Ukraine 8

This is one of those 1:00 am essays in which God woke me up thinking about the mess in Ukraine and showing me this is much worse than I had thought and what must be done to avert the worst crisis in human history.

Yesterday, in a military discussion group I belong to, some one stated something very true which put this entire mess into a different light. It is very clear that Obama and company (everyone involved on the Euro-American side of this mess) interfered with the internal affairs of a sovereign nation, Ukraine, in an effort to get Putin removed from office in Russia, another interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation, because Putin would not be an accomplice in committing the crime the Euro-American upper class trash are determined to commit by forcing the establishment of a global dictatorship and committing the horrible crime of massive genocide by murdering more than 7 billion people globally. All of these actions are both national and international crimes by the individuals committing these actions and, in the US, constitute an act of treason along with many other criminal actions.

You have to understand that Putin refused to be an accomplice with the Euro-American upper class trash in establishing the Euro-American upper class trash global dictatorship and murdering off more than 7 billion people globally. He either arrested, killed, or ran out everyone in Russia who was involved in the act of committing this crime against humanity. Those who managed to escape Russia have had warrants issued for their arrest or demise for said criminal activities.

To retaliate against Putin and get Putin removed from office in Russia so the corrupt members of the Euro-American upper class trash could continue with committing their global crimes, the West, led by Obama, and proved by recently released US government documents, staged riots in Ukraine to depose the pro-Russian leaders of Ukraine. You have to understand that all of Russia's natural gas lines, a very major and critical source of income for the Russian economy, run through Ukraine. By the West illegally setting up a pro-Western government in Ukraine, it gave the West control of Russia's natural gas pipelines and put Russia's very survival at risk.

This means that all actions taken by Russia, since these crimes have been committed against both Ukraine and Russia by the Euro-American upper class trash, have been for Russia's survival and, by international law, those actions are ALL legal. It is stated in international law that any nation is permitted to take any actions against another nation, which poses a threat to that nation's survival, as are required for the threatened nation to survive. So far, Putin and Russia have not committed any crimes and everything they have done is for Russia's survival and is legal.

It is critical to understand that Russia cannot afford to lose this fight for control of Ukraine and Russia's natural gas pipelines or the West will gain a strangle hold on Russia and will be able to quickly and easily choke Russia into surrender. Therefore, Russia MUST be prepared to resort to the use of nuclear weapons to win this fight.

But the mess created by the Euro-American upper class trash has create problems which go beyond Ukraine. If Russia is permitted to win this confrontation in the manner in which this mess is currently headed, other hostile nations such as China, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and others will be encouraged and it will be made possible for them to begin military aggressions of their own against other peaceful nations. History teaches that, if the current mess in Ukraine is permitted to continue until it develops into significant military conflagrations between Russia and the US, these other hostile nations will certainly begin hostile actions against other peaceful nations because they all know that the US and EU cannot fight two major wars at one time because the corrupt Euro-American upper class trash have so completely devastated the US and EU militaries so those countries combined cannot fight the combined efforts of said hostile countries.

This is especially critical when one remembers that Russia and China have signed a mutual defense treaty in which one nation is required to come to the aid of the other nation in the event a serious conflagration between that nation and another nation occurs, especially for the cause of self defense. If the West goes to war against Russia, we go to war against both Russia and China.

The devastation of the Euro-American militaries was carried out so the very corrupt Euro-American upper class trash did not have to worry about the intervention of their countries' militaries while those upper class trash criminals set up their dictatorships in their nations. These were crimes committed against the peoples of those nations, those nations, and the entire planet and constitute treason and criminal negligence on a global basis. Once again, the corrupt upper class trash, in all of their intellectual superiority, have created a situation which, if continued in the current direction can and must result in international conflagration between the various entities.

The problem this time is much worse because it will inevitably result in a massive use of nuclear weapons on a global scale and hundreds of millions of innocent people will die because of the crimes committed by our upper class trash because of their insane and obsessive, compulsive mischief and drive for increased power and wealth. These criminals are right now in the process of committing the worst criminal actions in the history of the world because of their own selfishness.

Right now, for the first time in the history of the world, we have an opportunity to prevent the most horrible war in the history of mankind, an all out nuclear war. If we do the right things right now, we can stop the almost inevitable horrible results of the mischief being caused by our corrupt upper class trash criminals, saving hundreds of millions of lives, which will be a first in history.

This means that, to prevent an increasingly inevitable nuclear war, this confrontation between the Euro-American criminals and Russia CANNOT be permitted to continue along its current lines and very significant changes in the direction of this mess must be made quickly to de-escalate this mess back to a peaceful situation where Russia can feel secure in its national security. It also means that all of the criminals involved in causing this mess must be openly prosecuted and held responsible for their crimes and receive strict punishments for their criminal activities as a warning to other corrupt rich criminals to behave themselves. It should no longer be acceptable for the people of this planet to pay for the crimes of the corrupt members of our upper class. Please remember that not all rich people are bad people.

God has shown me that the only way to resolve this mess without global conflict and the swapping of nukes is for the US military, working with the US FBI and Interpol, to arrest, prosecute, and punish ALL members of the upper class trash and their various accomplices involved in this global mess created by the insane and power mad upper class trash working to set up their beloved global commie dictatorship and commit the horrible crime of genocide against more than 7 billion people AND all of this must be done publically making it known and very obvious to everyone every crime these criminals have committed. To earn the trust of everyone, there MUST BE COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY in prosecuting these criminals. If we do not do this in a professional and civilized manner with none of the criminals involved getting off or getting less than the maximum punishments, there can be no good peaceful solution to this problem. All of the trials and charges for this mess must be made public so everyone will know the truth about the crimes committed and who committed those crimes. There can be no special treatment for anyone because, especially in this case, we cannot afford for anyone to be even slightly above the law. There can be no secrets in resolving this mess or it won't work.

Also, Russia MUST be permitted to use its military to put the deposed pro-Russian Ukraine government back in place, the Ukraine military must stand down to permit their legal government to return to power, the Euro-American forces must be completely removed and stay out of Ukraine, and then, after peace has been re-established in Ukraine, Russia must remove all of its military personnel from Ukraine returning complete autonomy to Ukraine. I believe Russia will have to be permitted to keep Crimea as a peace offering for them to agree with this resolution.

But I am concerned that things may have already advanced too far for even this to work. the die may have already been cast. We may be stuck with the horrible mess the upper class trash has created, once again.

Once again, the upper class trash have gone too far, therefore, it is critical to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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