Writing that last essay and asking those questions plus a good night's sleep caused everything to just fall in place so follow me carefully. This may be the most important thing you will read in your life.

First, remember that in April 2012 the number of Muslims on the planet had declined to 1.2 billion and by that fall it had grown back up to 1.6 billion with almost all of those being converts? Remember that I had explained that the only way the Muslims could have increased their population that much that quickly by almost all converts was if the lefties throughout the West had converted to Islam? Remember that Farrakhan is the head of the US Nation of Islam and is one of the top lefties? Remember that the lefties brought in tens of thousands of Muslims into the US under Obama? Remember that the left confirms this theory on a daily basis by teaching Islam in our schools and forcing our children to worship Islam plus the left keeps telling us how Islam is so wonderful. Remember that Biden and the lefties have been making it very clear they hate the US and are working to destroy the US, you know, just like their Muslim terrorist pals.

Gee, that sure is a lot of coincidences.

This all proves that the lefties, you know, like Biden and the lefties in control of the Pentagon, are closet Muslims, infiltrators, secret Muslim agents working to destroy the US, Muslim spies, and traitors and the Eastern Muslims are all their friends and ALLIES, you know, the Bannies. These lefties are NOT the enemies of the Muslim terrorists, they see those terrorists like the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Quaeda as their activists, you know, like the violent lefty Antifa and BLM. Don't ever forget that.

An easy prediction here is that terrorist attacks in the US are about to go through the roof to scare you into submission to the upper class trash, you know, the way the upper class trash used COVID 19 and lies to scare you into submission. They really know how to use fear to control people.

So we have a closet Muslim as president working to destroy the US from within to set up a global Muslim dictatorship who gets into office because of a rigged election and one of the first things he does is stop the War on Terror. Gee, what a coincidence.

People are wondering why Biden didn't get the Americans and the Afghans out of Afghanistan before he removed the US troops.

Well, let's use some common sense.

If you are a closet Muslim trying to seize control of the US to set up your global Muslim dictatorship, would you save Americans and Afghans, who you respectively see as your enemies and traitors, from your Muslim pals in Afghanistan and bring them to the US so they can help prevent you from setting up a Muslim dictatorship here?

No, of course you would leave your enemies and traitors there for your Muslim pals to take care of for you and to prevent them from stopping you from setting up your dictatorship in the US. Duh, hello?

Now do you understand why Biden "blew" the Afghan pull out the way he did?

Biden didn't blow a thing because it was all planned out by closet Muslims within our government and military working together with the Taliban and staging an insurrection and committing treason against the US and its people.

Biden didn't blow anything because it worked out just the way they planned it, which is why he later stated that it was a success. (Hint, hint) You are the ones being stupid because you ASSUMED Biden and company were doing this for the good of Americans and didn't ask, "who did it workout right for?" Think about that.

You're being played by the lefty closet Muslims pretending to be some of you. They are American imposters.

Plus they planned this part of their coup so it would give more power to Muslim terrorists and Biden is going to give them large sums of your tax dollars to finance their terrorist activities against you to force you into submission to the upper class trash Muslims. That is why more than 100 other nations "quickly made deals with the Muslim terrorists".

People, I keep telling you to quit assuming that the lefties have good intentions because their intentions are evil. When you assume the left has good intentions and they are just stupid, you are helping them use that to defeat you because, as long as you assume they have good intentions, you won't suspect them of the true evil they are doing, you know, you won't suspect them of committing treason.

When they tell you something is for the common good, you need to ask, "For whose common good, the Muslims?"

Think of it this way, they are foreign agents working for Islam, which is both a government and a religion. They have infiltrated your government and military, they brainwash your children to worship Islam, they hate your nations, they are working to destroy your nations to set up their global dictatorship and you think they would even think about trying to save some of you from their Muslim pals? Really?

Biden was right when he said it was a success and you forgot to ask, "for whom?" It was a success for your enemies, you know, Biden and his Muslim coconspirators in our government and military. THAT is why Biden said it was a success. He wasn't lying, you just don't understand him because your assumptions are wrong.

Get your assumptions right and everything becomes perfectly clear.

Do you get the picture yet?

If not, you don't have much time to see the truth because they left the Americans and Afghans who helped in the War Against Terror and brought to the US tens of thousands of Muslim terrorists like Bannies, ISIS, and Al Quaeda, which is why they are sending 50,000 of those terrorists to White Sands Missile Range to prevent the good guys in the military from using those emergency facilities to stop their coup, which tells me the good guys were getting ready to make their move to stop the coup.

We don't have much time left and it is our move.

Remember, man plans, God laughs.

That answers all of your questions I have been seeing you wonder about. Everything just fell right into place with the right assumptions.

You need to stop assuming the left has good intentions and are just stupid and incompetent and start arresting and trying them for treason.

BTW, after reading yesterday's post, Mark sent me this e-mail I think will help you.

"About your latest essay, 'Questions 2.'

You are right on the money. Remember how often God sent prophets to Israel to warn them to turn away from their apostasy? When they did not, He brought in their enemies to overtake Israel. The Babylonians removed the people that were not killed by their army and took them to Babylon-the most pagan nation of that time. Essentially God was saying to Israel, 'You guys want to worship other gods, then I am sending you to the place where you will be forced to do so.'

That is exactly what is going on here in the USA. He has sent many prophets, of which you are one, and we have corporately rejected them. I believe God is currently in the process of having our enemies take us over from within so that we will finally turn back to Him. It took 70 years to return a small remnant of those that were carried off to Babylon, so they could rebuild the temple and the nation of Israel as God's people. The posers stayed in Babylon and died there.

Today, there is no place left to take us, so our enemies will overwhelm us from within. Although, it is possible that many Americans will be exported to other countries, like the Islamic world, as slaves.

Reading Joel, Amos, Micah, Nahum, in fact, all the Minor prophets, tells us exactly want God is doing in the U.S. today.


BTW, the god, Allah, was the war god of Sabianism and Sabianism came from Babylon. Gee, what a coincidence.

Many of our lefties will die in the Middle East in Muslim nations (Syria and Lebanon) because of the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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