The Trap 2

OK, you know that the rich Euro-American white boy club plans to set up a global dictatorship and murder off more than seven billion people, which is a lot of people to justify murdering off. In the last essay, I showed you the trap they have set and is working quite well which will provide them with the justification to murder off all blacks globally, which will be about 600 million people and leaves the rich white boys with more than six billion people to justify murdering off.

If you think I am wrong about this, just watch all of the growing anger among whites against non whites. It is working very well on a global basis.

So, how is the trap designed to get most whites to go along with murdering off the rest of the races in the world?

Remember that during this time, the planet will be experiencing severe economic global chaos with most of you out of work, homeless, and starving and you will see at least some of your family and friends die because of the chaos. You can bet the upper class trash will blame these groups for being partly responsible for that chaos and your hardships so you won't blame the rich white boys. Most of you will be very angry and will need some one to rage against to relieve that anger.

Also keep in mind that the basic end game strategy for the rich white boy club will be to get us struggling in a terrible mess which will turn us against all other races and then, at just the right moment, step in to "save us" from our enemies and ourselves like great heroes proving the rich white boy club should be our micro managing guardians who know what is best for us. There is no better way to get people to submit to your control without revolt than to secretly cause a disaster and then heroically save them from that disaster. Think control.

Religious Jews

This one is pretty easy and the liberal Jews have been helping a lot by causing animosity in whites towards Jews, especially in Europe. Anti-semitism is currently growing very quickly. For decades now, the Jews have been made to look like bad guys, especially when anything happens. It is always the Jews fault. Even when a Jew gets murdered by some one who hates Jews, it is the Jews' fault because the Jews caused the person to hate Jews. That is the basic logic the upper class trash and other groups are successfully using to turn people against the Jews. This one is blatantly obvious and much of the hatred is left over from Hitler's persecution of the Jews. This will only get rid of about 15 to 20 million people globally.


Clearly the upper class trash knew about Muslim hatred for non Muslims and Islam's requirement that Muslims conquer the world and murder all non Muslims. The rich white boys knew that permitting the Muslims the freedom and finances to wage a war against the rest of the world, the Muslims would do just that showing us how evil and vile Muslims really are and that 1.6 billion Muslims should be eradicated from the global gene pool so we can achieve utopia.

The trick with getting people to accept something such as killing off entire populations is to get the people to figure it out for themselves because people will believe more strongly in something they figure out than in something some one else tells them. Therefore, the strategy the rich white boy club is using for all races is for the rich white boys to preach peace via multiculturalism while permitting the bad people from the different groups to show their true colors so the people will figure out for themselves that those people are bad. After enough of the people have figured out that group is bad and are angry enough, then the rich white boys begin supporting and encouraging those beliefs.

A simple fact is that the rich white boy club has been permitting the Muslims to wage war against the rest of the world for decades now when the rich white boy club could have easily used economics, finances, and military strength to shut this nonsense down decades ago. At the same time, the rich white boys have been knowingly infiltrating hundreds of thousands of these violent Muslims into our countries so the violence of the Muslims would become up front and personal to all of us, which would generate more anger and hatred towards Muslims for a greater back lash.

For years, I have been watching this violence by Muslims against the rest of the world grow and now even the liberal commie media are beginning to point out the barbaric hostility of Muslims. The upper class trash let enough of you realize it and then they started supporting and encouraging your beliefs. The anger towards Muslims is quickly growing globally. Killing off all Muslims will get rid of about 1.6 billion people but many of them belong to targeted races such as blacks so it will probably only kill off another one billion plus people which will bring the remaining number of people scheduled for extermination down to about 5 billion people the rich white boy club will have to justify killing off.


Asia is where most of the rest of the people on the planet live whom the rich white boys will have to come up with a means or excuse for eradicating them.

I believe that the rich white boy plan for getting rid of most Asians has been to help China prepare for war by providing economic assistance and classified military intelligence via such crooks as Billy Boy Clinton. The rich white boys know that China plans to eradicate almost all of the people in every country they conquer which will wipe out a lot of Asians for the rich white boys while depleting China's resources, both human and other wise. The coming war by China could easily wipe out the entire populations for Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Southeast Asia, India, all of the Muslim populations up to Iraq, and even most Pacific islands while depleting huge Chinese resources before the West would have to react and wipe out all of China as punishment for "crimes against humanity". This war alone will wipe out about four billion people, just about finishing the job for the rich white boy club.

Of course the rich white boys will have to justify killing the millions of Asians currently living in Western countries. They can justify killing many as spies and others because of the "inherent violence" of Asians. The rich white boys will point to the rampant crimes against humanity committed during such wars as WWII (Japan), Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the genocide in the coming war by China, and other Asian countries, the fact that the "very violent" martial arts were developed in Asia and are practiced by "all Asians", and such things as China using slave labor camps and murdering their own people to harvest organs. This and more will be used to prove that Asians are all brutal, barbaric, and must be eradicated to set up Utopia.


The Latinos are living mostly throughout North, Central, and South America. Obama legalizing all illegal aliens in the US, mostly Latinos, will help destroy the US economy creating enough anger towards Latinos by whites for the rich white boys to be able to justify killing all Latinos. But there will be plenty of other justifications which will be used by the rich white boys such as the violence and killing by the drug cartels (all Latino organizations), the corrupt governments in almost all Latino countries, the poverty in all Latino countries which has been caused by their government corruption, and other things "proving" that Latinos are inferior and violent and have to be eradicated to achieve Utopia.


The last major group the rich white boy club is targeting is Christians. The rich white boys have been turning increasing numbers of whites against Christians for decades and we are already seeing open persecution of Christians happing and being openly applauded by liberal pagans. Like Jews, the rich white boys are already blaming Christians for everything which is going wrong in the world. This will also be another justification for eradicating Latinos and others because most Latinos are Christians and most of the two billion Christians on this planet are planned to be eradicated by the murdering of some of the above groups. There is a lot of overlap between some of the groups planned for eradication.

You have to remember that the rich white boys belong to a Satanic cult they call Luciferians and they hate everything that has anything to do with God, the Bible, Jews, and Christians. For decades these evil pagans have been turning people against Christians and back toward paganism. The rich white boys already have enough pagan whites hating Christians enough to justify eradicating Christians, which is why they are already openly persecuting Christians.

You have to understand that it is not the white Christians the rich white boys have to get to accept murdering all other races but white pagans who don't have the same morals and values. The white pagans are the power base for the rich white boys, not white Christians. The white Christians are planned for eradication just like all other groups I have mentioned. The white pagans already belong to Satanic cults and hate everything on the planet. It will be easier to get white pagans to accept murdering all of the above groups.

To protect Christians from this increasing hatred and persecution by pagans is why God will have to set up our new nation as a Christian theocracy. With all of this hatred fostered by pagans, there won't be any other place on the planet safe for Christians when the dust settles.

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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