"Warning, Will Robinson, Warning!!! Danger is approaching!!!"

Those words should be familiar to anyone who watched the TV series, Lost in Space. They are just as meaningful as ever in Israel today. Today, China issued a warning to all its citizens who are visiting Israel for them to leave Israel immediately. This should tell you that China, a Muslim ally, knows something you don't know and the crap is about to hit the fan.

Over the last few days, Iran has fired SAM (Surface to Air Missiles) missiles at Israeli jets from inside Syria in an attempt to provoke an attack by Israel against those missile batteries and use that defensive attack by Israel as an excuse to attack Israel with Iran/Syria claiming self defense.

At the same time, Syria has been moving her troops and Iranian troops in Syrian uniforms to the Israeli/Syrian border to ready for an attack while also trying to provoke a defensive attack by Israel the Syrians and Iranians can use as an excuse to "defend" themselves against Israel requiring Russia and other countries who have a military alliance with Syria to join the battle against Israel. Understand that what Iran and Syria are up to is to create a condition that will draw as many other Muslim and commie countries into a war with Israel as possible and as quickly as possible to completely destroy Israel. That is exactly what this is all about.

Having followed the Iran/Iraq war, I know that there is another possibility for the resent Syrian troop movements. In the war with Iraq, Iran and Iraq both frequently used cut off tactics to isolate troops from each other and their supply lines. The isolated troops would rapidly run out of ammunition and fuel with which to defend themselves, would become easy pray, and be quickly destroyed. If the Iranians/Syrians were to destroy a sizeable Israeli force in this manner, it would embolden their Muslim and commie allies to join the fighting.

It is a strong probability that they are positioning so that, when the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is at the Litani River, about 50 to 100 km into Lebanon, Syria and Iran will strike at the rear of the IDF by attacking down the Israeli/Lebanon border towards the sea. Their goal will be to isolate as many IDF forces as quickly as possible from their supplies so the Iranians/Syrians can attack the isolated forces to cause the isolated IDF forces to run out of ammunition and fuel so the Syrian/Iranian forces can quickly and easily destroy them all.

Such a victory against Israel would cause the rest of the Muslim/commie countries to grow something resembling testicles between their legs, join the battle, and prepare for the annihilation of every one in Israel. After they annihilate Israel, they will turn their emboldened little faces to the west and go after Europe next. This means the Europeans need to quickly grow something resembling brains between their ears but I don't think there are enough centuries left for them to do that in time to save their butts. Instead, the US will probably have to lose more young US lives to save the stupid Euro butts...again.

With Syria and Iran making the moves they are making in Syria and China telling its people to leave Israel immediately, you better keep a close eye on this war in the next few days to week.

Also, I have noticed that the lying US liberal media and politicians have caused the US to almost lose the war in Iraq and they are really happy about it. If we lose that war in the near future, it will embolden the Muslim/commie allies to join forces against Israel because they know a defeated US won't dare to go to war against them with the US liberal commie traitors on their side.

We are so close to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 that you could almost spit on it.

FYI: do you realize exactly what the Bible means when it says, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem"? The peace of Jerusalem is the Messiah. There cannot be any lasting peace in Jerusalem until after the Messiah has come and established His eternal peace. In order for Him to come, we must first complete all Bible prophesy which precedes His coming including the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. That verse DOES NOT mean to pray for a temporary, man made peace in Jerusalem.

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