Warning 2

Remember that, a few days ago, a liberal Marxist commie activist male friend of mine posted on FB a statement that all of the mass murders had one thing in common, they were all white males?

Yesterday, a liberal Marxist commie activist female friend posted something saying the same thing and I have been thinking about this. This is the lefties' latest strategy for gun control. What they are doing is scaring everyone into being afraid of white males so everyone will go along with disarming white males in order to prevent more mass killings. The lefty white males are not concerned about being disarmed because, after the liberal commie take over, the lefty white males will be in the lefty CNSF and be issued weapons by the state to help control and kill off most of the population. Or at least that is what they have been told and believe.

What they are really after is to disarm the conservative white males because the conservative white males will be at least 70% to 80% of the people who will stand up against the coming commie dictatorship and tyranny, especially the US military veterans, most of whom are white males. If you can't disarm everyone, you try to disarm the most important ones, of course, using fear to achieve it. Get the picture yet?

I strongly suggest the strategy of high jacking this new liberal crusade, replacing their half truth (lie) with the full truth the liberals don't want anyone to know, and turning their own crusade against the liberals. You do this by agreeing with the liberals that all of the mass murderers have been white males and then insist on being even more specific in that they have all been liberal white males, this is a must. Then you just turn and run with this crusade, they started, as if it is your own, but against liberal white males. You fight fire with even hotter fire.

You want to take this liberal crusade as far as you can in order to do as much damage as possible to the liberal gun control effort, cause as much hindrance as possible for liberal white males in current and future efforts, put the liberals on the defensive, and cause division between liberal white males and the rest of the lefties, especially non whites to divide and conquer the lefties. The liberals are already creating increasing amounts of division within their lefty effort and we are going to quickly maximize even more division within their effort.

You will find that the liberal white males are the core of this Marxist commie take over and all of their plans. The liberal white males are the principle leaders of this treason. If you can isolate the liberal white males, especially the upper class, from everyone else, it will cripple their efforts. Go for the jugular, the liberals just gave you the crusade to do it.

You want to demand everything I said in my last essay, "Solution", as you can to cause as much damage to their cause as possible (causing them to put out a maximum number of fires and keep the liberals on the defensive) and give yourself as much to bargain with as possible for potential "compromises". You want to create fear of liberal white males, especially the privileged and techies, by all women and children and use that to achieve your goals as well as possible, You want to insist the shrinks involved with the last murderers be investigated to see if they have been doing or saying things which have pushed those liberal white males over the edge, and start working on petitions and legislation to achieve your goals to protect women and children from liberal white males, get help for the extremely dangerous liberal white males (especially the privileged middle and upper classes and techies), and investigate and develop controls for the shrinks working with liberal white males.

You should drive this high jacked liberal crusade as far as you can knowing they will eventually try to cop out using their "profiling is wrong" and "racist" cards but still try to get everything you can against the liberal white males to slow them down. Then, every time another liberal white male commits a mass murder, restart this crusade and run it as far as you can to draw the attention from gun control to liberal white male control. After a while, this may cause these monsters to stop sending their doped and brainwashed liberals to commit mass murders and it may save lives.

Below, I will list the goals from my essay, "Solution", you should strive for and, if you can add to this list, all the better.

1) All middle to upper class liberal white males should have to register with local, state, and federal law enforcement, you know, like the liberals want to do with gun owners, who are no threat at all.

2) All middle to upper class liberal white males should be denied use or possession of any and all weapons including but not limited to guns, knives, cars, planes, boats, baseball bats, and anything else which could be used as a weapon. They will only be permitted to use such things as butter knives under close supervision. Instead of driving cars, they should be limited to riding bicycles, mass transit, skate boarding, walking, roller skating, or using a taxi, which will also help the environment.

3) All middle to upper class liberal white males who show any aggression or say anything hateful, threatening, hostile, or condescending should be immediately reported to the police for investigation and psychoanalysis. This includes all liberal white males regardless of job or position such as college professors, politicians, media, bureaucrats, CEOs, business owners, artists, scientists, doctors (especially shrinks), movie industry, techies, and others. We must consider all liberal white males from middle and upper class to be an extreme threat to everyone, especially women and children (the last killing targeted women but there have been a number of school shootings targeting children.)

4) No middle to upper class liberal white males should be permitted to visit any school, including universities, without a security escort and proper notification of the school authorities in advance. This includes to attend or teach classes.

5) All middle to upper class liberal white males who are seeing a shrink, have seen a shrink in the last three years, taking any medications, and/or taking any drugs of any type need to be fitted with a monitoring device so they can be tracked by law enforcement all of the time. They should not be allowed out in public, especially around women and children, without a security escort to protect other people.

6) When all middle to upper class liberal white males are seeing a shrink, the cessions with those shrinks MUST be video recorded so authorities can determine what the shrinks are doing or saying wrong which might cause the liberal white males to lose control and start murdering large numbers of people. This analysis is to help develop better psychological techniques and help for liberal white males.

7) All middle to upper class liberal white males MUST report using any and all recreational drugs, use a tracking device, and be under observation at all times.

8) All people, especially women and children should be regularly warned about the extreme dangers of liberal white males and be encouraged to use caution when dealing with liberal white males. This is because so many women and children have been targeted by liberal white males in their mass killings.

9) All male hating liberal feminists must be made to stop their hate and "battle of the sexes" crimes against males because we now know that those hate and battle of the sexes crimes have at least contributed to one liberal white male killing a number of women. The liberal feminist hate crimes must stop.

Now, nip this liberal crusade in the bud by high jacking it and turning on the liberals to use it against the liberals to stop their evil gun control efforts. Send copies of this essay to every conservative you know.

I cannot over emphasize the importance to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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