Because of our lying liberal media and clueless experts, who got the right degrees at the right universities, most people blindly believe that everyone on Welfare is there because they have no other choice and can't help themselves. They blindly believe that those people on Welfare would starve to death without Welfare in spite of the fact that Welfare didn't exist that long ago and the same basic people survived thousands of years without it. They believe and want to believe that no one is on Welfare because they want to be on Welfare. I am going to share some information showing this is not even close to being right.

One thing you have to understand from the start is that most criminals are not stupid like the media and experts make them look. Yes, there are some criminals who are stupid but those are the ones the media and experts crow about on TV and in the newspapers. There are the same ranges of intelligence in the crime world that there are in the rest of society but the more intelligent criminals like to make you think they are stupid so you won't question the lies they tell you. They want you to believe they are so stupid they couldn't possibly fool you so it will be easier to fool you. It works.

I found they have a saying on the street for the middle and upper classes, especially the media, experts, and government officials which goes like this, "You think I am stupid because I am a criminal but I know you are stupid because you believe my lies." They are very right and these people have been fooling even the best experts and media for more than half a century.

I was in the US Air Force at the end of Vietnam and, when I got out, I found I was branded a baby killer by the liberals and couldn't get a descent paying job for several years. I ended up living in a number of high crime neighborhoods in which there were quite a few people living on Welfare. In one such neighborhood, the leader of a street gang found out that I had been in electronics warfare in the service and decided to try to get me to join his gang because I could be quite helpful in beating alarms in cars, houses, and businesses which would increase their "earning potential". So he began trying to coerce me into joining his gang and a large part of the coercion was teaching me about how they did things and permitting me to hang out with them on the street without me having yet made a commitment to joining their gang or committing any crimes.

I knew that, if I out right refused, his gang would turn on me and things would get very bad for me and my family so I decided to play him along while I tried to save enough money to move to another neighborhood. It was tricky and dangerous but worked and provided me a rare insight of more than a year into the life of professional criminals. This was not a dope gang but a crime gang where they did a lot of stealing without selling drugs.

Part of the coercion included this man's "woman" spending more than two hours one night teaching me and my wife how they used Welfare to establish the "paper trail" necessary to hide their operations from the law, including the IRS. Yes, these stupid people quite effectively fool even the IRS, who catch even the best educated and richest people. You have to understand that this type of operation goes on all over the US with millions of criminals using similar Welfare based systems.

This is what they told me. First, when a young man and women decide they want to be life partners, they don't get married so the fed's can't tie the two together as man and wife and her children being his children. This separation is very important because, in most states, a married woman can't get Welfare. The mother has to be a single mother to get Welfare so they don't get married and will just move in together. They do not become husband and wife but are man and woman so that Welfare won't try to hold the man responsible for providing for his family. The pretense is that the woman will be a single mother living alone while she is actually living with the father of her children.

As soon as they get the young woman pregnant she prepares a sob story for the Welfare worker where the woman chooses a young, single male who was recently reported on the TV news as having died in something such as an automobile accident to claim as the father of her child. The most common story she would tell is that she got pregnant and was going to marry the young man but he was killed before they could get married so the child no longer has a father and she needs help raising this dead man's child.

It is important to understand that Welfare never checks these things out and just blindly believes such stories feeling sorry for the young woman when the real father is waiting for his woman at home. Believe me, they never check out such things.

The most important thing is to get the Welfare card because it is the magic key which opens all other doors. After she gets the Welfare card, she goes to the Federal Housing Authority which pays for her rent and, today, HUD will even provide her with a house of her own. Then she goes to another government agency and they will pay for all of her utilities while yet another government agency will pay for her basic phone bill plus so much per month in long distance phone calls.

Now, what is she doing? She is setting it up so she and her man don't have to use a bank account because they know that the law, especially the IRS, uses our bank accounts to track our financial activity and identify illegal activity. They use Welfare to set up a criminal operation which will function entirely on cash by getting the tax payers to pay for everything for which they would have to use checks or bank account withdrawals to make payments. Welfare and the rest of our socialist program will provide such a woman with one or more children with housing, utilities, phone, a stipends for food, and money for clothing and sundry items. The paper trail the criminals create also tells the law that these are poor people who are not worth investigating.

But what about their car and car insurance? For the automobile, the man purchases a cheap piece of junk so the title and DMV information will show it is junk and a poor man's car discouraging the fed's from looking any further and know that the government NEVER goes to these people's homes to check this stuff out.

Then the man will take his vehicle to an illegal chop shop and pay the criminals at this chop shop cash to customize his new car so it will be nicer than most people's new cars using parts and equipment from stolen cars. For insurance, the man will go to an insurance company when he first buys the car and before it is customized and pays cash for from 6 to 12 months of insurance at a time.

By the way, the criminals at the chop shop usually use Welfare in the same way.

Now the man and woman have established a man and woman crime team operating on cash only so the fed's can't track their spending and tell how much money the couple is really making with the important part being that there is no documentation connecting the man and woman as a team. This is also important so that, if the man gets caught committing a crime, the woman won't also go to jail permitting her to maintain their home and base of operations for when the man gets out of jail. The women in these operations almost never go to jail because society has taught us to see them as innocent when they are actually a very important part of the criminal team.

The man will already be involved in some form of criminal activity such as just plain stealing where he will get cash for everything he sells. Please note too that, since all of the basics are paid for by the tax payer, all additional moneys are what is called disposable income meaning it will go for better food and clothing, fun items, toys like electronics devices, and even trips.

For example, we will say the man is a professional burglar who makes his criminal living breaking into people's homes, stealing things of value, and selling the stolen items to fences who sell them to other people.

How much money can these people make per year? It depends on how good the criminal is, in which town he is operating, and in which neighbor hood he is operating. We will use a small town burglar or one who is operating in the wrong neighbor hood in a larger town. In most cities, a good professional burglar can make thousands of dollars per home they burglarize, especially with today's electronic devices. A professional can break into a home and be out with thousands of dollars in merchandise in less than 30 minutes because he will know what to take and what not to take. He will also know where people tend to hide their most valuable items.

What about his chances of being caught? In 1992 the Los Angeles Police Department released a very telling statistic which said that for every burglar who is caught, prosecuted, and incarcerated, there were more than 2,000 burglaries which were never solved, meaning the criminals got away with their crimes. That is a success rate of 99.95% and, if you committed only 50 burglaries per year, it would take 40 years to commit 2,000 burglaries. This should tell you that there are many professional burglars who never spend any time in prison for their crimes and the few who do go to prison often get off with very little time before they are released and return to work. If you work our liberal system right, crime pays very well.

Our little burglar is going to only make $1,000 per burglary and only commit 50 burglaries per year or work only about 25 hours per year of actual criminal activity which will mean he will make $50,000 per year, at a pay rate of about $2,000 per hour, TAX FREE and it will all be disposable income because all of the necessities are being paid for by the tax payers. In order for a law biding citizen to have $50,000 disposable income per year, after taxes, they would have to make much more than $100,000 per year before taxes which means these criminals are living better than most law biding citizens and using Welfare as a front or cover for their criminal activities. (Please note that the smarter criminals do spend some time checking out and planning such crimes.)

More food for thought is that, when food stamps were paper coupons, better 90% of the people seen illegally selling food stamps were men and the experts never figured out why there were so many men selling the food stamps, especially in states which only allowed single mothers on Welfare. Now you know that those men were the male partners in crime with those "single mothers" living on Welfare. What do the liberals think, that we have tens of millions of single mothers on Welfare living at home alone and all those new babies who keep showing up are caused by eating watermelon seeds? Get real.

And to think, liberals are so stupid and naive they believe and want to believe that no one is on Welfare because they want to be on Welfare. Now you know better because there are millions of people living on Welfare so they can get away with committing their crimes. Yes, there are some law biding citizens who are on Welfare because of bad circumstances or hard times but there are millions who are on Welfare by choice as a cover for their criminal activity and as a supplement to their criminal income.

Now, if you still think that ALL criminals are stupid, then you have to deal with the fact that these stupid criminals have been successfully out smarting the fed's and IRS for more than half a century when many of our very wealthy and "brilliant" upper class have been going to prison for not being able to fool the fed's and IRS. Also, if you still think all criminals are stupid and you can't fool the fed's and IRS, then you have to deal with the fact that you are dumber than the stupid criminals. You might want to rethink your beliefs about most criminals.

In 1936 scientific research proved conclusively that there is absolutely no correlation between wealth and intelligence. Therefore, these upper class "experts" believing the lower class should be sterilized because of their "inferior intelligence" only believe this because of their upper class arrogance and stupidity probably caused by more than 1,000 years of inbreeding which causes a decreased intelligence and insanity. Yes, I know, they like to call it "selective breeding" instead of inbreeding but giving it a different name doesn't change the biological effect on the gene pool for such a small population to inbreed for so long. The truth is that the only people who should be sterilized because of their damaged gene pool are those upper class elites and their upper class college professors who are easily the most inbred group of people on the planet and arrogantly think any one else should be sterilized because of their economic class. I like to think of those arrogant fools as just being rich, inbred hill billies who talk differently.

Here is a little extra food for thought. No one is on Welfare because they are disabled because all disabled people are on other programs such as Social Security Disability. So, why are there so many able bodied people who permanently live on Welfare? Think about it.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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