Yahweh, The Book

I have come to the realization that I need to explain how and why I came to writing the e-book, Yahweh. The path that lead me to writing this novel started almost 40 years ago while studying biology and anthropology in college. I decided to start a quest from a scientific perspective to find out if there really was a being, God, and who this being might be. I had already realized that I could separate my search for truth about evolution and the existence of a being, god, from each other because any being who could perform the act of creation would also be able to perform the act of controlling evolution, therefore, evolution could not disprove the existence of such a powerful being. The best evolution could do was to make it possible for such a being to not exist. This means that the search for the existence for such a being and for the truth about whether creation or evolution were true could be done independently of each other and even in parallel.

In my search for any scientifically valid evidence concerning the possible existence of such a being or beings, I studied a number of different religions both from internal and external perspectives whenever possible. Of course, dead religions can only be studied from an external perspective because there are no living participants in the dead religions to question.

I quickly learned that any and all man made religions had very simplistic multiple deities because we humans tend to think in too simplistic of a way to be able to dream up deities and personages with anywhere nearly as complex of personalities as ourselves. Therefore, it quickly became obvious that all religions which had multiple deities with simplistic personalities such as a god for war, a god for love, and the like, such as Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Middle Eastern paganism, Hinduism, and others were the figment of our over active ancestral imaginations and could not be considered as being evidence for the existence of a real, living being. This quickly condensed my search down to the study of Judaism and Christianity, which required the study of their scriptures, history, and anthropology from a scientifically objective perspective. Note that Islam was also ruled out because it is known by even all Muslims that Allah was one of more than 360 Meccan gods and was their war god (the god of the sword.) You will find this fact printed in the front of many Korans.

As I studied the ancient Jewish scriptures, I began to realize a number of things. First, these scriptures were broken down into three basic sets. The first set is the first five books of the Bible or Torah, second is the rest of the Old Testament or Jewish Tanach, and then the New Testament. Except for the first five books or Torah, all of the scriptures in the Old Testament or Tanach are built on and dependent on the first five books or Torah. Also, all of the New Testament is built on and dependent on the Old Testament or Tanach. EVERYTHING in Judaism and Christianity is built on and dependent on the concept and requirement that the being described in the Torah is real, He lives, and He exists. Therefore, the most important scriptures are the first five books of the Bible or Torah.

In studying the Torah, I learned a number of interesting things which I finally decided to share with you on this site and then in the e-novel, Yahweh. First, these ancient scriptures were written as a testimony for the children and grandchildren of the people who lived through the events of the Exodus. The scriptures were recorded so that these people's children and grandchildren could know exactly what these people experienced and were never meant by these people (but were meant by the being, Yahweh,) to be read by the rest of the world. To these people, the scriptures were supposed to be a family or tribal heirloom to their descendants.

Also, these scriptures were read back to the people on a regular basis and these people voted unanimously to their accuracy at the end of their trip as a sworn testimony to their children and grandchildren as to the accuracy of the events described in these scriptures. This is very important because the scriptures tell us that there were from two to over three million people who voted unanimously that the events recorded in the scriptures were accurate. I realized that it would be impossible to randomly select a group of people that large who would vote unanimously that such events were true as a testimony to their children if these events were false. Therefore, it was logical that the validity of these scriptures was at least very good.

What I found in studying these ancient scriptures was that they were the written testimony, by millions of people, of a 40 year encounter with a very powerful being not of this world AND that these scriptures comprise the only historical documentation and evidence in existence that we humans are not alone and there is other life. There are a number of US Government funded projects which have been spending billions of tax payer dollars searching for evidence of life for which no one has one shred of evidence there is any such life or ever has been yet they outright reject the evidence provided in these scriptures as mythology because they don't want this being and the other beings described in these ancient Jewish scriptures to exist because, then they would be expected to live by the laws this being, God, gave to the Jews.

To me, the latter is irrational and unscientific. In searching for evidence concerning the existence of other life, we must consider all reasonable possibilities. This was my concept and belief as I conducted my search and came to the conclusion over a period of decades that the being, God, of the Bible must be real regardless of what we want to believe.

In writing the book, Yahweh, I wanted to share this information and perspective with you but the story only began there. To write the book, I had to separate the scriptures about the events of the Exodus from the laws because most of the Torah is laws and breaks up the story of the Exodus so badly that it makes it very difficult to follow the story and see the true magnitude and meaning of the Torah Story. In doing this, the story of the Exodus jumped out of the pages of these ancient scriptures, became much more alive and meaningful than even I could have imagined, and ran over the top of me leaving me stunned and awed at what I had learned even after decades of study.

Before beginning this novel, I was as certain as anyone that the being, Yahweh, was real but while writing the book, I became absolutely convinced beyond any possible doubt that this incredible being is real, He lives, and He exists. As I read back through and edited the book, I realized the true significance of this incredible story and why I was so compelled to share the story of this historic event with everyone. Words cannot describe the magnitude of the event when you see the story in condensed form. We absolutely and undeniably are not alone and our company is not limited to some evolved, little, green men. There is a very real and incredible living being we call God whose name is Yahweh....AND, according to the promises and warnings Yahweh made in the scriptures when He dictated them to His scribes, the prophets, He will be returning soon so we must be ready when He comes again.

Enjoy the book but you better tie your socks on first or you will lose them!

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