Ukraine 6

I just found out from a very reliable military and intelligence source that Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs of the US Department of State secretly worked to overthrow Yanukovych, the former leader of Ukraine, and even picked Ukraine's current leader to replace Yanukovych. The US has spent $5 billion creating "democratic institutions" in Ukraine to turn the country against Russia.

Oops! Our commie traitors running our government really did commit a hostile act or act of war against Russia by trying to turn Ukraine against Russia and isolate Russia. And did they mess it up or what? Benghazi and now this.

Yep, our glorious leaders definitely have infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending. Has Obama not screwed up anything? Obama plays and the Ukraine people pay.

So Putin really is defending himself against hostile acts by the Obama administration and probably also at least one or more US allies. That just increases the number of reasons why almost none of the European/NATO countries are going along with Obama's continued hostile acts against Russia, you know, the sanctions. They know Obama started this mess. Is Obama in the process of starting a war with Russia? He has already gotten off to a good start, hasn't he.

So, here is the current situation. Obama started this mess with a hostile act against Russia by staging a political coup in Ukraine to turn Ukraine against Russia. (Probably because Putin is not going along with the Euro-American upper class trash plans for a global commie dictatorship.) In self defense, Putin is staging a strategic take over of Ukraine and Transnitria and is trying to build a coalition to protect themselves against the aggressive actions of the Euro-American upper class trash with Obama and the US knuckle heads in Congress and the US media continuing to commit and threaten even more hostile acts against Russia.

Yeah, that will really cool things off. Hey, let's start a war with Russia AFTER we have devastated the US and European militaries. Great move. The Euro-American upper class trash have obviously been inbreeding for too long and are causing another global war.

BTW, how is that pagan democracy thing working out? With the stupid people in control, you are going to have stupid things happen, I don't care what kind of government you have.

So, how is Putin doing in this game of international chess against Obama?

When Putin annexed Crimea as a new Russian state, he proved NATO to not be dependable, gained amnesty for his supporters, humiliated Obama, gained possession of the strategic Black Sea naval bases, gained access to offshore oil and gas deposits around Crimea, added 2 million Russian citizens to help increase the size and support of the Russian military, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia will sign to join Russia's economic and military alliance in May, Russia still has control of all of Ukraine's gas and oil and is still supplying most of the gas for 18 NATO countries including Germany, Poland, Romania, and Turkey, and just made a deal to increase exports to both China and India for energy and weapons to make Russia even more money.

Wow, Obama's attack on Russia really hurt Russia, didn't it. That will learn Putin to not go along with the Euro-American upper class crazies.

How did Obama come out in this game?

Obama was internationally humiliated and discredited, he lost at least one potential NATO ally, caused NATO to be discredited, and encured the responsibility for subsidizing 42 million Ukrainians who are $72 billion in debt, and have a $27 billion annual cash shortfall. Obama also put the US in a position to where, if the US does make a move against Russia, he will be causing severe economic problems for most NATO allies, which will isolate the US even more. In other words, Obama's plan to isolate Russia is isolating the US. Oh yeah, great move Obama!! How many more such great moves by Obama can the US survive?

Then we have Obama and the insane twits in Congress, you know, like McCain, making threats against and calling for more hostile actions against Russia, including military action while continuing to devastate the US military by cutting back the US military budget? Well, at least the US isolationists idiots are getting what they wanted. Are these upper class trash completely ignorant of what they are doing, really stupid, and/or just extremely crazy? You would think they would want to defuse the problem they caused instead of making it worse, especially since it has gone bad, but, hey, who said they are thinking?

BTW, I hope you remember that Putin promised Belarus, Poland, and Romania parts of Ukraine for joining Putin's defense alliance and I said that at least one of them would take the deal. What should Belarus joining Putin's defense alliance tell you? Putin now has to take Ukraine to keep his end of the deal with Belarus. Oops! Guess what Putin is going to do soon?

Yep, definitely a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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