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It is very clear that Biden is doing everything he can to destroy the US Military so it won't be able to fight a war to stop the lefty global dictatorship and the destruction of the US. This is treasonous sabotage.

(And he wants to use that same weakened military to invade and conquer Russia? Really?)

His transgender thing is weakening and demoralizing the US Military.

He is weakening the US Military by insisting that women be allowed to qualify for combat jobs they can't qualify for under the same requirements as men.

His vaccine mandate is also weakening the US Military by causing many of our best soldiers to get out of the Military.

He is economically destroying our nation so it won't be able to continue to finance our high tech military and/or a war.

He is depleting the US oil reserves to "decrease fuel prices" but the reserves are for fighting a war, therefore, he is further decreasing the nation's ability to fight a war.

Biden and the left are shredding our military to the best of their ability. Without the hand of God, our nation simply will not be able to continue to survive much longer.

It looks like God is moving within the US Military and creating a divide within the military to save enough of our military to help our militias save our butts.

Los Angeles

This morning I was thinking about the evil King Newsom of Commiefornia and God said, "Hey, stupid, what about the LA dream?" I had pretty much forgotten about that dream until God just reminded me.

Before you continue, you should read that short dream, Dream 9, I posted on August 2013.

I think this was God telling me that He is about fed up with the extreme corruption in Commifornia and possibly also Portland and Seattle and that God is about to deal with these corrupt criminals, especially in Commiefornia.

I am pretty sure I have told you before that that kind of destruction would require what they are now calling an "earthquake storm" with a significant number of earthquakes taking place on the many fault lines within the LA area at the same time in a relatively small area. It is possible that earthquake will be felt on the east side of the continental US.

If you study the geology of the US West Coast, you will find the entire coast line from San Diego to Seattle is rife with fault lines and an earthquake of that magnitude in the LA area would almost certainly set off a chain reaction of earthquakes along that entire coast line that could easily cause significant to devastating damage in all of the major cities along that coast line from San Diego to Seattle and to the eastern borders of California, Oregon, and Washington State such as San Diego, LA, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle.

The devastation I saw in that dream would cause a number of things to happen, especially if that earthquake happened during work hours on a work day but first in the greater LA area, that earthquake would bring down the buildings the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats would be in killing almost all to all of them, wiping out their corrupt city government. There would be no City of Los Angeles at all because all I saw in the dream was smoldering rubble where LA now stands. Nothing within the City limits was left standing.

Note that there was very little damage west and south of the 405 hwy about 1 to 2 miles from the coast so that almost certainly, the Long Beach and Los Angeles harbors would probably still be functional, maybe with some repairs, allowing the continued unloading of cargo ships. Better than 90% of everything from the 405 north 20 miles to the Santa Monica Mountains and from the 405 east 50 miles to Riverside or about 1,000 square miles of businesses, warehouses, and homes was almost all flattened and just rubble. There were a few surviving homes or small neighborhoods here and there.

Note that, with that much damage south of the Santa Monica Mountains and a little over 50% damage north of the Santa Monica Mountains, you should expect most to all of the expensive homes in the Santa Monica Mountains to be damaged or destroyed.

The people who survived would be forced to take what they could find of their belongings and flee the area, probably the state, because there certainly will be no infrastructure that could possibly be used to support life in that area unless some small surviving areas sank private wells and put in septic tanks. That area looked a lot like the pictures I have seen of Hiroshima after she was nuked in WWII and I saw very few people left in that area except people heading east out of the area.

We are talking massive devastation with probably a 9.0 to 10.0 or higher on ye ole Richter Scale.

You can bet that the mortality rate for that area will be very high with probably more than one or two million dead in just that area, almost all of them lefties. (There are more than 12 million people living in the greater LA area.) Just the destruction I saw in LA alone would devastate the state's economy and probably bankrupt their government.

That could easily also happen in San Francisco, which is on a massive array of faults and, to date, has had the worst recorded earthquake in the state's history in the early 20th Century, about 100 years ago, but maybe also in Sacramento, possibly taking out the entire corrupt Commiefornia State Government, ending King Newsom's evil reign and even life.

Then God could easily use it to take out the extremely corrupt major big tech corporations southeast of San Francisco to put an end to their corruption and aid in the left controlling our governments. When those big buildings housing their corporate offices come down, with the arrogant upper level managers at the top of those buildings, few people will survive the fall. It could easily shut down much to all of the Internet.

Consolidating Power

Remember that I have been telling you that the power mad lefties are trying to consolidate power so they will never lose their power again and will have a permanent dictatorship?

This video tells you that is exactly what the evil lefties are doing. Dey just gots to habs der dictatorship so dey can do as dey will for ebryting and to ebryone. They just can't leave other people alone.

Everything the left is doing right now, including COVID 19, is to consolidate power to set up their permanent dictatorship.

But Trump and others are fighting back by suing those attacking them with false charges. Keep an eye on this.

This video shows that the left is continuing to consolidate power by continuing to corrupt the government in favor of the upper class trash.

These spawn of Satan are not going to stop until you stop them.


Remember that I have been warning you that the Commierats are failing at everything and getting more and more desperate and that desperate people do desperate things?

This video shows you how terribly desperate the left is already and it gets worse every day. They have failed at everything they have tried, it is all coming back to haunt them, they have few peaceful potential ways of keeping, much less increasing, their power and control of the US Government and the people. It isn't if they are going to stage a violent coup but when.

Soon, they are going to be forced to give up, which they prove every day they never will do, or stage an attempted violent coup of the US Government to set up their dictatorship and, with their party already divided into different power mad camps, it will certainly be one of those groups not just seizing control from the sane people but from the rest of the Commierat Party.

Go ahead, other than Meghan Markle, what hope do they have for president, much less for controlling Congress?

None. They have destroyed all of the bridges behind them and are stranded on a failing bridge.

All of their great commie plans are failing.

Man plans, God laughs.

If you can get around the little bit of occasional profanity in this video, I have not seen ANYONE who lays it all out like this person concerning what the lefty upper class trash are doing to you. His sarcasm is incredible. He explains in excellent detail what the upper class trash are doing and showing the obvious weaknesses in their game plan that explain why they are failing. Basically, he is showing that the upper class trash are not as smart as they think they are and you are not as stupid as the upper class trash think you are.

The reason I am posting this video with the little bit of profanity is because I feel everyone should watch this because it will open the rest of your eyes and I gave posting it serious thought. It is excellent for exposing what the left is doing to even the stupidest people. He just makes everything they are doing too obvious.

You still think this is not an insurrection by the left?

This video makes it even more obvious because God is making the truth known. The lefties' cons are being exposed more and more every day making it more and more obvious that the lefty upper class trash and their puppets are staging a very sophisticated insurrection.

The lefties are traitors working together to set up their commie global dictatorship but they are failing because man plans, God laughs. This picture of treason could not get much more clear right now.


Remember that I have been telling you that Putin is staging troops along Russia's border in response to the West staging troops along Russia's border that pose a threat to Russia? Remember that it is the globalist lefties who keep staging more and more troops along the Russian border and Trump didn't increase troops along the Russian border?

If you use the closed captions settings and read the English, this video tells you what Putin's concerns are and why he is positioning his troops along his borders just like I told you. If you read slowly because of something like dyslexia, like I do, you may have to stop the video regularly to read it all.

He is concerned about these lefty expansionist globalists who are trying to take over the entire planet to set up their global dictatorship trying to take over Russia. Putin is positioning his troops along his border to deter the expansionist globalists from trying to take over Russia and make Russia part of their global dictatorship.

People, you need to keep in mind that our current government and Pentagon are NOT Christian but are God and Christian hating and, if Putin and the Russian government are Christian or are more Christian than we are, we better not start a war with Russia to invade and seize control of Russia to setup a God hating global dictatorship because God will cause a disaster that will crush the US Military the same way God caused smaller Israeli forces to defeat larger invading forces.

It isn't whether God is on your side, it is whether you are on God's side as to whether God will give you the win or the defeat. Make very sure you are on the right side and, right now, our government is not on the right side because it hates God and is waging war against God. Think about that.

If you were Putin, wouldn't you stage your forces on your border to protect your nation from the immanent invasion of such a globally hostile force gathering at your border as the upper class trash globalists?

Creation Science

Remember that I have taught you that the simplest living cell is so complex that the mathematical probability of it happening by accident is many times more unlikely than what science considers mathematically impossible?

This video shows just one tiny bit of such a proof within just one part of the simplest living cell, the DNA code. It simply is not possible for even the simplest DNA instructions within the simplest living cell to happen by accident. It had to be created and the entirety of the simplest living cell is many times more complex than just the DNA.

Science has proved that God, Yahweh/Jesus, MUST exist or we couldn't even be here.

Listen, better than 90% of the scientists, who profess a belief in evolution, also profess a belief in intelligent design and intelligent design requires what we would call a "god being" or designer and creator. You cannot have intelligent design for our existence without a god being and the best god being I can find for our existence is the God of the Bible, Yahweh/Jesus.

Them denying that a god being exists when science has proved conclusively intelligent design is required and they believe it to be true is not true science but is a fanatical religion parading as science because true science is objective about the scientific evidence, which those same scientists are obviously, willfully, unscientifically, and fanatically ignoring to continue believing in their fanatical cult of atheism, which makes them religious fanatics and not true scientists.

People, if a god being exists, then he is NOT a religion but is reality and it is the responsibility of true scientists to objectively study all reality, whether they like it or not. If they do not objectively study an obviously existing god being, then they are not true scientist, they are religious fanatics.

But I keep seeing the fanatical religious atheists believing insane bull crap to keep from accepting the existence of God so they can continue to worship their Ungod, who is just a cover for Satan, because they insist on living by the same law of "do as you will". Some of the stuff they believe in requires either extreme ignorance, stupidity, and/or really powerful drugs to believe.

I have also seen some stuff on "progressive Christians" or lefty poser Christians, who are just really pagans preaching paganism while pretending to be Christians. They are just Satan's spawn pretending to be Christians to deceive people and draw them away from Christianity. I expect them to also convert to Islam soon.

Then I am also seeing false prophets who persist in teaching that the Battles of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and Armageddon are the same battles in spite of the details in the prophecies being significantly different. I have been warning you that, with them teaching that Jesus will come for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and Jesus not coming, there will be a massive falling away from Christianity with many of them converting to Islam and the occult.


This video is an excellent lesson concerning how the media are controlling most people's lives.

Before my last TV broke about 15+ years ago, I already knew the lefties were using TV to brainwash and control us. Even their sitcoms were using very subtle brainwashing techniques to tell us how we should live, behave, think, and speak. Even most of the news was just sensationalized propaganda.

I thought about this a lot during the 3 months I was saving money to buy a new TV and, after I had the money saved, decided there was nothing on TV worth the price of a new TV to watch so I didn't buy one and, except for being at someone else's house, I have not watched TV since and I don't miss it.

Why did I want to spend my money to have someone else brainwash me?

God did me a big favor when He caused that TV to break.

Murder Vaccines

Remember that I have been telling you that the COVID 19 vaccines do not work?

This video is even more proof that the murder vaccines do not keep you from being infected or spreading the infection and we are also seeing increasing evidence that the murder vaccines don't even decrease your chances of going to the hospital.

Since the murder vaccines clearly do not work and you know that Fauci and company know they do not work, then the only reason for continuing to force people to get the murder vaccines is to kill the people off to "depopulate" the upper class trash planet with the worst act of genocide in history, especially since the upper class trash have been telling us for decades that they plan to "depopulate" the planet or murder everyone off and money.

Roman even points out that the CDC website says that the murder vaccines do not keep people from being infected and spreading the disease, while claiming it is at a slower rate, which is also not looking true right now. This proves that the lying upper class trash and their puppets like Fauci and Biden KNOW the vaccines don't work.

It just keeps getting more and more obvious that the murder vaccines do not work.

Also note that as soon as people were detected as being infected on that ship, they put those people into quarantine and didn't just let them run around the ship with worthless masks and vaccines because they CLEARLY know that the masks and vaccines do not work just like I have been telling you.

You are all being lied to by the lefties, especially by Fauci. They are killing people, they know they are killing people, and they keep killing people.

Note that he also shows you that it is very clear that some of the courts are corrupted and rule in the favor of unconstitutional mandates.

This video by an MD shows you that the CDC is lying and many MD's just don't even trust the numbers on the CDC website. He makes it obvious to you that the government is falsifying numbers and lying to you. From what I am seeing, the lefties are lying to you about everything so that they don't have any credibility and he tells you that.

It looks more and more like you cannot believe any government x-spirts because they simply don't have any credibility.

In this video the same MD provided information which shows that Pfizer is bribing people like the President and Newsom to bypass the scientific professionals and just make those decisions themselves. It looks even more like the only reason for them making people get the jab is for Pfizer to make more money from your taxes, the corrupt politicians to get more bribes, to control the people, and to kill people off.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often.

This video shows that problems being caused by the vaccines are being covered up to make the vaccines look much better than they really are. The woman starts by stating that she trusted the chemical companies, the CDC, and the others involved in her daughter's trial vaccination and you can bet that she doesn't trust any of them now.

You really think this is not a murder vaccine and they are not covering it up?

I keep waiting to see when and how God is going to get rid of the evil little tyrant, Fauci.

Sometime after I wrote that last sentence, I found this video exposing Fauci and some other criminal bureaucrats committing a conspiracy to silence scientists who refuted what Fauci and those bureaucrats had been saying. Oops!

Is God already answering that prayer?

We can pray so.

People, God taught me a long time ago that there are good cops and bad cops, good soldiers and bad soldiers, good teachers and bad teachers, good scientists and bad scientists because they are all human and there are good humans and bad humans. You have to judge each person individually based on their own merits just like God will on Judgment Day.

This video supports that. You only back good people, I don't care what their job is. Tyranny is partly made possible by bad cops and bad military, not by good cops and good military.


Remember that I have been warning you about academics that you can't trust many of them?

They just keep proving me right. This video tells you about academics who are being prosecuted for their crimes. It has gotten to where you just can't trust them anymore.

Note that those lefty academe have been caught working with their commie pals in China. These criminal academe are selling you people out to the Chinese for money. These are the criminals teaching young people what is right.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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