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What matters in life?

If you just pay attention in life without heeding the lessons in the Bible, then you should know that, when you die, and we will all die, nothing, absolutely NOTHING here on Earth will matter to you. In other words, you are eventually going to lose it all so that none of it will matter to you.

If you study the Bible, you learn from God that life is a test and we must pass that test. Part of that test is the material things of this planet and the attention of other people, all of which will pass and not matter when you die.

Therefore, whether you believe in God or not, eventually nothing on this planet or in your life will matter because you will eventually lose it all, every electron and proton of what exists on this planet will cease to matter to you. The only thing that will matter is whether you passed or failed your test and the Bible clearly teaches that our lives are pass or fail tests. There will be no in between or Purgatory, Purgatory is a pagan concept.

But, since I have already proved to you a number of times that God MUST exist because the pagan fairy tale of evolution can't even explain itself, then the only thing that MUST matter beyond your imminent death is God and your relationship with God. Plus, since God tells us that, after the Day of Judgment, He will destroy this planet and everything on it with fire so that every electron and proton will be reorganized, causing everything you could possibly have known to cease existing, then the absolute only thing which should matter to any of us is our relationship with God.

You have to understand that ALL of the material things on this planet and the attentions of the other people desperately trying to get your attention and approval while you are desperately trying to get their attention and approval are just part of God's test for us. The question God is asking and you are answering in this test of ours is, "Will you put any or all of these things before God or will you put God before any or all of these things that will eventually burn?"

God tells us that the sad fact is that most of us are failing this test because we insist on putting people and things before Him so that, in eternity, we will end up with nothing but ashes and eternal damnation in God's eternal penal system, the Lake of Fire.

I had to make that decision when I was a child and both my Great Grandmother and Grandmother told me, independently of each other, that the luxurious things promised us in eternal Paradise, such as streets of gold, are not what Paradise is all about. What eternal Paradise is all about is spending eternity with God as His eternal companions, which means we have to pass this test we are taking here on Earth by putting God before everything and everyone on this planet, including the planet itself.

The planet doesn't mean that much to God because He can easily make billions more planets just like it or completely different from it. What matters most to God is our accepting and appreciating His love for us, which He demonstrated in full by Him manifesting Himself in human form as Jesus, living a perfect crime free life by not violating one of His own Laws as only He can, and then paying for our crimes by dying and suffering for us on the cross. God said that no man can show greater love for another than to sacrifice their life, everything they have, for the other person and God did much, much more than just die for us.

God is the only being who can see the past, present, and future all at the same time so that, when He hung on that cross for just a few hours, He endured the cumulative eternal punishment we should have all endure in eternal damnation so we don't have to endure eternal damnation ourselves but that is our choice.

Therefore, the question is, "Do we choose God's amnesty program for us so we don't have to endure eternal damnation or do we choose the temporary things of this world?" That is a choice each and every one of us will make so choose wisely because you don't get a second chance after the Judgment Day. Whatever you believe better be right before you die.

The decision I made as a child, after being told that by both my Great Grandmother and Grandmother, was that I didn't want any of the great wealth God promised us in Paradise, all I wanted was a little cabin in the woods next to a stream and pond where I could grow all of my food and, when Jesus had spare time from dealing with all of you, I could spend a little time with Him. I prayed for that all of my life as being the most important thing in my life.

You have to understand that poverty is one test and great wealth is another test but they are both tests designed to see whether you will put God first in your life or the things of this world.

Will the poor person put obtaining more things to alleviate his poverty before God and will the rich person put gaining more wealth to increase his luxury before God?

But understand they are both being tested.

My life is an example of this because I was born into and grew up in poverty, then lived as middle class for more than 30 years, enjoying some of the better things in life so I would know what I was missing, when God used a virus to bring me down, because you have to experience something before you can really miss it.

In poverty, I had never been allowed to dream, therefore I could never build and create and, after I got into college where I could dream and achieve my dreams, it felt really fantastic. I learned to love challenge and achievement. When God used a virus to make me ill and plunge me back into poverty, I missed dreaming, designing, building, and managing more than anything else.

When I got sick enough that I could no longer build and manage, at least I could still enjoy dreaming and designing so I did as much of that as I could until I got so sick I could no longer even do that and then I had to focus on just surviving day to day for more than a decade. My short term memory got so bad that I completely forgot about most of the things I had designed and even about how well I had designed the few things I still remembered, partly because I was so busy fighting for my life and then to get at least some of my health back that I really didn't care about any of that. I knew that, before any of that could matter, I had to get my health and wealth back enough to be able to survive and then actually build anything.

During all of that time, I kept walking with God every day, getting closer and closer to Him, even on the worst of days. Remember that the doctors told me I got so sick they repeatedly diagnosed my illness as severely life threatening, meaning I should have died at least 12 to 15 years ago and better than 95% of Americans would have died from cardiac arrest long before they got as sick as I got. Not one time did I ever think about committing suicide but there were plenty of days when it was so bad that I prayed, "God, please heal me or take me home", because being that sick and impoverished for that long is really, really tough and just about as much of a test as humanly possible to pass.

Last year, I began seeing God increasing His actions in ways that were telling me that He is getting ready to make the moves He told me about years ago and I told you about. After the beginning of this year, I saw God accelerating those things so they must happen soon and I realized that, soon, God would heal me and give me my wealth back similar to how God healed Nebuchadnezzar and returned him to his throne.

With God, nothing is impossible.

I realized that I was going to have to review those things I had designed and bring them up to date so I could hit the ground running to start building those things as soon as possible, so I decided to check my files to find out what it was that I had designed because I couldn't remember more than just the few things God had told me I have to start with and I couldn't even remember everything I had designed concerning those few things. Boy, was I surprised, literally stunned. My first thought was, "Who did all of this?" because I couldn't remember doing it all.

I am absolutely amazed at everything I did and how much of the detail I designed and kept records on. The first thing I checked on was the $2 million sailboat because it is the first thing God told me I have to build. I was absolutely stunned at everything I had designed into that thing, to the most minute details.

Then I looked into the 2 cars God told me I have to build or rebuild next and that was just as amazing. Next, I checked out the velodrome and started checking out the castle, for which I had used my training in mechanical engineering and drafting to actually do a rough draft of it in detail and I mean in lots of detail with tens of thousands of items to be included in its construction. I even priced everything out with quotes on much of it so I knew how much it would cost to build, I padded in a contingency fee to make sure I would have enough and more than would be required to build everything and I still have all of those notes.

Then I stumbled on a site where the guy builds replica WWI fighter planes and, for fun, started looking around thinking about how much fun it would be to build a Fokker DVII and fly it. After a few fun times of looking around the site, God tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey, stupid, what about that restaurant you designed?"

I had absolutely, completely, 100% forgotten about a WWI theme based restaurant I had designed for this market that would make a lot of money, partly because I didn't know where I could get functional WWI fighter planes outside of some outfit somewhere in New Zealand. So, after God showed me a place that could easily make all of those replica fighter planes for me, God reminded me about that restaurant. Gee, what a coincidence.

Now, I knew before I began looking into those things that some of the businesses that provided the things I had included in my designs would no longer be in business or still provide those products so I knew I had to figure out what I could still get, where to get it from, what I had to use to replace those things no longer made, and where to get them from. I knew this would be a real chore and, as I glanced over some of my plans, it became apparent that I was right about some of those products and, with me having done so much detailed work, it was going to be a massive chore to bring all of those plans up to date.

You also have to understand, that, when I started designing all of this stuff, most of it just for fun, it was a long time ago and I figured it would be at least a decade or so before I would have to walk away from all of it to do other things God wants me to do so I figured I would get to enjoy most of those things for a few decades before I had to walk away from them. But now, more than a decade later, I will finish building some of that stuff just in time to walk away from it without getting to enjoy it AND I will be building so many things in such a short time that I will have very little time to enjoy any of it before I have to walk away from it to do God's will in my life.

As I was looking through some of those plans, I was overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do before those things will be ready to build and I thought, "It just isn't worth it." But God reminded me that Him causing me to design those things wasn't about me but is about what He is going to use these things to do, you know, like creating jobs for people, rebuilding our economy, and colonizing 9 planets in 2 galaxies. Basically, I am going to have to hammer out a lot of really great and expensive things in very little time, you know, dancing in tornados, to do what God wants me to do for everyone else without having much time to enjoy those things more than just a little.

God even showed me when and how I will have to walk away from all of that really great stuff many people would murder for to do what God wants me to do next AND this is part of the test God has for me and I have to pass this test.

Will I put God and His will first or will I put a massive amount of really great temporary stuff first?

I know that I am going to lose it all sooner or later so I might as well just suck it up and do what is right. Besides, I also know that, "it has never entered the mind of man what God is preparing for me in Paradise." God will give me much, much better to replace what I give up for Him here on Earth so dump the junk and run after God. Hey, it is all going to fall apart sooner or later anyway...and so will I.

That is my test and I know it. I will have been tested as a poor man and as a rich man and I really want to pass both tests because God is more important to me than all of the temporary junk in the world. You couldn't offer me enough galaxies full of temporary junk to get me to walk away from God. I know I will pass that test because I know I love God because God loved me first and enough to make the ultimate sacrifice for me. I owe Him more than I can repay in all of eternity.

I just need to build some stuff to create jobs for people and create more revenues to build more businesses to hire more people and create more revenues to grow our economy and support our new military so they can protect our people. This is a huge responsibility.

Satan already tried to buy my soul with temporary junk more than 60 years ago but he failed because I sold my soul to Jesus a long time ago so my soul isn't for sale for any price. I passed that test, will you pass your test and join me in Paradise?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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