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Have you noticed that the East Coast, Midwest, West Coast, and Hawaii are being hammered with storms, fires, and a volcano?

Gee, what a coincidence that those are the most liberal parts of the US, that most of the people being affected are lefties, and that all of this just happens to be taking place at the same time and at this time.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

BTW, fissures continue to open on Hawaii with now about a dozen new fissures.

What should this tell you?

The pressure under the island is increasing sharply causing the new fissures or cracks to form. One thing I am watching for is information telling me that the island is about to go Krakatoa and blow itself apart leaving only an atoll with a large lagoon instead of an island.

Since I wrote the above a few days ago, new fissures have opened up bringing the total to 22 fissures and the volcano is getting more violent with increasing amounts of lava coming out. The pressure inside the volcano is increasing. Also the lava coming out is less viscous and moving faster meaning it is getting hotter.

This series of eruptions is only about three weeks old and they are quickly getting much worse. In just three weeks, 22 fissures have opened up with tons of lava flowing out.

A concern I have is that the eruption may get bad enough that the big island of Hawaii will go the way of the island of Krakatoa with an explosion that will almost completely wipe out the island and probably damage other nearby islands.

As I am watching the increasing volcanic activity in Hawaii, I also keep hearing that such activity is increasing around the "Ring of Fire" or the Pacific Ocean coastal areas and I am watching to see if God is about to destroy Los Angeles, California the way God told me He would in a dream and I told you with the essay, "Dream 9" I told you about in August 2013.

Keep an eye on this.


Things just got a wee bit serious for Obama. I got this from Breitbart by Charlie Speiring:

"President Donald J. Trump announced his decision to demand an official investigation of former President Barack Obama's administration on Sunday for infiltrating or surveilling his presidential campaign for political reasons."

If this investigation takes place, Obama and a number of others could be facing prison time. You know this will motivate Obama to do desperate things and take risks to keep out of jail.

Is God getting ready to fulfill the prophesies He gave me and I wrote about in the essay, "The Dream" I posted November 2008 and the essay, "Dream 8" in April 2012. I also wrote other essays commenting on this prophesy starting with the essay, "Bad Dream" in March 2006.


Heads up, people; Ramadan is May 17 to June 16 this year, 2018. That is when it is exceptionally wonderful for Muslims to murder people for their god, Allah.

This is especially important with all of the Muslim immigrants, you know, illegal aliens, in the West now. If you think Europe was burning before this, you will probably get to see just how flammable the West really is.

Hey, you will also get to see just how stupid the lefties really are for causing this mess.

Me thinks things are about to get very interesting in the West, especially in Europe.

Christian Testimony

When I first started my gardening this year, the first thing I did was transplant a good sized wild bird of paradise plant with a sizable root ball. I had planted the bush more than a decade ago right next to my trailer on the north side and in the shade and then a tree had come up, grown over it, and was blocking out the sunlight to the point the bush was dying.

The growth cells on the ends of all of the branches had died and the plant wasn't even leafing out so I knew that, if I didn't move it, it was going to die and it might live, if I did move it. That didn't leave me much of a choice.

When you transplant a plant where you have to cut off much of the roots, you must also cut off most of the plant above ground to decrease the energy requirement on the roots for maintaining the upper part of the plant so there will be more energy for growing roots as quickly as possible because the roots are the most important part and determine how much of a plant can be supported and whether that plant can grow.

When I cut the two trunks back about two thirds, the cores in both trunks were brown and dying so I figured the plant had very little chance but I decided to give the plant that chance and continue with the transplant, after all, nothing is impossible with God. I cut the trunks back until the brown disappeared about 4 inches above the roots and used that for my transplant. I then dug out a root ball that was about 1.5 feet in diameter and moved the plant to a planter in a sunny spot more than two months ago.

I pre-watered the hole I was putting the plant in so there would be moisture surrounding the root ball to provide water for the roots and draw the roots out into the surrounding soil. I filled soil in around the root ball, fertilized the plant, and soaked it very well to make sure there was plenty of water for the roots and have continued to water and feed the plant since then.

After about six weeks with no sign of growth or life, I figured that it was dead but continued to water it because, with God, nothing is impossible, plus I knew that it would take time for the roots to regrow enough for the plant to start regrowing the top.

About 4 to 5 days ago new shoots began growing from the roots and both trunks and the plant has been growing massively telling me that it must have built a massive root system. Those shoots have been growing about one to two inches a day, which is huge.

The clear lesson here from God was, "Just because something doesn't happen when you want or think it should, don't give up because God decides when and how things happen, not the experts."

Even after the plant should have been considered dead, I kept watering the planting believing in God because, with God, nothing is impossible.

Shortly after I planted the wild bird of paradise I also planted the bulb for a giant elephant ear. All of the experts tell you that they are supposed to break through the soil at about 3 to 5 weeks and, after about 7 or 8 weeks, I realized that it was probably dead, you know, the bulb rotted in the soil, but I kept watering it.

A few days ago, you know, just a few days after the wild bird of paradise sprouted shoots (gee, what a coincidence), the little fella poked his head up out of the soil and said, "How do".

Again, God made it clear to me that, "Just because something doesn't happen when you want or think it should, don't give up because God decides when and how things happen, not the experts."

Things happen when God wants them to happen, not when you want them to happen.

White Privilege

This white privilege the lefties are preaching is white supremacist racism at its worst. If a white person is preaching white privilege, they are saying that they think the other races can't compete against whites because the other races are inferior and, therefore, the whites have the advantage or privilege.

If a person from another race is preaching white privilege, they are saying that they can't compete against white people because they feel the white people are superior and, therefore, have the advantage of privilege.

This is just a slick way the lefty white upper class trash have invented to subconsciously convince everyone that white people are superior and all other races are inferior. Preaching white privilege is just the latest form of white supremacy, which the Democrats have believed and been preaching since before the US Civil War and the way the lefties are getting away with it is by making it look like they are condemning and ostracizing whites for being superior or privileged. This slick con is proof that lefties are the true racists and white supremacists, you know, the Nazis they keep calling everyone else.

"Why, them thar poor inferior blacks, browns, reds, and yellows just don't gots no chance against us superior whites, therefore, we whites is privileged because we is white."

I am waiting for the next move when the white upper class trash will use having convinced everyone that whites are superior as a justification for wiping out all other races because all other races "are inferior" and, after all, the upper class trash MUST protect the gene pool from "inferior genes". You just know it is coming and this is just a sucker punch by the upper class trash whites.


I have never been lost while out hiking or biking in my life and it amazes me that so many people do get lost. For example, people getting lost in the desert, which is just a big see of land, usually sand.

The only thing I can understand is that these people don't pay attention to direction, you know, like which direction they came from, where is North, East, West, and South, and, therefore, which direction they should return to. It is kind of like these people just blunder through life and, when they go hiking, they just blunder out hiking, not paying attention to directions or their surroundings. I find that absolutely amazing.

Let me give you a quick hint here. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west so, from morning until noon, the sun will be closer to the east and from noon until sunset, the sun will be closer to the west. Duh, hello!

If you know you came from the west and you need to return to where you came from, you head back west. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Also, I have gone hiking in forests where I had never been in fog with no way to tell exactly where the sun was and had no trouble finding my way back to my car because I pay attention to the lay of the land and my surroundings. As I walked over the land, I developed a 3 dimensional map of the land in my mind and just followed that map back to my car.

There have been cases of people getting lost in places like this valley, you know, with mountains on one or both sides. People getting lost with huge reference points like that absolutely blows my mind. Pay attention to where you are going, for Pete's sake. Here, the Sacramento Mountains are always to the east because they never move and the Organ Mountains are always to the west because they never move either.

I just saw a headline about a couple being so brilliant that, after they got lost in a desert, they wrote a message for help in the sand.

Really? If they were so brilliant, why did they get lost? Just how stupid are the x-spurts who thought the couple was brilliant?

Decades ago, I was studying this and realized that, if you were to blindfold me, fly me by helicopter into any remote area in the Continental US which was not surrounded by cliffs so I could just walk out, and dropped me off without me knowing where I was, even knowing which state I was in, I could use my knowledge of the geography and geology of this nation and common sense to walk out of any such place within 3 days maximum, which means, I don't even need to take food or water with me.

There is no place in the Continental US which is so remote, you can't make it back to civilization within 3 days. I know because, when I realized this, I was looking for a place in the Continental US where I could hike for a week or two and be in the middle of nowhere but I couldn't find anywhere where I could hike to for more than three days and still be at least three days from civilization.

If I tried to, I couldn't get lost in this nation and it blows my mind that people get lost in this nation all of the time and many get lost in really easy to get out of places. Heck, I would have trouble getting lost at sea because I would always know east from west, therefore, I would always know where north and south are.

Think not?

If you get lost in the vast Pacific Ocean and you want to make sure you hit land, head east because you will run into the American continents, which you can't miss, baby. Heck, explorers tried for hundreds of years to miss the American continents by looking for a passage through them but never succeeded in missing the American continents until they found the Magellan Straits just north of Antarctica.

How do you find your way out of any remote area in the Continental US without knowing where you are?

You just head downhill until you find a stream or river and follow that stream or river until you cut a road and then follow that road downhill until you find a house, village, town, or city and, if you make it to the ocean before you cut a road, you just head along the beach until you find a house, village, town, or city.

If you have no idea of where you are, except to get around an obstacle, you never walk uphill because almost all civilization is downhill towards the oceans and rarely at the tops of mountains. If you let yourself start walking uphill, except to get around an obstacle, you will start walking in circles. You will either start walking in circles to the left or to the right because your stride is not the same with both legs, unless you know the general area where you are and then you should be able to build a reasonable map in your mind so you can walk to where you want to go.

BTW, you can tell where you are in relation to the equator by your shadow. If you are north of the equator, your shadow will be north of you and, if you are south of the equator, your shadow will be south of you. So, based on the position of the sun, you should be able to know east, west, north, and south and your shadow will tell you where you are in relation to the equator.

Who needs a compass or map?

If you just know the basics and use common sense, you can't get lost.


Remember that I have been telling you that Sweden is lost to the Muslims?

I got this from Arutz Sheva by Mordechai Sones:

"The Swedish government has begun distributing to all 4.8 million of the country's households a public service leaflet advising for the first time in more than half a century what to do in the event of war, reported the Guardian.

'If Crisis or War Comes' explains how to secure basic needs such as food, water, and heat, what warning signals mean, where to find bomb shelters, and how to contribute to Sweden's 'total defense'.

The pamphlet can be read in English here.

'Although Sweden is safer than many other countries, there are still threats to our security and independence,' the pamphlet reveals. 'If you are prepared, you are contributing to improving the ability of the country to cope with a major strain.'"

Did their government finally wake up and realize they screwed up so they are about to go to war against the Muslim invaders or are they planning to wage war against their own people to help the Muslim invaders? If they are waging war against the Muslims, is this too little too late?

Keep an eye on this.

Europe is having ANOTHER war caused by their all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, intellectually superior, natural elite, upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities because the geniuses screwed up AGAIN.

Will the US have to save Europe's butts again?


When are the Europeans going to get tired of this crap and just round up and execute their upper class trash, not all of the upper class, just the corrupt ones? How many millions more must die before the Europeans put an end to this crap?

If the US has to send young men and women into Europe to die AGAIN to save their stupid butts from their own stupidity, the US should round up and execute ALL of the lefties who caused this mess for crimes against humanity and put an end to it. ENOUGH of the upper class trash messes killing millions of people.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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