Ukraine 10

Maybe Putin did buy enough art from Hunter?

It looks like the US realized the trap Ukraine was for them plus that the US engaging Russia in a war would cause China, Iran, and North Korea to go wild, probably also figured out that Putin was planning to destroy the US air power, still tried to bluff Putin, Putin tested their bluff, saw it was a bluff, and is calling their bluff and all he is getting is tough talk from the West.

Note that Afghan Joe is sending more troops to Germany but not Poland or Rumania because he doesn't want to provoke Putin but he is trying to save face back home, you know, by sending more troops somewhere. They keep saying that Putin is trying to rebuild the Soviet Union but Putin is not a commie, he is a Christian. The lefties will say anything to turn you against Putin to get you to support their evil tyrannies.

Watch other countries move towards Russia as an ally and away from the US because the US is not dependable any more. This will greatly weaken the already weakened US Military, which has been weakened by the greed and corruption of the upper class trash. Few nations will be willing to trust the West as allies any more and not just the US but any of the West.

BTW, NATO is a ghost military because almost none of the members have maintained their militaries at even a modest combat level because of the greed and corruption of their leaders. It is like I told you, without the US, Russia could pretty easily sweep through Europe. During the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, almost all of the fighting was done by the US with a little being done by the also weakened UK and most of the rest of the "NATO members" drove desks, cooked meals, and cleaned the camps. Don't put any hopes in NATO being able to save any butts because their militaries are much, much weaker than they were before WWII. Hey, the corrupt upper class trash has to stuff that military money in their greedy pockets.

People, this is the same thing that happened to Rome, causing it's fall. The greedy upper class trash stuffed their greedy pockets with their military money, weakening their military, then hired the Goths for less than it cost to sustain a Roman Army, the Goths realized there was no substantial military between them and Rome so they sacked Rome.

This is a very good video by Turley. He has not figured it all out yet but he is getting closer.

The US is using the Ukraine war to distract from lefty failures, Trudeau's tyranny, and the truck convoys and other people protesting the upper class trash increasing tyrannies. Almost no one is reporting anything about any of those things. Gee, what a coincidence.

They were also trying to use a war with Russia to intimidate the people into supporting their evil governments by saying that, if you don't support their evil governments in a war with Russia, you are a traitor.

The upper class trash are also using the Ukraine war as an excuse to increase taxes for defense, that would end up in their greedy pockets, you know, any excuse to steal more from more people faster. That is why almost everyone who is beating ye ole war drums is beating those drums. All they can see is dollar bills going into their bank accounts and none of them have enough brains to realize the mess we are in.

Where we are in this war right now is right where Britain and France were when they moved their troops to the western border of Germany just before Germany kicked their butts in WWII. If we don't back off, we will quickly find ourselves in the same position that Britain, France, and Russia were in before the US entered WWII and saved their stupid butts and for the same stupid reasons caused by the inbred, greedy, and power mad upper class trash who also caused that war. If we go down that road, you better be asking who is going to save our butts the way the US saved their evil butts because the answer to that is that there isn't anyone who can save our butts.

It looks an awful lot like the left blinked and made a deal with Putin letting Putin have what he wanted. They better keep blinking, back off, and fortify against Iran, China, and North Korea.

Ukraine dictator, Zelensky, declared martial law and then handed out guns to his people.

Is that stupid or what? How much trouble do you think those tyrants will have in getting those military grade weapons back when this is over?

That is the epitome of desperation. You can bet he was careful who he handed out guns to because more than half of his people are Russians. If you include the Donbass area, about 2/3 to 3/4 of the people in Ukraine are Russian. Guess whose side they will fight on. I saw one video of a Ukraine citizen welcoming the Russian troops into Ukraine.

Yeah, Zelensky is kind of on the desperate side, isn't he?

I keep waiting for Zelensky to hit the road and go hide somewhere in a distant third world country until he commits suicide with a couple of bullets to the back of his head.

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

I even saw a brief video of a Russian military unit and a Ukraine military unit pulled up facing each other in two tight lines only about 75 to 100 feet apart with their soldiers taking turns doing Russian dancing between the two lines because they are cousins or family. Many of them won't even fight each other because they are having a family reunion.

I hear some reports that the Ukraine forces are fighting "fiercely and bravely" and other reports that they are surrendering and laying down their weapons.

I have heard a number of retired US Military officers speaking as x-spirts say that the Russian forces won't go into Kiev because it will be too bloody but will surround Kiev and negotiate a deal with Zelensky, which just does not make sense.

They are going to leave the person in power, who was put in place by the West as a loyal puppet, who broke the Minsk treaty against the Donbass area, and started this war while refusing to give up weapons with Putin knowing he will just get more weapons after the Russians leave, and start all over again? Really? Maybe that is wishful thinking on the part of those x-spirts?

Then I found out that the Russians did surround Kiev but are now driving into the city. They are obviously on a search and find mission going after Zelensky and his criminal pals and you better bet the Russian troops know who they all are, where they are most likely to find them, and probably capture or kill them, which makes much more sense.

Gee, you mean US x-spirts were wrong again? Who would have figured?

I can't believe some of the crap I am hearing and then it being proved wrong.

The best timeline I can come up with is that the West realized they had created a trap and mess for themselves but decided to try to bluff Putin, as part of their bluff, they sent weapons to Ukraine, which caused Zelensky to think the West was backing him instead of them bluffing Putin and caused him to become over confident, Putin realized the West was bluffing and called their bluff, Putin recognized the Donbass area as being two sovereign states, Ukraine arrogantly continued to shell both areas trying to start a war with Russia so the West would come to his aid, not knowing the West was only bluffing, so those areas requested aid from Russia, Putin sent in troops, proving the West was only bluffing, and Ukraine stupidly increased their shelling, this caused Putin to declare war against Ukraine and he immediately began taking out military targets throughout at least Eastern Ukraine but I think even in Western Ukraine with air attacks, quickly obtaining air superiority, and then Putin told Zelensky to surrender with the conditions being that he had to give up all weapons in order to remain in power but Zelensky, probably still hoping the West would come to his aid, is continuing to fight. Zelensky even put out a video shaming the West for not coming to his aid.

BTW, while all of this crap was being played out by the West, it is now obvious that Putin's generals were targeting the enemy's military resources because Russia began taking out those recourses very quickly starting with air defenses and aircraft to give Russia air superiority.

I don't think Zelensky is going to stay in power very long. Hey, what do you expect from a Western puppet, intelligence? They are not allowed to think; they are only allowed to do what they are told.

Remember that, years ago, I told you about a 20 to 30 mile wide strip along the east side of Moldova that was all Russian called Transnitria, which is why Russia had troops in Moldova to protect Transnitria? Remember that I warned you that, if the West started a war in Ukraine, Putin would land a large number of forces at the large port of Odessa and take that little spur of Ukraine southwest of Odessa along the coast, which is adjacent to Transnitria, to provide Russia a coastal access to Transnitria?

While reading about all of this, I saw a news item somewhere that said Putin has landed a large number of forces at Odessa and is taking that spur to provide Russia with easy access to his people in Transnitria. Gee, what a coincidence.

Guess what else that means?

The pincer movement I told you about to turn Ukraine into a death trap for the US/UK forces is now about half way closed, with highway M04 completely cut off to the US/UK forces so, if the US/UK forces get stupid enough to go charging into Ukraine to fight Russia, Russia will now only have to close the other half to have those forces completely encircled.

I warned you that, if Biden started a war with Russia, it would not end well for us. The US/UK better pull their troops away from Ukraine, let Russia have Ukraine BACK, and fortify their positions and their allies positions against Iran, China, and North Korea because they have gotten those evil nations chomping at the bit to also take ground just like I warned you would happen and they better do it fast.

The Western upper class trash have screwed up again and are failing really bad at something extremely critical that can end so horribly that ending bad would look nice. The idiots better crawl off into a corner and find something shiny to play with so we can clean up their messes but they won't quit and you should know that by now because the left just can't leave other people alone.

OK, finally, this is the kind of information I have been looking for in this video about Russia's assaults.

Remember that I told you about the idiot trap Obama's CIA and Pentagon set up for themselves and how Russia would use it?

It looks like what Russia did was call Biden's bluff by going into Donbass and, when it became obvious that it was just a bluff, Putin went to work with a full scale invasion using the "ambush" against Ukraine I told you about, you know, Putin ambushing Ukraine from all directions. He first staged an assault in the Donbass area to draw Ukraine troops into that area, while staging his air attacks throughout all of Ukraine to take out air defenses and air forces to give Russia absolute air superiority and control and then attacked from all sides.

Remember that I told you that Putin was not stupid enough to attack Kiev from the Donbass area like the idiot media were saying but would attack it from the shorter northern route out of Belarus?

He did just that and they are having battles in that area and, from what I understand from other sources, his troops are already in Kiev. Zelensky and his fellow criminals either have already fled the country, will soon flee the country, will soon be captured, and/or will soon be dead.

Putin also attacked from the northeast just north of the Donbass area to get behind the Ukraine troops fighting in the Donbass area to encircle them. That will end that fighting much more quickly.

Also notice that he had troops attack from Crimea up highway M18 to divide the country in half, east to west, so the Ukraine troops in Donbass won't be able to get reinforcements, supplies, or munitions, which will end that fighting faster. Those Ukraine troops are probably already encircled and may have already surrendered.

He didn't show it on the video but another video showed large numbers of Russian troops disembarking at the large port of Odessa to secure that area just like I told you would happen and begin moving north in the pincer movement to cut off troops, supplies, and munitions coming in from the West. Don't be surprised to find out that Russian troops have also left Belarus heading south to Moldova to meet up with those heading north to complete the pincer movement faster.

Do you better understand now why Putin took Crimea?

It was to keep his warm water ports open and give Putin the strategic advantage that turned the intended trap by the US CIA and Pentagon into a trap for them and it is working very well. It should be obvious that the CIA and Pentagon under Obama screwed up as bad as I told you and then Biden trying to bluff Putin was the straw that broke the camel's back.

You can also better see that the 2 attacks in the Northeast are to 1) get behind the Ukraine Donbass troops and 2) cut those troops off by sending forces down M18 to meet with the Russian forces from Crimea heading north on M18. It is a complete encirclement move just like I told you.

Note that the Ukraine x-spirt says that, if Russia damages the Ukraine nuclear storage at Chernobyl, the radioactive materials released could be blown west across Europe. That is a lie meant to scare the European people into supporting their governments attacking Russia.

Don't believe me?

The trade winds at that latitude blow west to east and not east to west so the nuclear waste could not possibly reach Europe. Besides, I earlier saw a video that showed that Russia had already won that battle and is now in at least parts of Kiev.

Can the US defeat Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea?

Not with the idiots we have in charge now and they are proving that. I told you that Afghanistan proved they are too stupid to beat Russia and they are proving it. If those over educated fools get even more stupid and decide to attack Russia, it will not end well for us and will only cause China, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, and others to also go on the war path. They better do just like I said.

If we have the right PEOPLE in the right places at the top, yes but it will be bloody. We need to focus on cleaning up the mess the intellectually superior upper class trash have made.

Note that Roman said that Biden is putting more sanctions against Russia, meaning, the US is not sending forces to engage Russia. I guess Putin did buy enough of Hunters art. All the upper class trash are going to do is more saber rattling to save face in hopes they can fool enough stupid people.

Also, I keep seeing idiot journalists saying things like, "Putin wanted more territory". Quit believing the lefty lies. Putin is not going to keep Ukraine. He is going to get rid of their weapons, most of which he has already blown up, and get rid of the arrogant and stupid Western puppets the West put in power and have helped cause this mess to replace them with friends of Russia and then pull his troops out.

What is killing me is that even most conservatives who had learned to not believe anything the government says are just blindly believing everything the government says about Russia.

Putin already proved that he is not an expansionist the way the lying Western upper class trash say with Georgia, Kazakhstan, Syria, and others he has helped or dissuaded from being a threat to Russia. Russia just wants secure borders and a secure nation. He wants the Euro-American upper class trash to leave him, his nation, and his people alone.

God just keeps showing me what people will do and they keep doing it. One of the toughest things I have to deal with in being a prophet of God is being able to see stuff like that because God shows it to me, causing it to be so very obvious to me and no one else sees it. It is like I get a feeling that everyone else is blind but I keep reminding myself that the only reason I see these things is because God shows them to me. It is weird being a prophet of God.

"Am I the only one with eyeballs?"

The funny irony is that, when God shows me something, He says, "Hey, stupid, what about this?" and, when I tell everyone else, I say, "Hey, stupid, what about this?" Compared to God we are all stupid.

Puppet John Kerry is already trying to distract everyone from the Ukraine mess with climate change.

This video shows why they now have Kerry running interference for Biden and company concerning this war.

"Hey, don't look over there, look over here!"

One more thing by the left is failing, many people are dying, and it can get much worse, if they don't stop their great sounding stupid ideas.

Man plans, God laughs.

Note that he stated that the head of Pakistan, an ally of Iran, is visiting with China, you know, coordinating their attacks.

Keep an eye on this.

Remember that I warned you about this and now he is telling you about it in this video. I told you that, the Europeans have squandered away their militaries because of the greed of the upper class trash putting that money in their pockets.

Remember that I told you that, without the US, Russia could just waltz right through Europe. Pay attention to their war game where Russia did just that and the US had to fight their way back into Europe because Russia controlled everything. I pointed out a little about how lousy the German military is and he said the same, saying that their military is right now almost nonexistent.

Pay attention to him telling you that the greedy upper class trash decreasing funding for our militaries, even the US, so they could stick that money in their greedy pockets so that EVEN the US Military is weaker.

Note that he also told you that Europe must step up to protect themselves so we can take our troops to take a stand in Asia, just like I am telling you.

We have a lefty weakened military with stupid leaders and NATO is a ghost army. Think about that. I have been warning you.

BTW, have you noticed the increased viewing of the media covering this war?

It is making them a lot of money, which is why they wanted this war. It has nothing to do about right or wrong to them; just their bank accounts.


Remember that I have been telling you that these tyrannies like the Canadian tyranny are made possible by bad cops?

This video shows you that those cops really are bad cops who even enjoy causing harm to the citizens they are supposed to protect, you know, just like Hitler's Gestapo and SS did.

Then der Fuhrer Adolph Trudeau stated that, concerning Ukraine, Canada will always defend democracy, you know, except in Canada.

Clearly these evil things think they are smarter than they are and that you are stupider than you are and that you will just blindly believe anything and everything they say. They insult our intelligence but, unfortunately, there are quite a few people who really are that stupid.

Do you believe me yet? Do you believe me that all of these lefties are very evil?

It turns out the intellectually superior upper class trash screwed up again because their abuses of power have back lashed and the arrogant fools have turned out to not be as smart as they think they are and you are not as stupid as they like to think you are.

Remember the upper class trash in Canada were talking about making Trudeau's absolute power and dictatorship permanent?

Yeah, this video shows the people standing up to the tyrants scared the tyrants into backing down. The human demons are still afraid of you and want to keep their heads.

Concerning Canada, this video is very good. You have to look past his vocabulary because he is very intelligent, very well educated, and does a better job of breaking things down into what is really going on that anyone else I have been able to find and there are 5 million subscribers who agree with me.

Note that he shows that Trudeau "said" he has lifted the Emergency Act, implying the dictatorship has ended, but is continuing to use the laws and "tools" they enacted to force their tyranny on the people of Canada.

Nah, that wouldn't be a deceptive way of continuing their tyranny on the people, would it?

You can't believe anything the lefty upper class trash say, nothing.

Do you believe me yet that these upper class trash people and their puppets are evil? Do you believe me that there is going to have to be a shooting war to permanently depose these human demons to get your freedoms back?

These evil things are not going to just give your freedoms back to you. History and current events prove that to be true.

Climate Change

This is a very interesting video that shows another case where the left is censoring science that contradicts their bogus science and they don't want people to hear about.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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