You Need To Know

Remember that I have told you a number of times that I was trained in biology to do field research on animal behavior and have spent more than half a century using that training to do field research on human behavior IN THE FIELD; not in a white palace like the lefty shrinks do their bogus research, which is invalid research? Remember that I also told you that I was trained by the US Air Force in intelligence and espionage?

You put those two together along with more than half a century of experience in doing field research on human behavior for all classes and many different groups, from lefties to conservatives and different races and it easily explains why my prediction success rate is far greater than even the CIA Langley think tank prediction success rate, even with them having access to classified information I don't have access to.

Remember that my prediction success rate is in excess of 90% and the Langley think tank success rate is only about 10% to 12% and they are considered the best in the world.

Concerning this rapidly escalating lefty caused civil war we are already in, there are some things you need to know to help you survive it.

Notice that you are seeing the lefty coalition blow itself apart with infighting and there are good reasons for this. There are two very good reasons that, when considered together, will explain what you are seeing and will see.

1st, these different groups have different and conflicting agendas, which automatically put them at odds with each other. These differences cause stress between the different groups, which, in turn, causes them to hate or at least resent each other.

2nd, they are all God and Bible hating pagans who want to live by Satan's one law, "Do as you will."

When you put group hatred together with the mentality and law of being able to do whatever you want to whomever you want or "do as you will", there will be fighting and strife between those groups, which is what we are seeing now and it will get much, much worse before this is over. Suddenly, these groups who hate each other will be able to commit the worst acts of violence against the people they have hated for decades. It will be at its worst then the fighting in this rapidly accelerating lefty war reaches open shooting and slaughter levels.

For example, remember that I told you I got to spend more than 5 years studying homosexual behavior in the field for both males and females and that almost all of their group talk, whether with just two or more homosexuals, was hate talk and that better than 90% of that hate talk was not directed at heterosexuals but at homosexuals of the opposite sex.

Words cannot accurately describe how much they hate each other and, if you don't believe me, just spend a few hours listening to either homosexual males or lesbians talking and you will see that what I am saying is true. The homosexual males and females only unite under the LGBT movement to destroy Christianity and Biblical Law because of their common hatred for Biblical Law.

Remember that the enemy of my enemy can still be my enemy.

Remember that I have told you that this transgender thingy is just almost all homosexual male queens using the deceptive title of transgender to get away with them doing as they will to females, especially lesbians.

You think not?

Then why are these queens using the transgender thingy to invade women's sports and beat up on women with these queens knowing that many of the women in sports are lesbians, especially many of the best?

These homosexual queens are using the transgender thingy to invade women's sports to beat up on lesbians, the group of people they hate most because they are increasingly living by Satan's law of "do as you will" and they will to beat up on lesbians because they hate lesbians so much. The queens hate lesbians much, much more than they hate heterosexual females.

When I was in Los Angeles during the LA riots in the early 90s, I got to study the different races involved in that community and their relationships with each other.

Did you know that the blacks hate Asians much more than they hate whites? Did you know that the blacks hate Latinos more than they hate whites? Did you know that whites are only the third most hated group by blacks? Did you know that Asians hate blacks more than any other race because the blacks regularly cause trouble for Asians and even attack them? Did you know that Latinos hate blacks more than any other race because blacks regularly cause trouble for and even attack Latinos?

Now, imagine what will happen during this rapidly escalating lefty war when all of those groups will be permitted to do as they will to all of the groups they hate. Oops!

Remember that I have told you that better than 90% of the Muslims who are murdered every year are murdered by other Muslims and why?

It is because Muslims are taught some very interesting things about other groups.

First, you need to know that Muslims are taught to live by Satan's law of "do as you will" to ALL non Muslims and to hate ALL non Muslims.

Gee, you don't think Muslims are satanic, do you, you know, living by Satan's law, "do as you will"?

Then you need to know that both Arabic and Persian Muslims are taught that all other races, including each other, are not true humans and, therefore, they cannot be true Muslims, which means they can "do as they will" to those other Muslims and they are taught to hate those other Muslims. It doesn't matter that you have converted to Islam, because you are not a true human and cannot be a true Muslim so they can still murder you and they do it all of the time in the Middle East.

Just look at what is going on in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq with Muslims murdering Muslims all of the time.

All non black Muslims are also taught that blacks are not humans but are apes and, therefore, all other Muslims can "do as they will" to all blacks, even black Muslims.

Now you take ALL of these different groups that hate each other and have been protected from each other by Biblical Law, destroy Biblical Law so they can "do as they will" to each other, and what do you think will happen?

They will quickly turn on each other JUST LIKE THEY ARE ALREADY DOING AROUND THE WORLD AND EVEN IN THE US TODAY, and they will have a global genocide contest, murdering each other.

The lesbians are about to find out what all of these lefty pagan groups will soon find out, which is that the Biblical Laws they hate and are destroying have been protecting the lesbians from the homosexual males and, without that protection, the homosexual males can do anything they want to the weaker lesbians they hate, which is what they are doing right now in sports with this transgender thingy.

All of these groups are about to get what they want and they won't like it because, just like I have told you before again and again, if you can do something to someone else, then someone else can do that something to you and, when you can do as you will to anyone else, anyone else can do as they will to you. Think about that.

When society breaks down to that satanic level, whoever does as they will to the others first, survives and the others die. It will be dog-eat-dog with the first dogs doing the eating being the dogs that survive.

God is letting the pagans have what they want so they will ALL learn the hard way that God's Biblical Laws have been protecting them from what they want and they ain't going to like what they want when they get it, most won't survive what they want when they get it.

God showed me that, in this rapidly accelerating lefty war, the conservatives will start winning it very quickly and easily up to a point. The reason for that is because, when the lefties and Muslims can feel free to do as they will, they will turn on each other because they hate each other and start committing genocide against each other.

First, remember that I have told you that almost all of the fighting in this war will be in the cities and will be very bloody. Very little of this fighting will be in fields and meadows.

You Christians need to know that, when you take over a community that has been under the control of the lefties and Muslims, you will find some really sick sights in the alleys where different groups have slaughtered other groups because of their hatred for each other and their satanic law of "do as you will", especially just before they give up control of that community and leave it to you. You will find groups of lesbians slaughtered by either homosexual males or Muslims, groups of homosexual males slaughtered by either lesbians or Muslims, groups of different races slaughtered by other races, and groups of both non Muslims and Muslims slaughtered by Muslims, you know, just like they are now finding in Syria and Iraq.

You Christians need to know these things and be ready for these things because the pagans will depopulate ENTIRE communities in this war in the greatest slaughter in history AND the lefties and Muslims will try to blame you Christians for their murders. It ain't going to be pretty and you will have trouble sleeping for the rest of your lives unless you get peace from God because of what you will see that the pagans have done and the crimes they will have committed, even against each other.

Then you will KNOW that Satan is using paganism to wipe out ALL of mankind so God's prophecies cannot come true, even all pagans so none of them can convert to Christianity so Satan can't be judged by God because God will have lied if even just one of His prophecies doesn't come true and will not be seen as being just enough to judge Satan, which has been Satan's entire game for thousands of years. Satan ain't on nobody's side but his own, regardless of what the stupid pagans believe.

There is something else that you Christians need to know that you are now facing and will only get worse.

Remember that I got to study lefty psychiatrists in Los Angeles for almost a decade with my lefty wife who had a masters in psychiatry, getting me into groups of some of the best lefty shrinks, where I could study them and their behavior. I have also studied psychology in college and have been keeping an eye on the mind control studies by both civilians and the military.

Based on what I have been seeing and studying for more than a decade, I am convinced that these non Muslim group shootings are being caused by lefty shrinks.

You think not? Did you noticed a little coincidence in that almost ALL of these mass killers were seeing lefty shrinks and have been on "medications" or drugs prescribed by those shrinks that obviously didn't do any good?

Gee, what a coincidence. Yeah, a wee bit too much of a coincidence.

I am convinced and you need to know that these lefty shrinks have secret armies of people they have taken control of their minds with a combination of psychology and drugs, turning those people into programmed killing robots.

Based on my observations and studies, I believe that these shrinks are organized nationally so that, when the upper class trash tells one of their leaders to stage a mass killing, that leader picks a participating shrink to turn lose one of his brainwashed and doped up killers to stage the killing so they can get people tired of the killings and wanting to get rid of guns so the upper class trash can disarm you before they finish staging their evil coup. It is called terrorism and the upper class trash is good at it.

You need to know that these shrinks are accelerating turning these killers loose on you to get you tired of the mass killings to get you to disarm yourselves so you can't fight back and, when this war gets going full tilt, these lefty shrinks will turn their armies loose in mass against you to kill as many of you as possible.

You just might want to remain armed so you can defend yourselves.

Did you know that the Marine who killed the Navy SEAL, Kyle, was seeing a lefty shrink and was on "medication"? Why would the lefties want to murder Kyle?

Because Kyle had left the Navy to set up, organize, and coordinate a number of professionally run civilian militias to fight in this accelerating war because the US Military knows what the lefty plans are, Kyle was doing an excellent job of preparing a civilian army for this war, the lefties knew it, and I believe the lefties sent one of their killer human robots to murder Kyle and they used a former Marine because they knew Kyle would trust him.

I have not been able to find any other reason why that Marine murdered Kyle. That is the most probably reason and the evidence supports it.

To stop this human robot murdering army, you have to stop the lefty shrinks and you need to know this.

You all need to know and are about to find out the hard way that God's Laws were given to us to protect us from each other and Satan hates that.

This ain't going to be purdy, baby, and is going to be really terrible because you are about to see paganism at its worst and that will open everyone's eyes.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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