment which got much worse last month and just read that the purchase of new houses for last month also plunged which will cause the job situation to get even worse. He has shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico which is adding to the current economic mess and unemployment and it turns out that he and the EPA are responsible for ALL of the oil which is currently reaching the US shores. It seems that BP could have brought in much larger oil recovery ships and better equipment from other countries at the start which would have been able to prevent this current oil from reaching the US shores but Obama and the EPA refused to permit those resources to be used because they were from other countries. (Say What?) This oil mess Obama has created is killing the tourist industry all along the Gulf coast and even along the southern part of the Atlantic part of the US doing even more damage to the US economy.

Because of Obama and his wonderful commie staff and government, the US economy is taking one major hit after another in just the last few months. This will all show up in next month's economic decline. The US economic toilet is in the process of being flushed and Ocommie won't be able to blame Bush because this time it is completely Ocommie's fault.

Then we have the problem with his top military officers publically complaining about the incompetence of Obama and his entire staff in managing the war in Afghanistan. One of the top officers even referred to one of Obama's staff as a clown and I feel the officer should have to apologize to clowns every where. This only shows Ocommie's incompetence militarily as well as everywhere else.

It turns out that Obama IS the worst crisis in the world and is a walking, talking crisis which will only get worse as long as he is president. His continued bungling of everything is only going to make it harder and harder for any of the Commiecrats to get elected this coming fall making Ocommie an extreme liability to the Commiecrat Party. They will be forced to get rid of him very soon or lose both houses in the next election making Ocommie an even less effective president in getting any of their commie laws passed.

I expect to see either the secret documents about Obama not being a US citizen suddenly "get found" or Chicago get nuked very soon. Obama is increasingly becoming a desperate man and desperate men do desperate things to save their stupid butts.

Obama is the man who tried to be president and has failed more miserably than any other many times over. He has become a clown or jester in the White House who may soon literally hit the end of his rope for spying and sabotage.

It is time for revival on a global basis. Acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws, repent of those crimes, and seek the amnesty of our Lord Jesus the Christ. John 3:16 - For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him will have everlasting life.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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