I Told You So 188

Last night, while lying bed, you know, the best place to think when you should be sleeping...hey, who needs sleep, right?...I realized some things that are very important about the recent revelations in the essay "I Told You So 187".

First, if science has proved that there are a maximum of a few hundred to at most a few thousand habitable planets in our ENTIRE cosmos or universe as stated in this video at Prager University, that means there can't be any other habitable planets within a few galaxies of us.

You think not?

If there are just a few thousand possible habitable planets...no, no, no, let's give the pagan evolutionists the benefit of the doubt, assuming evolution might be magically, mystically, mysteriously, and other wise impossibly plausible, which we have proved isn't even remotely scientifically possible, and say there are at least twice as many potentially habitable planets in our entire cosmos of 5,000...no, no, no, let's give the pagan evolutionists even more of a benefit of the doubt by saying there might be twice that number of habitable planets in our entire cosmos with 10,000 potentially habitable planets and we know there are more than 150 billion galaxies in our cosmos, then the most habitable planets we could have would be one habitable planet per 1.5 million galaxies. Oops!

That means that, even if evolution were true, there could almost certainly not be another habitable planet within at least 5 to 10 thousand galaxies in any direction, definitely not within 10 to 20 galaxies of us in any direction or at least 20 to 40 million light years away, which means, even with evolution being true, you ain't going to see no space aliens, baby...EVER!

This is very significant in a number of ways.

1) There cannot be ANY habitable planets within our galaxy or even the next few galaxies. The idea of us someday flying around in spaceships visiting and waging war against space aliens from thousands to millions of different planets in just our "quadrant" of this galaxy is pure Hollywood and nothing close to reality. Sorry, folks, but Star Trek, Star Wars, and the rest of that sci-fi crap is just Hollywood evolution based pagan fairy tales of mechanical unicorns charging through galactic rainbows. It ain't happening, baby.

2) What these deep state government owned liars...uh...scientists, yeah, that's the ticket, scientists are telling you about them finding more than 5,000 planets within just 50 light years of our solar system when they can't even figure out the basics of our own solar system, you know, like the true size of Pluto, that Jupiter is a solid planet, and other such things, and any number of those planets they are magically finding "could be habitable", wink, wink, they already know it can't be true and they are just lying their butts off so the deep state will keep giving them government "research grants" to pay their salaries so they will keep lying to you. It is called job security, baby.

3) These people going around believing in UFOs and space aliens visiting Earth are drunk on evolutionist Kool-Aide and need to find the truth. People, this pace alien crap is to just distract you into chasing ghost so you won't pay attention to the mischief these evil monsters are really doing. Don't be surprised when God reveals that those UFOs are really human aircraft, of which some I have seen being serviced on a US Air Force Base.

4) The idea of NASA sending a fleet of spaceships on a 40 year voyage through deep space to find a habitable planet in the NEAREST star system, you know, Alpha Centaury, when they know better, is paramount to premeditated murder because those people are all going to die in space without finding a habitable planet and our scientists know this. Them setting this 40 years "mission" back to beginning the "mission" in 2040 is really them buying time, you know, 62 years, to finish setting up their global commie dictatorship and a distraction from what they are really up to.

5) When the upper class trash use some story about them being intellectually superior space aliens or other intellectually superior space aliens telling you to blindly submit to the upper class trash's evil, power mad, greedy rule because "they can best manage your lives", even though they have caused better than 90% of the major problems we humans have had over the last 4,400 years, including all of the wars, you will know it has already been proved scientifically impossible and a big, fat lie. Don't believe their new fairy tale, baby; it ain't true.

6) Science has proved that reality is exactly what the Bible tells us; God is real, He lives, He exists, the Bible is true and everything else is a lie, there is only God, His Heavenly beings, some of whom we call angels, there is Satan and his demons, and then us lowly stupid humans and that is it, baby. There ain't nuttin' else. Science has proved that, even with evolution, there can't be any space aliens close enough we could ever meet them.

7) It proves what I told you about in a few dreams I shared with you in 2013 with the essays, Secrets of God, Planets, and Prophesy 3 about God having to create the planets He will eventually have us colonize because THERE AIN'T NO HABITABLE PLANETS in our galaxy or the next galaxy. Gee, what a coincidence.

Now I have heard evolutionary brainwashed preachers say things like, "There must be life on other planets because they just couldn't imagine God creating this entire cosmos with only one habitable planet," strongly suggesting and even some stating that it wouldn't be beautiful without life.

Really? Have these guys ever seen the magnificent and marvelous pictures we get from space? That ain't beautiful?

Me thinks these people need to spend a few hours looking at some pictures of space. Space is mind bogglingly beautiful. Just sitting outside at night watching the stars without a telescope or anything else, space is very beautiful. The stars are a witness for God.

When I study the Bible in relation to science, the picture I get is that God created this planet and everything on it to be His personal garden and He even called part of it His "Garden of Eden". God created this beautiful planet to go for walks and recreate in and to enjoy His marvelous creations, you know, the way you would plant and maintain a really nice back yard garden to enjoy. God clearly stated that He created man to take care of the Garden of Eden for God and as a companion to enjoy the Garden of Eden with God.

Then I believe that God created the rest of the cosmos to be what we would call an art exhibit with the most wonderful, most magnificent, most spectacular art every created for Him and us to enjoy forever...but we stupid humans screwed it all up.

If you took all of the greatest art every created by man in its original state, you know, brand spanking new, and put it all in one global art exhibit, it would be pathetic before God's infinitely greater art exhibit, the cosmos. There is and never will be anything as grand, magnificent, awe inspiring, and overwhelming as the art work God created as our cosmos. God is the first and greatest artist in history.

Earth and the cosmos show the magnificence and versatility of this incredible being, Yahweh. Within just six 24 hour Earth days, He created everything we know that exists and much more that we still have not discovered. He created everything from the tiniest electrons and protons to molecules, to cell structures, to cells to a mind boggling array living organisms of which we still find new species every year that we didn't even know about in spite of the fact that we have already found millions of species. He created our star system and everything in it and more than 150 billion galaxies, each with more than 100 billion star systems, and all of the other space anomalies we are still finding in space.

We Christians have a saying, "My God is an awesome God", no, no, no, my God is far beyond awesome, magnificent, spectacular, or any other words we humans could try to describe Him with. This incredible being is far beyond human ability to even begin to comprehend the totality of His existence so we Christians have another saying, "If God were small enough for your mind, He would not be big enough for your problems."

When I study all of these and many more things in relation to science and to what the Bible shares with us, it overwhelms me with awe.

When I see a little kitten, knowing its anatomy and molecular physiology, that it started with a very highly programmed single cell, and I watch that little kitten learn to stand, walk, run, and all of the other things it will learn to do while knowing at the molecular and cellular level all of the changes that must take place for it to become an adult cat, that just blows my mind that this incredible being, Yahweh, designed every aspect of that kitten to function just right at just the right time every time from the very beginning.

Then when I think about there being millions of other organisms on this planet, each of which is just as incredible, and I see the mind boggling diversity of organisms that all mankind combined couldn't even begin to create, it is so overwhelming I can't describe it with words. And that doesn't even begin to include the rest of what I see such as space.

When I study the works of God, knowing they could have only been created by God, I stand before God in an awe that cannot be described by human language. My God is far, far, far more than an awesome God...He is God.

I just can't wait to see God create 9 more planets for Christians to colonize and you know that, with His incredible and magnificent mind, no two of those planets will be exactly the same. That will be the greatest human experience ever. You ain't seen nuttin' yet, baby.

Having studied this incredible being, I do believe that, most likely, He will create one planet that will be exactly like Earth when He created Earth, except without man because we will be the mankind to colonize that planet, with all of those organisms peacefully coexisting, you know, T-Rex and the rest of those "terrifying dinosaurs", just to prove our idiot pagan scientists wrong about evolution and prove that He, God created everything. I could easily see God doing that.

And some of you stupid humans think you are gods? Really?

Some of you can't even build a dog house.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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