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Let's talk about the weather. No, on second thought, let's talk about why the lying liberal media, who had been wanting to talk about nothing but Bush losing in Iraq, in spite of the fact that the US hasn't lost one battle in Iraq, suddenly just want to talk about the weather while your favorite lying liberal politicians are trying to directly cause Bush to lose the war in Iraq.

Doesn't it seem kind of funny that suddenly the lying liberal media wants to talk about something other than the Iraq war when they had been wanting to talk about nothing but the war? Doesn't it seem kind of funny that the lying liberal politicians are trying to micro manage the Iraq war in a manner which will cause us to lose that war and the war against terror in direct violation of the US Constitution? Doesn't it seem kind of funny that the lying liberals suddenly don't even want us using the term "War Against Terror"? Doesn't the whole thing just smell like a rotten barrel of fish? That's because it is.

The lying liberal media are trying to turn your attention away from the Iraq war because Bush is winning and it is getting too obvious. The blatant acts of treason by the liberals trying to cause us to lose this war are getting worse and more desperate. This should be encouraging to you, unless you are a Muslim, because it shows just how well Bush is winning the war in Iraq and how close he is to winning it.

Pelosi and company are willing to commit out right treason and other felonies to try and help the terrorists win this war just so they can get their power back. Is this lust for power insanity or what? It makes me think of other crazies like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Castro and should cause you to think like wise. These nuts on the left are beyond dangerous.

Their lust for power is so great and them losing it such a disaster to them that it has literally driven them mad and most of American isn't getting the clue. It is frightening. We have a group of power crazy nuts whose lust is so intense that they are fighting madly aiding an enemy who will kill us all, including them and their own families, because their insanity has made them so irrational. These insane liberal leaders and media should be more feared than the terrorists they have sold themselves and our country out to because of their irrational and insane drive for power.

There is no telling how low they will sink in their fight for power but I think they will and may have gone all the way to the bottom. In their insanity, they are putting the lives of everyone on the planet at risk. They are not only traitors to this country but to the human race in total.

In their insane drive for power they are trying to scare everyone into thinking that we will all soon die if we don't totally stop our economies and start living in caves again. If anyone dares to show evidence to the contrary, they are shouted down and the liberals try to punish them while the media ignore them. It is all nothing more than a slight of hand and most Americans are falling for it causing me to wonder just how many Americans would have to go to the proctologist to get brain surgery done.

This global warming thing they are screaming about being caused by you driving your car, is nothing more than a diversion away from the war against terror. I already told you about global warming and that it is a much more long term effect being caused by continental drying and has nothing to do with you driving your car.

What about this sudden cooling we are having? After all, right now, we are having what is probably the coolest year in a long time. I think God is showing just how foolish and irrational the left is along with the simple fact that He does and is intervening in our lives in spite of what the modern liberal "Christian" dogma tells us. I think it is very possible that He is showing the left to be the fools they are and that He really is in control just like the Bible says He is.

Think I am wrong? Just look at the pictures of those liberal global warming activists parading in the record snow storms and cold waves against global warming. Now, isn't that just the stupidest and most pathetic thing you have seen in your life? Can humans get any dumber than that? I believe the left has achieved infinite stupidity because it is never ending. And, gee, what an incredible coincidence that every time those nuts plan a major global warming event we have another record snow storm and/or cold wave? How many more times are you going to believe in coincidences before you start believing in God? Who is your god, luck, coincidence, or Yahweh?

You Christians better pray like hell before these nuts turn life on this planet into hell!

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