Ukraine 2

There is something I forgot to explain to you in the last essay. Remember that I said that Putin would fly Spetznaz troops into an airport nearest Kiev to seize control of Kiev, the capitol of Ukraine? Remember that Putin did something very similar when he took Crimea by flying in 18 military cargo planes full of troops and equipment?

What I expect Putin to do is, at the start of the operation, send a large mass of fighter planes in combat formations to where he has his 20,000 troops staged on the Ukraine eastern border to make Ukraine think he is going to provide air cover for his troops during the invasion, a diversionary move. That will draw the attention of the Ukraine air force and radar so Ukraine will send all of the Ukraine war planes to intervene and the Ukraine radar and planes will get very busy trying to read those Russian fighter planes and the ground troops poised just outside the Ukraine territory.

Just as the Russian fighter planes start towards their pre set assembly point outside Ukraine airspace, Putin will send in a hand full of choppers with Spetznaz troops flying at tree top level below Ukraine radar (in Nam we called this picking fruit) to seize the commercial airport (commercial airports are easier to take than military air bases), just like Russia did in Crimea, reroute the commercial aircraft out of the area, and land the larger deployment of Spetznaz troops. Shortly after these Russian choppers start into Ukraine airspace, Putin will send in about 20 to 30 military cargo planes filled with Spetznaz troops and equipment, also picking fruit, while the Ukraine fighter planes and radar are busy tracking hundreds of Russian fighter planes outside of Ukraine airspace waiting for the already happening invasion to begin. This will all be timed so that the Russian cargo planes will arrive at the commercial airport just after the Spetznaz advance party in the choppers have seized control of the airport and redirected commercial air traffic in time to start landing the cargo planes.

The Spetznaz troops in the cargo planes will quickly seize key political and military people and buildings while setting up control stations in Kiev to control and defend Kiev. By that time, the Russian Black Sea Fleet will have seized Odessa seaport, Russian marines will have seized Odessa, there will be from 3,000 to more than 5,000 Russian marines and Spetznaz from the Russian Black Sea Fleet inside Transnitria seizing control of that area from tiny Moldova, and there will be a few thousand Russian marines heading north towards Kiev from Odessa on a main highway to reinforce the Russian troops in Kiev.

All of this will happen before the Ukraine forces can react to there being Russian troops, planes, and ships in Odessa and Kiev. If the Ukraine troops on their eastern border do start to react to relieve Kiev and/or Odessa, all the Russian troops outside of the Ukraine eastern border have to do is start to move about a little and it will freeze most of the Ukraine forces in place. The Ukraine leaders will still be thinking the Russian forces next to the Ukraine eastern border will be the main assault force and will want to defend against that Russian assault force until it is too late and the Ukraine government has surrendered.

This will also take Moldova by surprise because they are also thinking Russia will have to fight their way across Ukraine before invading Transnitria, which will provide Moldova time to react, but the Russian marines from the Black Sea Fleet will travel the few miles from Odessa to and through Transnitria before the Moldova officials can get out of bed and look out the window. By the time the Moldova Generals can even begin commanding troops, the Russian marines will be in position and have control of Transnitria with the only fighting being a few skirmishes at a few Moldova military check points between Moldova and the part of Transnitria which virtually freed itself years ago with a civil war. The more intelligent of those Moldova check point guards will do a "tactical retreat".

End game, Putin.

I also read that there is rioting in Taiwan similar to that which happened in Ukraine before Putin invaded Crimea. Is China going to do a Putin with a quick invasion against Taiwan? Taiwan will be a much tougher nut to crack unless the commie rioters manage to seize control with the help of military traitors in key control positions. The actions taking place in Taiwan could also be a diversionary tactic for China to more easily take the Senkaku Islands in Japan but, who knows, maybe the tension over the Senkaku Islands is a diversionary tactic for taking Taiwan?

And what will Obama do?

Play more golf while Michelle keeps the American people distracted by taking another expensive monthly vacation some where else. Hmmmm, maybe we can get Barry and Michelle to take a vacation in Kiev? All we have to do is tell Barry that the Kiev airport has a golf course Barry hasn't played, an expensive shopping mall for Michelle, and a really nice hotel for "mother" to terrorize.

Russia and China are definitely on the move. Keep an eye on them.

It is always good to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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