Who is Obama?

One of the most important things I learned in studying military history is that it is extremely important to know your enemy and I mean in great detail so you can better understand them. It is because of the requirement to understand bad people in great detail for a better understanding of those people that I use so many adjectives to describe the evil people and help you better understand them and what you are dealing with. Therefore, we need to know who Obama is in great detail.

So, who is Obama?

Everyone knows that Obama is a very arrogant extreme narcissist but it is because of this arrogant narcissism that Obama has provided us with a number of very valuable hints for understanding him because Obama really wants you to know who he believes he is, but you have to really listen to the man or it is easy to miss the warning signs.

First, we know the man has an extreme Napoleonic complex because it is blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention the man wants to rule the world. That is an easy one for anyone paying attention but it gets really nasty very quickly.

Obama is a demagogue which means he believes he is a god but I am about to show you he is the worst demagogue in modern history, which makes Obama the most dangerous man in the world. This is really scary stuff so hold on.

Obama has publically stated that he is not the king of the US. It is normal for a true demagogue to reject being called a king or even emperor because kings and emperors are human and must abide by the law where as gods don't have to abide by the law, their word is law and they are above the law. Therefore, in Obama's mind, he cannot be a lowly king or emperor because he is above the law and his word is law.

Obama has recently and consistently proven he believes he is above the law openly stating that he should not have to abide by such laws as Obamacare. In violation of the US Constitution, Obama regularly, almost daily, speaks or writes new laws into being without consent from Congress and then enforces them religiously. Very Clearly, Obama believes his word is law which is a power reserved for gods. Therefore, we already have adequate proof that Obama is a demagogue but how bad of a demagogue is Obama?

When Obama is called the messiah by his followers, he not only does not reject the idea, he revels in the religious worship of his followers proving he loves being their god and all the attention which he derives from their worshipping him. As an arrogant narcissistic demagogue, Obama loves nothing more than having his followers openly religiously worship him. But it gets even worse.

Before Obama was ever elected as US president he gave us a very strong clue as to how he really sees himself and who he thinks he is. Obama stated that he believes he is a descendant of one of Egypt's Pharaohs, which fits in perfectly with all of the rest of the clues and explains everything else in detail. This is extremely crucial because it gives us a terrifying look inside Obama's twisted mind.

In ancient Egypt, Pharaoh was not only considered to be A god but he was the highest of all gods or the supreme being or supreme god. Therefore, Obama was telling us that he considers himself to be our supreme god and we are nothing before him making it alright and purely justifiable for him to kill any or all of us for any or no reason any time he wants. After all, his will is law and no one should have the right to resist, oppose, or judge him, he IS the supreme judge over all of mankind. In Obama's mind, we owe him our existence and it is alright for him to take everything we have and do anything he wants to any or all of us.

Don't be surprised when Obama declares himself to be the Pharaoh of the US, after he sets up his US dictatorship. After all, in Obama's mind, he could not possibly be a lowly king or emperor, they are human and not gods.

Think not?

Just watch him, listen to him because he keeps telling you who he thinks he is with his words and his actions. Arrogant narcissists are that way but you have to pay extremely close attention to the hints he keeps dropping.

Therefore, Obama is an arrogant narcissistic demagogue with a Napoleonic complex and, as US president, the most dangerous man in the world. None of us are worthy of his magnificent presence.

BTW, I will tell you up front that I am not a god, the god, a messiah, the messiah, or any such critter. I am a lowly servant of our God, Yahweh or Jesus (Jesus said, "if you have seen me, you have seen the Father because we are the same), doing the work He wants me to do in spite of the fact I made it very clear to Him I didn't want this job and fought God for about two to three years for God to give the job to some one else, you know, like you. I call that the Jonah complex (I don't want to do it, Lord).

I am human, like you, and would rather be off having fun but God made it very clear to me that I am right for the job because I don't want the job. Anyone who would want this job would be very wrong for the job. I am what the Bible calls a prophet (the two Hebrew words translated as prophet actually mean teacher because they taught the Word of God to the people) and today we call a lowly messenger who is given information and told to share that information with others knowing that all too many people like to shoot the messenger, especially when the messenger gives bad news, which is one reason why I like to provide good news when possible. The job doesn't always pay well (God has made a few prophets wealthy but not most) and has gotten almost all of the old testament prophets killed, often tortured to death (how fun). At least you don't have to worry about dying from old age. The best perks for the job are that it brings you closer to God and gives you advanced notice when to duck.

That is all I am, a lowly messenger boy. If you don't like my messages, tell God about. I don't want to hear about it.

Believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

It is increasingly important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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