Remember that I published an essay a while back where I told you about the lies the Europeans and Canadians are taught about WWII and how the US was inconsequential and unnecessary in WWII because the "Europeans had Hitler beat" by December 6, 1941 and I proved it wrong?

This is a for fun and educational essay where I want to explore what would have happened in WWII, if the US had just waited one year, until December 7, 1942, to enter WWII. In part, this exercise is to show just how extremely critical the situation was when the US entered the war and how close Hitler was to winning the war.

I have to start with a more detailed analysis of the situation on December 6, 1941 before Pearl Harbor was bombed, bringing the US into the war. From there I want to do an analysis on what would have almost certainly happened if the US had not entered the war until December 7, 1942, a year later, and I think you will find this interesting because I have given this considerable thought, as you will see.

First, it is important to state that Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey, and Japan were all members of the fascist "Axis" with Spain having promised Hitler that she would join on Hitler's side, if Hitler conquered Britain, and Hitler also had friends in the Americas that included Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay, which didn't leave much left of Europe for Hitler to conquer.

By December 6, 1941, Hitler and his allies had conquered France (Southern France or Vice [vee-chee] France had joined Hitler's side), Half of Poland (Russia had conquered the other half), Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Europe all of the way down to and including Greece, all of North Africa except for most of Egypt, Sweden had capitulated to Hitler, Germany had annexed Czechoslovakia, and Germany was fighting Britain and Russia.

After WWII, Churchill stated that, by December 7, 1941, if the US had delayed coming into the war by just two weeks, Britain would have been forced to surrender to Germany by at least Christmas of 1941. Don't forget that because you will see it is critical to this analysis.

In Russia, Hitler had driven Stalin out of Moscow and back into the Ural Mountains about 100 miles east of Moscow to make a last stand PLUS Japan was taking land from Eastern Russia and moving west towards Moscow. As you will see, Stalin was in serious straights and you will better understand why Hitler halted his troops west of Moscow for the winter.

In North Africa, Hitler had conquered all of North Africa but about the eastern 3/4 of Egypt and the Suez Canal and Turkey (the remnant of the Muslim Ottoman Empire) had driven Britain out of Syria into today's Israel along with taking all of the land in the Middle East which had been controlled by France before Germany defeated France. Germany was gaining ground and closing in on the remaining British forces from the West and Turkey was closing in on them from the North, which is why T. E. Lawrence got a few tribes of Arabs together to wage guerrilla warfare against Turkey to slow her down. These British troops were only able to get supplies and reinforcements from Britain to hold out as long as they did because Britain had a superior navy to Germany and Italy but it is important to note that these British forces were still losing ground to the Germans and Turkey.

By December 6, 1941, Japan had conquered almost all of China with the Chinese Army cornered in Southwest China, which was being supplied by Britain and India via the Burmese Road, and Mao Zedong's rebel army cornered in Northwest China, a large portion of Eastern Russia, all of Indo China except for a little of Burma (Thailand had capitulated without a fight and Japan was trying to take the last of Burma to cut off supplies to the Chinese Army and to invade British held India), all of Malaysia, was in the process of taking the last of Papua New Guinea from Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, and was in the process of taking the Solomon Islands to prepare to invade New Zealand so she could use Papua New Guinea and New Zealand to invade Australia in a two front attack. Basically, Japan had conquered almost all of the Pacific Ocean except the holdings of the US, which included the Philippines, Guam, Polynesia from Wake Atoll to Hawaii, US Samoa, and the US held Christmas Islands.

It is very important to note that the US was keeping Britain, Russia, India, Australia, and New Zealand in the fight by supplying weapons, munitions, and other supplies to Britain who was using her superior navy (superior to the German and Italian navies) to provide those supplies to Russia via the North Sea, her armies in Egypt and India, and Australia and New Zealand plus the US was also providing some supplies directly to Australia and New Zealand. It is very critical to note that, if Britain fell, there would have been no supplies going to Russia, Egypt, or India and they would have quickly fallen, except that Australia might have been able to get some supplies to Egypt and India from the South for a while but the Japanese Navy was much more powerful than the Australian Navy and would have eventually cut off those supplies.

It is also at this point that I have to make an assumption as to what the British Navy would have done, if Britain fell.

Would the British Navy have surrendered to and become part of the German Navy?

Not very likely.

Would the British Navy have scuttled her ships and surrendered to Germany?


Would the British Navy have joined the Australian Navy out of Australia to continue supporting British troops in Egypt, India, and fight to keep Japan from taking Australia and New Zealand?

Possibly and I will assume this is what they would have done because it would have been the best option and would have delayed the inevitable the most.

The Fall of Britain

OK, the US didn't come into the war and, just like Churchill said, Britain fell, surrendering on Christmas Eve, 1941, which is exactly what Hitler was betting on and you will see why. Partly because of his spies, Hitler didn't think the US entering the war could have saved Britain.

1. Hitler takes most of his troops from the Western Front and commits them to finish off Russia with the fighting resuming in April 1942.

2. Spain enters the war with the Axis committing her troops against the British in Egypt in January 1942 and against Russia in April 1942.

3. Britain can no longer provide weapons and provisions to Russia so Russia cannot rebuild her military the way she did after the US entered the war. Without the US weapons and supplies, Russia will not be able to stage a successful counter attack against Germany in the Winter of 1942. This alone will cause the demise of Russia in the Ural Mountains starting in April 1942, but it gets worse.

4. Germany, Italy, Spain, and Turkey finish off the British forces in Egypt and Israel by March of 1942 freeing them all up to commit those troops against Russia in April 1942. Germany, Italy, Spain, and Austria will attack Russia from the West, Turkey will attack Russia from the South, and Japan will attack Russia from the East. Russia will be finished by no later than June 1942, which will free up Turkey's troops to invade India from the West while Japan invades India from the East.

5. By June 1942, Japan will have finished taking Burma from Britain and India, cutting off the supplies to the Chinese Army, will have finished taking Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands and will begin the invasion of India from the East while Turkey invades India from the West, Japan finishes off the Chinese Army and Mao's rebel group, and starts the invasion of New Zealand.

6. By August 1942, India and New Zealand will have been conquered and the invasion of Australia will begin and will last for only a few months.

7. Also, by August 1942, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Mexico, with probably also troops from Turkey, will begin the invasion of the very sparsely populated Southwestern US when there were very few US military bases west of the Mississippi River with very little resistance before reaching the Mississippi. Japan will start by invading Alaska and driving through very sparsely populated Western Canada with little resistance and then invade the Northwestern US.

Number 7 is based on several things. First, During WWII, Japan took an Alaskan island to begin the invasion of Alaska but removed her troops after she began suffering losses elsewhere. Second, Germany got caught by Britain making a deal with Mexico to invade the US from Mexico, Britain told the US, and the US forced Mexico to back down. After everyone else had been conquered and Spain had entered the war on the side of Germany, Mexico would have gone ahead with the deal with Germany.

This is where it gets very interesting based on my studies in history, Islam, human behavior, and other factors. You have to understand that the Koran clearly says that a Muslim may enter into an alliance with a non Muslim like Germany to fight a common enemy but, after defeating the common enemy, the Muslim MUST turn on and destroy the non Muslim ally. You KNOW the Muslim ruler of Turkey would have been under extreme pressure from the Muslim Imams to do just that to get back "their land".

Also, the Muslims had conquered all of North Africa, Spain, Southern Italy, Eastern Europe, Southern Russia, and large parts of Asia before Europe took most of that land back away from the Muslims, which would at this time be under the control of Europe and Japan and Muslims consider all of this previously conquered land to be theirs and it all has very large Muslim populations.

You also have to understand that, at this time, the bulk of the European and Japanese armies will be tied up in a war with the US and Canada in North America, where to get their troops back to Europe, they must disengage with the US and Canada, get their troops safely on a large number of ships, cross the ocean, and only then be able to get their troops off of the ships to defend their countries, which would take months, probably at least 6 to 8 months, AND the rest of their troops will be sparsely scattered across the large areas of lands they just conquered as occupying forces, which would be easy prey to an advancing army. Remember that all of the other forces had been conquered or destroyed only leaving the thinly spread out occupying forces to protect those nations.

You also have to understand that, after successive victories against the British and Russians, freeing millions of Muslims, the Ottoman Empire would have easily been able to recruit a new army of tens of millions of Muslims to take back "their land", probably at least 20 to 30 million troops. Such a massive Muslim army could have easily swept through lightly defended Europe within just a few months, freeing up all of the Muslim populated nations those European nations had just conquered, BEFORE the Europeans could even get their armies back to Europe.

This would have left the armies of Germany, Spain, Austria, and Italy stranded in North America fighting the US and Canada with only Mexico's weak economy to provide them with weapons, munitions, and food and no home to return to. Only Japan would have had enough time to disengage most of her troops and return them to China to stop the Muslim advance on Japan before the Muslims made it through China and to Japan.

This would have created a situation in which Europe, all of Africa, most of Russia, and a large part of Asia would have been part of the world's largest Muslim Caliphate in history, Japan would hold the rest of Russia, Asia, and much of the Pacific, and the European forces would be beat back into Mexico, where at least their leaders would flee to Argentina, with most of their remaining forces surrendering to the US, and the US would annex Mexico to prevent anything like that from happening again, while taking back all of the US lands from Japan and possibly freeing New Zealand and Australia.

Nothing would have turned out even close to what any of these power mad whackos anticipated because man plans, God laughs.

Do you better understand just how critical the situation was in Europe when the US entered the war and turned things around and how important it was for Britain to not fall?

You have to understand that Hitler knew from his spies in Britain that Britain was about to fall and he would achieve the first part of this but didn't realize that the Muslims would have betrayed him causing his fall anyway.

This is exactly what Hitler was expecting to happen right up until the Muslims would have turned on him but God had other plans. I know the Muslims would have turned on Hitler because the Koran tells me they would have and the leader of Turkey was a devout Muslim who would have obeyed the Koran just like today's Muslims will obey the Koran and turn on the Euro-American upper class trash when they get a chance.

Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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