Drums of War

The militants continue to beat the drums of war trying to drum up enough courage to go to war against Israel. Russia, Iran, and Syria all have a military defense treaty which will require either of the other two to respond in the event that any of the other two countries are attacked. This not only explains why Israel is bending over backwards to not go to war against Syria but also explains exactly why Russia will move its military against Israel in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

This also explains why Syria is increasingly trying to provoke an attack by Israel. Syria recently shot down an Israeli unmanned aircraft over Lebanon (a blatant act of war) and just increased their state of alert after detonating a 1,000 pound just across the border from Israel. They are trying to get Israel to attack so Russia and Iran will be required to respond in defense of Syria.

Mean while, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Egypt have been beating their drums threatening the US that, if Israel continues their "arrogant" act of defending itself, they will be forced to go to war.

One might ask against whom? Hizballah for attacking Israel and starting this war? Of course not.

Maybe against Syria and Iran for supporting the terrorist organization, Hizballah, in this war against Israel? Of course not.

Against Israel for being arrogant enough to dare to defend herself against attacks by a Muslim terrorist organization? Betcha!

After all, everyone knows that Israel is just supposed to stand there peacefully while the Muslims completely destroy her in an act of genocide. They have convinced much of the world that it is wrong for Israel to defend herself against the terrorists. I do hope you realize that, after the Muslims have destroyed Israel, they will also demand that the rest of the non-Muslim world not defend themselves while the Muslims just slaughter us.

Mean while, Hugo Chavez met with Syria, Iran, and Hizballah in Damascus to plan an armed alliance blatantly showing that the commie's/socialists are on the side of terrorists against the rest of us. After all, the US commie's/socialists have shown direct support for Chavez against the US.

Kofi Annan has been trying to make excuses to condemn Israel for anything and everything which happens while Israel is trying to defend itself showing a complete lack of neutrality from the UN. This is in conjunction with other countries such as France also condemning Israel at every opportunity while doing business as usual with commie and Muslim countries.

With so many countries trying to get this war against Israel accelerated for the purpose of wiping out Israel, it is only a matter of time until they get their excuse so they can move their armies against Israel.

They are so determined to achieve this goal that Lebanon is refusing to accept a cease fire with Israel, Iran and Syria continue to try to aid Hizballah at every opportunity to keep the fighting going, and other Muslim countries continue to put out propaganda to encourage more Muslims to join Hizballah to keep the fighting going. It should be obvious that there is a huge amount of global determination to use this current war and accellerate the war to where they will be able to exterminate Israel.

Satan is running short on patience and is determined to wipe Israel out as soon as possible to stop prophesy from happening and him from being sentenced to the Lake of Fire.

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